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Powerful and versatile, the pneumatic grease transfer pumps by Piusi

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2016 | Back

EIMA 2016 is an opportunity for the Piusi company from Suzzara (MN) to present the new pneumatic pumps “Piusi 60:1 BOOSTER”. These pumps are designed for the distribution of grease and very viscous oil at high pressure in various agricultural applications, and are characterized by a sturdy soundproofing protective structure. They are equipped with a hydraulic exchanger and a three-stage air exhaust system which, together with the absence of percussive mechanical parts subject to breakage, guarantee a low operating noise (only 77 DB) and a long operating life.

The Piusi 60:1 BOOSTER pumps are made from polymers that also ensure high performance and durability in tough applications, such as agriculture. The high compression ratio (60:1) also makes them suitable for the transfer of fluids across both short and long distances, thus responding to the needs of those structures where the tank is located in dedicated areas, often far from the area where the greasing is done.

With the new Piusi 60:1 BOOSTER grease pumps, the company also enters the world of grease transfer, thus completing their offerings of pneumatic pumps for fluid distribution. For complete grease transfer lines, Piusi also offers the retractors and kits connected to the pumps, including hoses, dispensing guns, and trolleys.

As with all its products, the Mantua company provides resellers with a wide range of spare parts, and supports them with highly qualified post-sales technical assistance.



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