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Anno 2020 Numero 7-9

July - August - September 2020

New range for FAE forestry mulchers

The FAE Group renews its line of machinery for green space maintenance and agricultural and road reclamation activities, with a restyling of its forestry mul­chers launched in 2014. These are the UMM/DT models with fixed tools and with a power draw between 160 and 240 horsepower, and the UMM/S (available in the High Power version), also with a rotor with fixed tools, but with a power draw between 180 and 350 horsepower. Designed to shred plants with trunks up to 30 cm in diameter, the UMM/DT forestry mulcher sees the debut of a new frame, redesigned to accommodate increased category 3 attachments and pins, and of the new interchangeable Spike PRO counterblades offered as standard equipment. The Spike PRO counterblades - the manufacturer explains with a technical note - are spike plates offset from each other and positioned in such a way as to guarantee a finer and more uniform crushing of the shredded material. The spikes are made of high-strength Hardox steel and are placed on the entire internal surface of the shredding chamber. This constructive solution is very beneficial because if on the one hand it improves the quality of the work, on the other hand it reduces the power absorption and, therefore, the fuel consumption.  Another important innovation introduced by the company from Fondo (Trento) on the UMM/DT model concerns the optional hydrodynamic couplings which, in addition to preserving the tractor transmission, help the rotor to restart more smoothly and quickly after an effort, thus increasing the operating performance of the machine. The second newcomer from FAE is the UMM/S forestry mulcher, also available in a high power UMM/S/HP version, designed to process logs with a diameter of up to 35 centimetres. If power is this application’s trump card - the machine is equipped with interchangeable Spike PRO blades - operational manoeuvrability is its point of pride. In fact, the weight of the UMM/S model, decidedly low for a machine of this category, facilitates manoeuvres on sloping ground. In addition, the “W” type parallelism adjustment system between gearbox and cardan shaft provides a wider working angle of the cardan in the most varied operating conditions.

by Giovanni M. Losavio

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