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Annovi Aldo, a full range for winter road services

by Fabrizio Sereni
November 2017 | Back

Technology and functionality in Aldo Annovi’s exhibition spaces at Agritechnica.
The Modenese brand comes to the German event with its full range of winter service vehicles. It starts from the snow plough blades of the SF 20 series for tractors between 10 and 30 horsepower, along with the SF 30 models with a power requirement of 30 to 60 horsepower. Both lines are equipped with a spring shock absorbing system. The SF 30s stand out for the hydraulic rotation device with shock-absorbing valve (35° right and left). These features are also found on the SF 50 snow plough blades, compatible not only with low power tractors but also with small 4x4 lorries and operating machines. With the SF 70s, however, we enter the mid-power segment. The standard equipment includes the spring shock-absorbing device on the blade (in two sectors), the marker lights and the hydraulic rotation system with shock-absorbing valve. For the top of the range, we need to focus on the SF 90 models suitable for the most powerful tractors, lorries and operating machines. The standard equipment is the same as the SF line, but with the additional possibility of having the spring shock-absorbing system on three and four sectors. All SF models are designed for the three-point attachment, while also available in the PF version with a parallelogram lifting system with hook plate. The double version, with lifting and three-point attachment, is also provided on the Modula snow plough blades. These are high-power tractor devices equipped with an independent sector shock-absorbing system that includes connecting rods with recoil springs. This device, as stated in the manufacturer’s technical notes, allows it to avoid obstacles, by simultaneously rising and rotating, so that the application adapts to terrain irregularities. Modula’s standard equipment also includes a steel knife mounted over the strip, 40° hydraulic rotation system with shock-absorbing valve, riser for the external sectors, side bumper, marker lights (Led) and hook plate. Finally, the spotlight is aimed at the range of turbo-cutters for tractors from 60 to 450 horsepower and self-loading salt spreaders, available in roller and disc version. A complete line of machines designed for all work situations.



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