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Tractor market: India on top for the numbers, Europe for turnover

Data made public during EIMA International point to a world market in steady growth with variations from country to country and great differences between the continents. India and China are leading the way for units sold but as regards value, ...


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Italian agricultural machinery market still in decline

Registrations of tractors, combine harvesters, transporters and trailers all showed negative balance sheets for the first ten months, January through October. Tractors slipped 1.7% and are likely to close the full year with no more than 18,700 units to confirm the trend beginning in 2004 and running through 2014 for declines totalling 43%. The mechanization deficit, said FederUnacoma President Massimo Goldoni, weakens agriculture and the land maintenance and conservation system

EIMA 2014: a phenomenal edition

EIMA International can vaunt extraordinary numbers for the 41st edition which just closed with 235,000 visitors logged in. Also growing was the number of foreign business people arriving to confirm the exposition as an agricultural mechanization point of reference on the world scene. Technologies, the economy as well as social cooperation in agriculture were among the themes which came to the surface during the event. The president of the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, Massimo Goldoni of FederUnacoma, affirmed that agricultural mechanization is one of finest expressions of our civilization

Agricultural machinery: contractors the locomotive of the market

A survey sponsored by Edagricole/New Business Media and conducted by Nomisma shed light on the role of the agricultural mechanization enterprises play in providing for the economic and structural shortcomings on farms. The study disclosed a number of critical factors for them such as delayed of payment for their services and difficulties in gaining access to credit for the purchase of machinery

Narrow-track tractors, a political issue

If the timetable for applying the measures is confirmed, the manufacturing industries would not be able to update their production of tractors in the required. On this issue, talks were held at EIMA International with EMPs Marco Zullo and David Borelli

New collaboration Sace-FederUnacoma for foreign markets

Member manufacturers will have access to services for financing investment planning and heightening competitiveness for marketing their products in Italy and abroad. Among the main goals of the understanding are picking up machinery demand in China, India, Turkey and Brazil and the frontier markets in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa

Cervia, "a municipality in boom"

During EIMA International took place the award ceremony of the Comuni Fioriti d’Italia contest.  Overall winner of the 2014 edition is the city of Cervia (Ravenna), while Meran (Bolzano) stands out in the category of touristic towns, La Magdeleine (Aosta)...

Q-110 Goldoni: a "full power" specialist

Countdown to the debut on the Italian and foreign market of the latest model created by Goldoni, the “Q-110” model with 102 horsepower, with a motorized Turbo Intercooler VM meeting the requirements of the new European legislation on pollutants (Step...

The international experience of Serigrafia 76

Second participation in EIMA International for Serigrafia 76, which presented in Bologna the full range of solutions for the decoration of agricultural machinery (adhesive graphics, three-dimensional logos, aluminium plates and safety stickers) and which produces about 65% of its turnover...

Vicon, integrated solutions for haymaking

Innovation signed by Vicon for EIMA 2014, the Vicon EXTRA 332XF FlexiSwat, the first front disc mower with an actively driven transmission swath former, designed for both narrow swathing and wide spreading. A perfect combination of innovation and traditional farming

New electric mower by Gianni Ferrari

The wait is on for the arrival of the innovative electric mowers by Gianni Ferrari. At EIMA International, the Reggio Emilia manufacturer provided a substantial preview of the new line. The three models in the new concept range are the...

Articulated isodiametric tractors: small but powerful

A recent survey found Angers, Nantes and Limoges the three French cities with the most greenery as well as those dedicating the greatest resources for this purpose. In Italy, in the wake of positive results achieved abroad and shrinking financing due to the financial and economic crisis, differentiated maintenance is spreading in a number of municipalities. This means the adoption of a level of maintenance performed according to the type and function of the green area, the intensity of the use of the area and its location. A wide range of technologies are deployed, from mowers to leaf blowers

The Fiat 605C track tractor hits the newstands

The Hachette Fascicoli publishing house, in collaboration with New Holland Agriculture, came out last December 30th with the first of a series of magazines bundled with a kit for building a model of the illustrious Fiat 605C track tractor dating...

Massey Ferguson on South Pole endeavor

Antarctica2 Expedition mission accomplished for the Massey Ferguson 5610 tractor which reached the South Pole last December 9th. Following departure in November from the Novolazarevskaya station on the northeast coast of the continent and 2,500 kilometers and 17 days later...
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