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CEMA: the Italian market at its peak

The Italian agricultural machinery market is the most dynamic and lively in Europ, says CEMA the European association representing the manufacturers of the agricultural mechianization sector. According to CEMA’s  forecasts, the market should continue to grow also in the coming months. A vast majority of companies  (64%) interviewed in August within the Business Barometer – CEMA’s monthly survey  - expect turnover increase. Only a residual part of the sample, 5%, assumes a contraction in turnover, the remaining 31% foresees a situation of substantial stability.
In the short and medium term, the outlook continue to be positive both for the Italian market - the most brilliant on a continental level – and for the French and German. However in this scenario there uncertainty factors which could lead to a reversal of the trend. These are related to the rise in the price of raw materials and to shortages on the supplier side. This is the reason why, in the opinion of CEMA, the agricultural machinery market could slow down in  the medium term.

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