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FederUnacoma: forms a team in Europe

The members of the board of directors of the Italian federation of agricultural machinery manufacturers met in Brussels with Italian members of the Parliament. The national market crisis, lack of a coherent agricultural mechanization policy, the risk of the relocation ...


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Martina's challenge: a new model for agriculture

The minister for agricultural, food and forestry policy outlined key points in his program for the recovery of the primary sector. Efficiency in the use of financing, specific measures for new enterprises and a policy for mechanization are the points which qualify a plan intended for restoring competitiveness to agriculture, a winning image

The "green Quadriportico" at EIMA International

The central area of Bologna's trade fair will be set up with natural settings, to host technical innovations and multifunctional machines. Large screens to follow the Web TV and live events. Among the new initiatives, the casting for a new reality show set in the rural world

EIMA M.i.A.: machinery for combating hydrogeological deterioration

The salon on multifunctional agriculture on stage in the Bologna trade fair center 12 to 16 November will draw a focus on technologies for land maintenance. FederUnacoma President Massimo Goldoni has affirmed that the market crisis for agricultural and earthmoving machinery has weakened Italy's capabilities for countering environmental phenomenon

Bioenergy: policy agenda in Italy and in Europe

Europe is looking to the 2030 consolidation of the idea of a future economy increasingly attentive to environmental questions. The new objectives set by the European Council for the use of FER, energy efficiency and climate-altering gas emissions mark a further but slight acceleration towards a green economy. The worlds of research and industry are intensifying the dialogue for a change of pace for opening new horizons in the field of the bioeconomy. These are issues which will be given thorough treatment on the occasion of EIMA Energy

Youth in farming, a combination to create

The farming business sector in Italy is suffering from great old age. Farmers of over the age of 65 account for 37% of the total compared to the 5% of less than 35 years of age. The rate of generational changeover on farming enterprises is sharply lower in Italy compared to the European average. However those managed by young farmers display substantially greater dynamics and capacities for innovation compared to the average for the country and this confirms the need for a policy of incentives, though this will not be easy

AGCO production hub in Breganze and new Fendt combine harvesters

A coating system among the most advanced in the world, consisting of 13 suspended lines, 14 tanks, 39 pumps, 10 ovens and a powder coating booth, capable of withstanding a tight pace of work (10 combines per day). A robotized...

Annovi Aldo: an innovative system for cereal storage

Energy saving and cost limitation, optimum conservation of the product without the need for chemical and sanitary treatment, and efficiency. These are the main strong points of the versatile cereal storage systems produced by Aldo Annovi which, after its official...

Antonio Carraro: all the qualities of the new "Series T"

Basic and economical but also strong and reliable. These are the "Series T" isodiametric tractors, a range created with a simple design and basic fittings, but with all the reliability that has ever been a feature of Antonio Carraro isodiametric...

Bertoni's T6, the eco-compatible sprayer

Awarded at Eima International with a technical recommendation, the T6 is a tunnel sprayer designed by Bertoni from Castel Bolognese (Ravenna) to make phytosanitary treatments of six rows and work in crops with an inter-row distance up to one meter....

Cifarelli: hooving nuts, power and comfort

A user-friendly nut harvester that can become a backpack device when the terrain gets tough is the main novelty to be unveiled by Voghera-based Cifarelli at the 2014 EIMA industrial fair. The designers’ main aim with the Cifarelli V1200S was...

Clim Air 50 drayers: a clean cut in fuel costs

At the stand of Clim Air 50 - a company from Santa Giustina in Colle (Padua) that has been operating for more than 22 years in the hay drying machine and biomass heater sector - the focus is on the...

Soil preparation without plowing withj the full Dondi range

The Dondi range of agricultural machine is geared to soil preparation without plowing to reduce work time, cut fuel and maintenance costs and fully respect the environment. Leading the way in this field are the manufacturer’s combined subsoilers for working...

Facma RM 210, a "green" mechanical harvester

  The ultimate development by the Facma of Vitorchiano (Viterbo) for the Bolognese fair is represented by the front-mounted harvester RM, a device combined with the Cimina self-propelled harvesters – with a blowing kit – manufactured by the business from...

Productivity and safety with the John Deere 8000 Series forage harvesters

The American business launches the John Deere PowerTech PSX Stage IV engines, with longitudinal configuration, that provide better rear visibility, as well as increased security during the maneuvers. They are also appreciated for their low fuel consumption and the harvester's lower ride height

Reduced size and power consumption for Kohler KDI engines

In view of the entry into force of the upcoming emission standards (TIER 4 final, above 19kW in the US; Stage IIIB, above 37kW in the EU) Kohler presents its new range of diesel engines, Kohler Direct Injection (with engine...

