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Confindustria, a new chapter

The annual meeting of Confindustria was held in Rome and formalized the election of the new president Vincenzo Boccia. Efficiency of the national economic system, relationships with banks, constitutional reforms and specific values of the Italian industry were the main ...


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EIMEIMA International, 2016 edition all sold out

The entire Bologna trade fair center has already been allocated for the 42nd edition of the international exposition of agricultural machinery more than six months ahead of the opening. In spite of the addition of seven prefabricated pavilions to permanent facilities, it will no longer be possible to meet the requests for exhibition space still coming in from industries in the sector. Other than the Italian industries, manufacturers are arriving from Germany, France, the United States, Spain, Turkey and China for an event featuring exhibitors from 43 countries and expectations of visitors from 140 countries

Water resources, a territorial challenge

A meeting on the issue of water and structuring technologies for the correct management of the resource was held in Foggia in the setting of the International Agricultural and Zootechny Trade Fair. Attending the session were representatives from the Capitanata Reclamation Consortium, the University of Foggia, the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute in Bari and FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation. The participants agreed on the need for tightening the collaboration of activities on the territory. The Puglia Region Commissioner for Agri-Food Resources, Leonardo Di Gioia, discussed ways and means for strengthening structures and policy for water resources

Fast and efficient, the new generation round balers

The best way to conserve forage and straw is to make sure the bale has been formed correctly. The category of balers in most widespread use are round balers, The two types of these balers are those with a fixed compression chamber and a variable chamber

High performance for the new "Abbriata®" balers

The Piedmont company “Abbriata®” strengthens its position on the market for fixed chamber chain round balers thanks to a new range: the “modular” series 100 and 120/150 Plus. The “M100 Super” and “M120 Compact Plus” models, also available in a...

Extreme 365, a versatile round baler from Feraboli

The Extreme 365 is a variable chamber and geometry round baler built by Feraboli at the top of the range of the manufacturer in Cremona. A communique released by the company affirmed that this  upper category model features all the...

Diavel 630 Cut, a Mascar round baler for large land areas

Mascar is a manufacturer specializing in designing and building haymaking machinery located in  Grumolo delle Abbadesse, near Vicenza, which has rounded out its range with the arrival of the Diavel 630 Cut unveiled last year at Agritechnica in Hanover (see...

Morra round balers, ergonomic and user-friendly

With over forty years of experience in the haymaking market, Morra Farm Machinery from Cuneo has in its catalogue two ranges of fixed chamber balers with bar pressing system. Four models in total - two basic models MR/i 1200 Special...

RF 4000 Vicon, a high yield round balers

The new RF 4000 series of fixed chamber round balers was created by Vicon technicians for bringing to the market productivity, simplicity and reliability in harvesting. To achieve their aims, designers introduced to the RF 4000 balers a number of...

E-commerce in the gardening sector

In these years all businesses, industries and retailers are mapping out their futures in light of the arrival of e-commerce and the influence of new technologies on the way consumers make their purchases. Also the gardening and mechanization market is increasingly using the opportunities offered by the Internet. The players in this sector are growing and becoming more and more efficient

Platform for picking fruit, an "ad hoc" norm for safety

Fruit picking machines include an aerial platform used by operators at work. Special attention must be paid to safety in these conditions. The current norm of reference is the European Commission EN 280 which does not fully respond to the requirements typical of work in this agricultural environment. For this reason, the European Committee for Standardization, CEN, has approved a specific norm, the future EN 16952, arriving at the end of 2017

Enovitis, appointment in Puglia

The Italian wine sector continues to represent an important segment of our economy. Machinery and equipment for vineyard activities are the main characters of Enovitis in Campo, an event scheduled in the province of Bari on June 17 and 18. Room for the sectors linked to olive cultivation, energy from biomass and precision agriculture. Competitions, conferences and workshops are also included in the event, arrived at its tenth edition

Antonio Carraro: new models "Tony" take to the field

The 2016 edition of Enovitis in Campo coming up in Corato, in the province of Bari, will include the Campodarsegno (Padua) tractor manufacturer Antonio Carraro arriving for the presentation of the new Tony 9800 TR e Tony 9800 SR specialist...

McCormick brand ranges to play key role in Puglia

Argo Tractors will be leading players with their specialist tractors at Enovitis in Campo 2016 coming up in June in the Torrevento a Corato vineyards in the province of Bari with the support of the Agro dealers in the Puglia...
New Members

Frandent Group: avant-garde technologies for soil preparation

A manufacturer which went to work at the end of the 1970s building power harrows to then expand the Frandent range with the introduction of haymaking machines. In 2006 a new manufacturing facility was inaugurated designed around lean production system criteria with the application of avant-garde eco-sustainable technologies
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