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European agricultural machinery market takes a breather

Cema is predicting a European market slowdown in 2014 but refers to only a change of pace following on a strongly dynamic period over the past few years. Referring to the deep agricultural machinery market crisis in Italy however, the ...


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Agriculture Machinery: governance for the environment

The FederUnacoma president hosted a meeting in Rimini for discussing relations between the economy and ecology and defining the contribution of the Italian agricultural mechanization industry to solving the problems associated with the exploitation of natural resources

Floriculture: the new entry for EIMA International

The upcoming edition of the international agricultural mechanization exposition will bring in a section dedicated to flower and ornamental plant producers and systems for the creation and maintenance of green areas. The arrival of floriculture, which counts more than 20,000 specialized companies in Italy, will help complete the merchandise offer of the sector.

EIMA Energy: technologies and policies for agricultural biomass

The review focused on the use of vegetable raw materials for the generation of energy, organized as a part of EIMA International in Bologna, takes on special importance in light of the national plan for the bioenergy sector launched in August by the Italian government. Exhibitions, demonstration trials and conferences for promoting the production chains in the sector and developing cooperation with other countries

In the Greenhouse: Transport and Spraying

Large-scale crop growing under glass has major transport, spraying and harvesting requirements and, where spraying in an enclosed space is harmful to a human spray operator, robots are the answer

Gardening: machinery and equipment for all types of greenery

Taking care of green areas requires a wide range of machinery and equipment built for a public of professional groundskeepers as well as hobby enthusiasts. Choosing mechanical means must be made on the basis of the size and characteristics of the green area to maintain and in relation to the architectonic models on which to base the design and management of gardens

GGP Group: an ambitious summer

  The Global Garden Products Group and Gianni Ferrari – the leading manufacturer of commercial ground care equipment and professional riding mowers – signed an agreement for the manufacture the GGP range of commercial implement carriers to be marketed under...

Renewable: Italy sets good examples

For years European Union policy has been orienting Member States towards the progressive decarbonization of the economy and finally now the results are becoming evident in many production sectors. Italy, not without difficulty and contradictions, has achieved a patrimony of experience which can launch new forms for the market nationally as well as abroad

Working the land: scraper or tractor?

For replacing the heavy and bulky bulldozer a tracked agricultural tractor equipped with a dozer blade is capable of an excellent performance in many operating conditions. The Italian industry can point to a long tradition behind the most modern technical features for ensuring the optimum use of these tractors

Top performance with new Alpego rollers

An operating system based on a parallelogram for guaranteeing optimum position for the pair of rollers; stud bolts for the regulation of inclination; oversize bearings and supports with the diameter of 45 mm; side boards; twin rollers with the diameter...

MC Elettronica, a manufacturer constantly evolving

MC Elettronica is a company specialized in electronic instruments for agriculture and industry which grew and fine tuned processes and in-house operations for the purpose of drastically eliminating the number of errors and defect to become able, over time, to...

The new Valentini bed forming machines

Valentini has come up with a new system for the manufacturer’s raised bed forming machines for application to the Viper, Fighter, Raider and Caiman stone burier models. These machines are designed for refining dense clayey terrain and bury stones present...
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Eima: all the hits of the 2000s

MachineryWorld's overview dedicated to the 40 editions of the Eima exhibition concludes with an article on the last ten appointments, which have recorded important changes, such as the event's biannual occurring and the launch of specialized salons. Both events contributed to the development and success of the exhibition on the international scene

Faresin Industries: a green line for the Australian market

Farasin Industries in Breganze, in the Veneto Region, has received an important order from Australia for 38 machines to be supplied to Chesterfield Australia, recently appointed the exclusive Faresin Industries importer for the New South Wales and Queensland regions to...

John Deere's RDA lands in Europe

John Deere Remote Display Access (RDA) became available in Western and Central European countries this summer. Users with the RDA system can view the operator's GreenStar™3 2630 Display screen installed in the tractor cab, the sprayer or mower to help...
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