Extension of the range and new design, new features for the Landini brand

The manufacturer from Emilia will be debuting three new compact models at this year's EIMA International to show its significantly expanded Series 4 range of vehicles. The spotlight will also be on the Series 6L, along with an updated version of the 5H Series

Martignani: avant-garde technologies for pesticide plat treatments

Martignani is coming to EIMA International with a number of new products led by the new semi-mounted version 3P model Whirlwind M612 Duo-Wing-Jet – Hill electrostatic mist blower to flank the trolley version which captured a New Technology prize awarded...

New Maschio Gaspardo models for productivity and safety

From a self-propelled digestate burier to a three-steering axle dumper, a geometric variable roundbaler and an on-furrow plow, these are some of the Padua group's candidates in their new ranges to take the spotlight on statge at EIMA International

The big show of the New Holland range

From compact-tractors to combine-harvesters, from roto-threshers to remote control systems, New Holland offers to the visitors of the Bolognese event, many new models across the entire range and provides the market with increasingly efficient and productive working tools

Pezzolato, innovative technologies for chipped wood

The team from Envie (Cuneo), is present at the Eima International event with all its flagship products. The spotlight is first of all on the PTH All Road model, a self-propelled drum chipper, equipped with a crane for the loading...

Maxisoil 350: the "maxi" soil tiller signed by Seppi

At Eima International is on stage one of the most robust and marketed models of soil tillers and stone crushers. It is the MAXISOIL 350, developed by the business Seppi from Caldaro (Bolzano) for tractors between 300 and 500 Hp....

Intelligent transmission for Valtra's new T Series

The historic Finnish brand is coming to EIMA International in grand style for the presentation of the new corporate identity, revised graphics and a pay-off slogan, Your Working Machine, as well as for unwrapping the new generation completely redesigned T...

Comfort and ergonomics with Efco and Oleo-Mac garden tractors

Important new products are on the way from Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia), which has chosen the Bologna trade fair to launch on the Italian market the versatile garden tractors manufactured by Efco and Oleo-Mac, with a rear...

GGP technologies for the maintenance of private lawns

Park Pro 740 IOX 4WD is the name of a ride on lawn mower marketed under the Stiga brand name in the Global Garden Products Group which has achieved great success. The robust and versatile mower is equipped with a...

"Assisted" olive harvesting

Summary: Between traditional hand-picking methods on the one hand and modern powered machinery on the other, there is a type of mechanical device for olive harvesting that can be considered "intermediate". These are harvesting tools, and are particularly widespread in Italy because they are suited to the special needs of our olive growing sector

Self-propelled sprayers for herbaceous crops

Self-propelled sprayers are machines especially adapted for extensive croplands and are show interesting prospects for development also in Italy where manufacturers have come out with models well suited for various operational requirements to join those produced by major multinationals
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Components the great show of Bologna

The EIMA Components Salon is one of the strong points of the international agricultural mechanization exposition. The salon represents the sector with the largest number of exhibiting industries, some 800 out of a total of 1,800 participating in the event,...
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Components: excellence for EIMA and the Italian industry

The components salon staged within the agricultural mechanization exposition is a great international attraction and a resounding success for FederUnacoma and Comacomp, the association in the federation of the manufacturing industries which represents the sector. The types of products, Made...
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ADR ahead of the times with "overrun brakes"

Final countdown to the entry into force of EU legislation on road traffic of agricultural machinery, which, awaited for 2016, provides, among other things, the green light to the use of overrun brakes in the EU. Used in the automotive...
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VT-Tractor, Bridgestone's first "agricultural" tyre

Baptised with the name VT-TRACTOR, this newly designed tyre - sold in 28 to 42 inch sizes - marks the debut of the Bridgestone brand in the agricultural machinery sector, where the Japanese multinational has up to now been present...
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Cobo: eco-friendly technology

Active for over 65 years in the design and manufacture of components such as lights, electrical and electronic command and control devices, displays, steering columns and steering wheels, with a particular interest in the agricultural sector, at EIMA International the...
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ROJ meccatronic systems for agriculture of the future

  With developments in IT and electronic systems steadily advancing in capabilities for boosting crop yields in quantity and quality and, on the other hand, lowering costs and work time, precision farming is certain to become more central in the...
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Tires: technicality and innovation at the service of agriculture

Suitable criteria for choice and optimum management of inflation pressure not only ensure a better performance of tires from the point of view of techniques, mechanics and economy but also substantially reduce their impact from the agricultural point of view. The industry puts on the market an extremely wide range of tires for all work requirements
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AEF ISOBUS, a step towards the future

The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation AEF staged a Test Matrix of ISOBUS protocol covering the three of the Plugfest held October 21-24 in Senlis, France for a concrete verification of the progress of these applications. Manufacturers of devices based on ISO 11783 and the guidelines laid down by AEF can connect their various devices to verify their correction functioning. Numerous activities with the participation of Italian companies and the REI, Reggio Emilia Innovation, which represents the official test institute for Italy
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