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Safety in the field: importance of the learners license

Training for the correct use of agricultural machinery is a decisive factor for reducing the risk of accidents. A series of legislative measures issued beginning in 2008 and successively updated with a ministerial decree in May 2015 provides for ...



Machinery and technology for precision forestry

Technological progress in forestry mechanization over the past decade had led to a significant increase in the competitiveness of timber brought down from mountain woodlands, typical in Italy, compared to users in the flatlands and hilly areas of North Europe. The development of innovative worksites with techniques and highly efficient machinery now ensure interesting margins for lower the cost of timber, optimizing the safety of workers and limiting the impact on woodlands to a minimum. This is the challenge of the SLOPE Project financed by the European Union with an authentic technical-scientific contribution provided by Italian partners

Fast and delicate work with the Fast Block transplanter

Ploughshare opening of only 7.5 cm, latest generation pincers that separate the plants effectively and quickly, electronic management system with touchscreen for all the machine’s operating functions and monitoring the transplantation parameters, as well as the possibility of planting out...

Series F and C, the fast transplanters by Sfoggia

In the range of Sfoggia transplanters - core business for the Treviso brand together with soil preparation machines - the models of the F and C series are worth mentioning. They are multi-purpose semi-automatic applications designed to process seedlings from...

Pruning shears and branch loppers

Among the maintenance procedures to perform in agriculture and groundskeeping lopping off branches and pruning are those done most frequently. Traditional tools for performing manual operations have been extended to models run by vacuum and electric and hydraulic equipment. The choice of a model depends on the type of work and the thickness of branches to cut

Mowers: the new Multimower range

The Multimower MR mowers emerge from the collaboration between the Japanese Subaru, which provided the propulsion system (with two 174 and 189 cc engines), the Milanese Ibea, which developed the project, and the Reggio company Multipower that handles the distribution....

Tarquinia, the fair of the "winged horses"

Held in Tarquinia from April 29 to May 1, the 2016 edition of the Fair of Agricultural Machinery – Mostra Mercato Macchine Agricole – is one of the oldest exhibitions dedicated to agricultural mechanization in the Lazio region and is visited annually by approximately 60,000 people. Tractors of all sizes and the most various kinds of equipment for agriculture and gardening are displayed along the roads of the Tyrrhenian town. Space will also be devoted to services for multifunctionality in agriculture, with regard in particular to the production of alternative energy and rural hospitality

Bridgestone and John Deere, a consolidated partnership

Bridgestone has been awarded the John Deere & Company recognition as a Partner-level supplier for 2015, the highest supplier rating in the manufacturer’s Achieving Excellence Program. The staff of Bridgestone Americas, the U.S. subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, accepted the recognition...

Hazel nut technologies: new products from Facma

The manufacturer in Vitorchiano, near Viterbo, presented new models of specialized machinery for the hazel nut supply chain at Agriumbria 2016

John Deere: the tracked Gators make their debut in Europe

Already available for several years in the United States, the “Gator” models by John Deere will mount Camso rubber tracks in Europe too. Designed to further increase the versatility and mobility of these popular off-road vehicles, the Camso tracks reduce...

Eco-technological, the Kverneland site in the province of Ravenna

The production plant at Russi (Ravenna), where the new Baler Business Unit kicked off, has renewed its production systems and processes. The market has rewarded the initial innovations developed in the Romagna site after the acquisition of the historic Gallignani brand

The new Massey Ferguson telehandlers

The Massey Ferguson  MF 9305 Xtra telehandler opened the way in 2015 and now many of the manufacturer’s new innovations equipping this machine are being extended to other models in the MF 9000 Series, the MF 9306 Xtra, MF 9407...

PowerGard System by John Deere

John Deere presents PowerGard, a quick and simple solution for machine maintenance and repair that, thanks to its flexible coverage options, allows users to choose between several formulas, keep the machine running at peak performance and control operating cost. There...

New Holland partner of Young Farmers

New Holland Agriculture partnered with the Third European Congress of Young Farmers which took place on April 6 and 7 at the European Parliament in Brussels. The congress involved over 200 young farmers from 17 different EU Member States. The...
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