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Tractor market: peak of sales towards end of year

Registration data on agricultural machinery showed a sharp gain in the closing months of 2015 which made it possible to end the year with a small increase of 1.4% over 2014. Also combine harvesters showed signals of recovery whereas still ...


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The subcontracting, an european phenomenon

According to data provided by the "Guide to European subcontracting", produced by the Ceettar (European Confederation of agro-mechanical companies), there are 150,000 rural agricultural and forestry subcontractors operating within the EU, estimated to be employing over 600,000 people in the sector at the Community level

COP21 Paris, for a global agreement

The first great result of the 21st Paris Conference of Parties on climate change was the large participation of countries from all continents. All attendees agreed on the path to follow in order to save the Planet, although it still takes time and much effort by polititians to define the necessary measures aimed at gradually abandoning fossil fuels usage in favour of renewable sources and green economy

EIMA Agrimach, a record edition

The fourth edition of the New Delhi review closed with a sharp increase in the number of visitors arriving with a public attendance of more than 40,000 to confirm the event as a key reference for India and the countries of Asia and the Far East. Italy and India will pursue their cooperation in 2016 with demonstrations staged in the regions of the subcontinent and the arrival of numerous Indian companies and delegates for the EIMA International coming up in Bologna in November as well as for the fifth edition of the great New Delhi exhibition scheduled for December 2017

Fieragricola, innovative technologies for the primary sector

All is ready for the 112th edition of Fieragricola. An edition with many innovations, the increase of foreign delegations, the strengthening of animal husbandry, the section of drones. The participation of agricultural mechanization stands out with the presence of the most important brands of the sector

Tigrecar and Tony, the new products from Antonio Carraro

Right on time at the appointment in Verona, Antonio Carraro brings to Fieragricola a wide range of tractors, from compact to specialized, hi-tech and basic, focusingas always on technological innovation, quality, and the concept of “custom” tractor, offering bespoke solutions for each user segment.The...

The Sfoggia range, the hallmark of quality

The manufacturer Sfoggia is arriving at Fieragricola 2016 to unwrap new products, high quality components and an expanded range of technical solutions for various operational requirements

FIMA 2016: all novelties from Zaragoza

Launch of the 2016 edition of the Spanish event FIMA with 1,200 exhibitors. Technical innovations and meetings at the centre of the event, that will give 33 awards during the traditional innovation contest. The event will host the 5th National Congress for Rural Develepment dedicated to young people in agriculture. First edition for the FIMA Excellence Award dedicated to farms. FederUnacoma will attend the event with an institutional stand and a press conference

The rotary harrow: the Joker for soil preparation

Rotary harrows are a type of equipment very widely used for refining the soil but in some settings they can be used to great benefit as the only machine for preparing a seedbed or transplanting. The most recent models feature speed and the option of combined operations

Zeus and Sirio from Badalini, for difficult terrain

The Zeus and Sirio multitillers from Mantua’s Badalini are machines designed to deliver high performance even on hard or uneven surfaces (the components are reinforced) and to preserve ideal soil moisture. But quality, reliability and durability are not the only...

Kverneland, H Series arriving

In the sector of mowers Kverneland is coming out with a new H Series, with widths of 3, 3.5 and 4 meters, updated versions of the highly evolved Series NGH 101 built for professional operations. Compared to the NGH 101...

Z6/VI series, new Nardi tillers

The Z6/VI is a line of lateral movement tillers made by Nardi, characterized by the ability to work not only in the middle but also on the right side of the tractor. It is thus a range of extremely versatile...

Tecnoagri, innovative solutions for soil preparation

Tecnoagri in Conselice, near Ravenna, at work for more than 25 years in the agricultural mechanization sector, can vaunt a wide and differentiated range which includes an outstanding machine for working the soil, an innovative hydraulic in-and-out tree cultivator. The...

Fire prevention: maintenance experiences in Siena

The results of trials carried out by DREAm Italia in the regional forest of Merse have been published. These covered types of vehicles, costs and operating conditions tested to derive parameters for the effective construction of fireroads

New Emak models in arrival

The Emak Group is bringing to the market the 400 and 400 R (reversible) rotary tillers and the 1100 mower for home use under the Bertolini trademark and the corresponding  BRIK, BRIK R (reversible) and the FC 110 mower under...

Trelleborg strengthening: acquisition the GS Holding

The Scandinavian multinational, one of the top players in tire design and engineered polymer solutions, has consolidated its standing on international markets with the acquisition of ČGS Holding, a Czech Republic industrial group. The agreement was signed towards the close...

Cifarelli: new ULV system

ULV is the name of the new Cifarelli accessory developed for the M1200 atomizer. With this innovative system, the atomizer allows a calibrated and uniform treatment without wasting product, making this versatile and comfortable machine an ideal tool for professionals....

DragoGT, the winning corn head from Olimac

The new DragoGT corn head by Olimac, a manufacturer in Margarita in the Cuneo Province, is coming up for New Technology prizes at the Fieragricola International Agricultural Technologies Exhibition in Verona and the FIMA International Fair of Agricultural Machinery in...
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