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Agriculture in Africa: the Nairobi event

During a meeting organized by FAO, the speakers pointed out that the use of mechanical means, applied to the specific local characteristics of the land, and environmentally and economically sustainable, can reduce poverty and ensure food security, encouraging a necessary ...


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RDP contributions: the criterion of "simplified costs"

To reduce the possibility of errors and the administrative burden imposed on both the managing authorities and the beneficiaries of the projects for the RDP 2014-2020, the European Commission proposes a methodology for calculating the actual market value of eligible machinery. The topic was discussed in-depth during a seminar sponsored by Ismea

EIMA International, triumph of mechanics

The great event dedicated to agricultural mechanization, that attracted to Bologna trade fair business operators from 140 countries, ended with the record number of 285,000 visitors. A huge number of business meetings and an increasing media interest for an exhibition which is by far one of the biggest events devoted to green and agriculture

INAIL open to applications for innovative machinery

Considerable attention at the great Bologna exposition was focused on the opening of applications for financing the purchase of innovative agricultural machinery from the funds of € 45 million managed by INAIL. The step came in a conference held by INAIL, the Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work, which also reported on accidents in agriculture over the past 60 years to underscore work on prevention

The success of the desk area

The 2016 edition of the exposition of agricultural and gardening machinery brought in the brand new EIMA Desk, a pavilion with a window dedicated to dissemination of information. A large number of visitors enlivened the INAIL Live Shop area. Another positive feature was the training events handled by Mech@griJobs

Digital agriculture: innovation on the net

A survey carried out by Image Line and Nomisma was presented at EIMA International, regarding the use of internet information and electronic technologies by farmers and subcontractors. Increasing the use of specific "apps"

Sustainable agriculture, in the foreground

Eco-compatible mechanization was one of the major topics at EIMA International 2016, debate in various initiatives, took place during the exhibition. Among these, there was the conference entitled "Agriculture and sustainability. Innovation, more responsible management of resources and new behaviours". Promoted by LifeGate and Trattori magazine, the meeting took stock of the sustainability evaluation criteria in the use of mechanical means

Football fields: technology 2.0

A technical meeting took place within EIMA International on maintenance of sporting facilities. Quality of turf has become a requirement for good performance, aesthetics and overall entertainment experience

Flowered towns at EIMA 2016

The Miss Municipalities in Flower and the Municipality in Flower in Italy awards were presented at the competition held during the agricultural and gardening machinery exposition. The multi-color event brought to mind that gardening machinery and equipment are instruments becoming ever more perfected to achieving green culture at all levels

Darmec Transporter, versatility and efficiency in harvesting

The Transporter is an innovative self-propelled designed by Darmec Technologies, a Lazio company based in Borgo Montello (Latina), for harvesting fruits and vegetables with plastic bins or wooden boxes. This machine can be widely used in the fruit and vegetable...

EIMA Green: all the new Stiga products

The wide range of Stiga products stands out in GGP stand. From the new chainsaws to the Autoclip SG 530 robots, up to the front-cutting ZTR tractor, innovative produtcts for green care

Lovol Arbos Group: Italian base, "global" objectives

The first two years of business of the Chinese group, which is preparing to launch a full line branded Arbos, have ended with positive results. Production plants in Emilia Romagna and an eye to emerging markets, with a view to gaining a growing market share in Italy

Michelin VF AXIOBIB 2: tyres that respect the soil

At EIMA International, the French company Michelin unveiled its new range of VF AXIOBIB 2, designed for medium-sized powers. “In recent years - explains the manufacturer with a technical note - there has been an increasing spread of tractors in...

Optimisation of agricultural resources, a double partnership for Pessl Instruments

The Austrian company specialized in agricultural monitoring techniques has signed two cooperation agreements at EIMA International, one with Huawei, the other Yara. Both aim to improve agricultural productivity through optimal exploitation of resources

Sustainable distribution of slurry and digestate

Slurry spreaders have been quickly adapted for the need to distribute products of various origins on fields even with site specific methods while improving performance in maneuverability, safety and comfort, especially in transport

Research and innovation are the strong points of BCS

The Lombardy based company presents to the press its new products and the strategies to develop its presence in international markets. Innovative technical solutions and attention to market trends are the strong points of this company, one of the most important producers of tractors for specialized crops
New Members

Agrimec, highly specialized in the trailer industry

Active for eighty years in the Italian farming equipment sector, the Cuneo company is specialized in the trailer segment, where it can boast a wide and diversified range of machines, with models characterized by great possibilities of customization, thanks to an extensive catalogue of accessories
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