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Year 2020 Number 1-2

January - February

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Agricultural mechanization: the market scenario

In the third quarter of 2019, sales of tractors decrease in India, which confirms its place as the most important market worldwide, and especially in Turkey. They are increasing in Europe, the US and Russia. Negative forecasts for the agricultural machinery sector, which in the first six months of 2020 is expected to go through a generalized downward phase
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Tractors: the Italian market stabilizes

Registrations stood at 18,579 in 2019, in line with the average figure for recent years. As regards the other types of machines, combine harvesters, tractors with loading platforms and trailers are decreasing, while telescopic handlers are growing

Safety and technology, 40 million for innovative machines

For investments in innovative technologies and safety, 2020 is off to a good start for farms. The Budget Law approved last December (Italian Law no. 160/2019) promoted various interventions in support of the primary sector, such as grants for the...

Sustainability is at the heart of Fieragricolas 114th edition

Fieragricola’s 114th edition will be held at the Verona fair. The exhibition is spread over 67,600 net square meters, 10 pavilions, and two external demo areas. A great deal of space will be devoted to agricultural mechanization with a calendar rich of conferences and thematic meetings, together with B2B meetings with foreign delegations

EIMA 2020, the event showcase

Now in its 44th edition, EIMA International - the showcase of machinery, equipment and technological systems for agriculture and green area maintenance promoted by FederUnacoma and scheduled in Bologna from 11 to 15 November - confirms its place as an...

EIMA Agrimach, a strategic event for Indian agriculture

The sixth edition of EIMA Agrimach India ended in New Delhi with good results. The market decline during the year (-10% as a repercussion of the boom in 2018) led to a decrease in the number of visitors. The "B2B" meetings with businesspeople were positive, while a FederUnacoma-ICE "road show" is already planned for 2020 to promote Made in Italy technologies in the country

Spain, technologies for a quality agriculture

Conditioned by complex political events and alternating economic phases, Spain has experienced significant progress in various sectors over the past decades. Agriculture remains a strong point for the country, thanks to quality productions intended largely for export. Agricultural mechanization plays a strategic role as the key tool to improve the quantity and quality of production. The trade relations with Italy in the agricultural mechanics sector is significant

FIMA, growing numbers for the 2020 edition

Countdown to the 41st edition of FIMA, the Spanish exhibition dedicated to agricultural technology machinery, which takes place in Zaragoza from 25 to 29 February and which this year presents record numbers. According to the organizers’ forecasts, the 2020 edition...

Agriculture in Argentina, a technological challenge

The primary sector has a fundamental role in the economy of the country, even if a large part of its immense territory does not have the soil and climatic conditions favourable to cultivation. Innovative technologies, such as those relating to precision agriculture, are gradually finding space, and the demand for agricultural machinery is potentially very high, also for specialized crops and fruit and vegetables

Expoagro, Italian component manufacturers in Argentina

The 2020 edition of Expoagro, an Argentine exhibition dedicated to agriculture and mechanization, includes the participation of six Italian companies specialized in the components segment. The collective organized by the Italian Trade Agency and by FederUnacoma

Hand-held brushcutters

The landscape of brushcutters hand-held by the operator is very diverse, and many companies offer apparently similar products, but in reality they differ substantially, not only based on the power of the accessories, but also on the level of ergonomics and comfort, as well as polluting emissions

Emak brushcutters, all the qualities of the new models

Efco DS 3000 S and Oleo-Mac BC 300 S are two models with single handle intended for intensive private use, but with the technical characteristics of professional machines. The two brushcutters marketed by Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia)...

MGF Brushcutters, powerful and resistant to wear

Fiaba, a Vicenza-based company based in Camisano specialized in gardening technologies, expands the range of MGF hand-held brushcutters with 3 Honda 4-stroke models that join the 25 cc and 35.8 cc models. The new Fiaba brushcutters are powered by the...

Hikoki launches the 82T16 electric brushcutter

 Cutting performance, reliability and working range. These are the main pluses of the 82T16 brushcutter produced by the German Cramer company and marketed by the Italian branch of Hikoki, a Japanese multinational company specialized in the production of electric tools...

UMK450 Honda, powerful and versatile

Honda completes its range of mounted brushcutters with an even more robust multifunctional model. We are talking about the UMK450, which is available with a vigorous 4-stroke 50 CC petrol engine designed to offer top level performance even in the...

The ecosystem value of urban trees

The imposing development of urban areas makes the presence of wooded areas increasingly necessary, producing positive effects in ecological as well as psychological and social terms. Technology supports this “green” strategy with a range of specific machinery, covering operations such as transplanting, pruning, and waste management

Emak lawnmowers, the evolution of battery models

Attractive design, functionality, dual battery and ease of use are some of the features of the new Emak Group battery-powered lawnmowers under the Efco and Oleo-Mac brands. Lri 44 P Efco and Gi 44 P Oleo-Mac, these are the names of...

From the field to the sugar factory: the beet harvest

Harvesting is the most complex phase of the sugar beets production. Technological progress and the implementation of more specific software, allow an improvement in harvest times and a better working environment for the operator

Forestry winches: technical characteristics and applications

The winch is an absolutely indispensable piece of equipment for a business operating in the forestry sector, and is offered on the market by many manufacturers. The prices vary depending on the product characteristics, and are within the reach of both forestry companies and the agricultural farms that do sporadic forestry activities

High precision for the machine graders

The combination of laser with GPS has led to a significant qualitative leap in the work of the graders. The laser provides a perfect definition of the plane, while the precise geolocation ensured by the GPS (in RTK mode) means the path of the equipment is optimized, to minimize the volume of material moved and consequently also the working times and costs

Green energy: the targets for 2030

The European Commission is at the forefront of tackling climate change. A new directive requires member states to draw up specific integrated national energy and climate plans for 2030. The intention is to eliminate the climate-changing emissions of the Old Continent within 30 years, driving sustainable development on a global level. Italy, with its Plan, undertakes to contribute substantially

Tony 8900 V, the innovation from Antonio Carraro

New addition to Antonio Carraro’s Tony range. At Fieragricola, the company from Campodarsego (Padua) launches the new Tony 8900 V model, a specialized tractor model with a mechanical/hydrostatic hybrid transmission and a classic frame, designed for very narrow vineyards. The...

Argo Tractors strengthens the sales network in Europe

  The growth of the Argo Tractors distribution network continues in Europe, opening of 25 new McCormick dealers in 2019 in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Spain. The network also expanded in Italy with four new dealers: in Sardinia...

Frandent: the high performance of the Sprint seeder

Important news from Frandent. The Piedmontese company (the headquarters are in Osasco, Turin) specialized in the production of harrows and haymaking technologies (hay rakes and tedders) diversifies its range and enters the sowing machine segment.  The integrated Sprint seed drill...

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