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Italian market still in a negative phase

There is no turnaround for the declining agricultural machinery market which, in the wake of a 4.4% decrease in sales in 2014, disclosed registration figures all down for tractors, transporters and trailers for January through May 2015. The ongoing trend ...



Narrow-track tractors: farmers say NO to enacting current regulation

The association of farmers and agricultural cooperative enterprises, COPA-COGECA, has intervened with the European Commission to affirm the impossibility of implementing the Phases IV and V emission norms for machinery for operations in vineyards and fruit orchards. In the foreground is the difficulty posed for work in narrow rows by tractors enlarged by engines on which exhaust after-treatment technologies have been installed

EXPO 2015, a "focus" on agicultural engineering

As part of the large exhibition dedicated to food, FederUnacoma's press meeting was held in Milan, where it presented its information and promotion initiatives. The Italian food system has great potential – stated Chairman Massimo Goldoni – but without a policy for mechanization, it's destined to lose competitiveness

Enama and the Franciacorta circuit, a partnership for safety

A partnership between the Italian Agricultural Mechanization Agency, Enama, and the Franciacorta International Circuit organized for holding courses on the safe driving of agricultural machinery was opened in April with an educational tour targeted on the media in the sector....

Reduced consumption with Rotomec's Turbo Hop spreader

  The Turbo Hop pendular spreader is a highly valued achievement for Rotomec, the manufacturer of the multi-purpose machine suitable for the distribution of fertilizer in granules or powdered as well as with humidity levels of up for 30% and...

The bulldozer at work in agriculture

A dozer can turn out to be an efficient machine in difficult work conditions which stretch a tractor to its limits. The dozer is marketed today with various configurations and differing technological solutions to guarantee high performance in all operating conditions to make even the most demanding terrains production

Twin Force Maxi technology for Alpego harrows

Totally new for the power harrows by Alpego in Gambellara, near Vicenza, is the Twin Force Maxi system which has evolved from the tried and tested Twin Force deployed by for some time by the Veneto manufacturer featuring not only...

Oscar Carraro Museum inaugurated

Carraro Agritalia based in Rovigo inaugurated the Oscar Carraro Tractor Museum last May 22nd to open an exhibition space dedicated to the origins of the Veneto Group’s industrial activity up to the present day. The new museum was planned to...

Mutti Amos: high tech range for slurry treatment

Mutti Amos Macchine Agricole located in Asola, near Mantua, is strengthening the manufacturer’s success by putting on the market a full lineup of slurry tank trailers with capacities from three thousand to thirty thousand liters, all with galvanized tanks and...

John Deere tractors: all the new features of the 3R and 4R Series

John Deere’s new mid-chassis 3R Series and large-chassis 4R Series tractors are taking over from the previous 3020 and 4020 Series models. These new four-wheel drive tractors mount powerful three- or four-cylinder Yanmar diesel engines from 33 to 66 Hp...

Miro Project, an innovative machine for olive cultivations

A project financed by the Rural Development Program for the Umbria Region has produced a prototype of a new concept machine which is especially efficient for harvesting and in other operations for olive cultivations. The new model will be manufactured on an industrial scale by the company Spapperi

New New Holland e-commerce site

  The new website - is already online, to purchase merchandising items from the New Holland Agriculture brand. On the site you can buy scale models, children’s toys, work and leisure clothes, and the most innovative and functional accessories....

Oregon's new blower BL300

Oregon BL300 Always Ready™ is the name of the new blower from Sabart, the company from Reggio that operates in the distribution of spare parts and accessories for forestry, agriculture and gardening. The BL300 blower expands the Cordless Tool System...
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