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Floriculture: the new entry for EIMA International

The upcoming edition of the international agricultural mechanization exposition will bring in a section dedicated to flower and ornamental plant producers and systems for the creation and maintenance of green areas. The arrival of floriculture, which counts more than 20,000 specialized companies in Italy, will help complete the merchandise offer of the sector.

by the editorial staff
July - September 2014 | Back

EIMA International in Bologna will unveil a section dedicated to floriculture for the first time in the long history of the exposition. The great agricultural mechanization review, set for its 41st edition to run in the Bologna trade fair center 12 to 16 November, will host specialized floriculture companies producing ornamental plants and installations for professional gardening.

The section will feature systems for the production of flowers, bushes, trees and lawns as well as beads or curbs for setting up flower beds, bio-synthetic loam, tree anchorages and grating for gravel paving along with seeds and plant treatment products all exhibited in a scenographic setting in Pavilion 49, in the EIMA Green Salon focused on machinery and equipment for gardening and groundskeeping.

 In Italy the floriculture sector accounts for 5% of the total value of agricultural production, according to the Ministry for Agricultural Policy, and groups about 14,000 companies specialized in the production of potted flowers and plants plus 7,500 enterprises turning out plants, bushes and trees for greenhouses. These companies are showing growing demand for technologies for optimizing their production and meeting new requirements for the maintenance of gardens, parks, sports facilities, urban décor and bio-architecture.

The Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, FederUnacoma, the organizer of EIMA International, decided to bring floriculture to the prestigious exposition to provide professionals in the field with a full scale view of the technologies and systems for the management of gardens and green areas. 

Never before this year has EIMA International seen such numerous requests for exhibition space arriving from agricultural machinery manufacturing industries to the point – those responsible for organization report – that these applications have already outstripped trade fair center capacity. It was considered important however to make room for this new sector to round out the immense offer of the 1,800 exhibiting companies in 14 sectors of specialization, the four theme salons and more than one thousand headings in the catalogue to confirm the review's breadth of merchandise ranges, one of EIMA International's strong points.




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