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Year 2021 Number 5-6

May - June

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Agricultural machinery: a "direction" for the National Recovery Plan

In the framework of its assembly, the Manufacturers' Federation organizes a Forum dedicated to the implementation of the National Recovery Plan. Experts and technicians are working to draw up a map of the mechanization needs. Mechanical and electronic technologies as a critical element for agriculture "transition". Mechanization as a structural element of any environmental and territorial policy
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Innovation, a challenge for farms

The Confederazione Nazionale dei Coltivatori Diretti carried out a survey among a significant sample of farms and stakeholders to analyse the sector's propensity for innovation. Positive elements emerged, although there is still a lack of knowledge of the available tools
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Access to foreign markets: AEO certification

The Authorized Economic Operator is a certification that attests to the reliability of the company operating in foreign markets. Quality requirements and compliance with Customs, legal and financial regulations facilitate procedures and give the company a competitive advantage over competitors who do not have the same certificate
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State incentives, financial and credit solutions to exit the emergency

The Covid-19 caused the biggest economic crisis the world has seen in the last 100 years. The global economy suffered a severe blow and in Italy in particular, small and medium-sized industrial enterprises
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Tractors, a "specialised" market

The share of tractors specifically designed for orchards and vineyards in the total number of registered tractors is growing, accounting for almost 40% of the market and recording a 63% increase in the first quarter of the year. The RIVE international exhibition in Pordenone - organised in partnership with FederUnacoma - is a point of reference for the most advanced technologies for the viticulture and winemaking industry

Components, a sector in the spotlight

The first quarter of the year shows a clear increase in turnover for manufacturers of components for agricultural machinery and equipment. The domestic market and exports are doing well. According to Comacomp, the positive trend should continue in the coming months thanks to a high number of orders. The October rendezvous with EIMA International is a great opportunity to give further impetus to companies in the sector. To date, 520 exhibitors have been confirmed for the components exhibition alone

EIMA Digital, the 4.0 showcase

The market for advanced electronics for agriculture has grown fivefold in the last four years and is set to increase even more thanks also to the system of incentives for the digital transition. The EIMA Digital, exhibition as part of the 44th EIMA International (October 19-23, 2021), showcases the most innovative technologies and offers a programme of events on the subject produced in collaboration with universities and the AEF world association

EIMA Idrotech, the sustainable use of water resources

About 250 exhibiting industries have confirmed their presence at the Idrotech Show, one of the specialised areas of EIMA International (Bologna 19-23 October). The most advanced technologies for the use of water in agriculture will be on display at the exhibition. Conferences and seminars on water emergencies also in relation to climate change are also scheduled

Haymaking, the machinery for drying forage in the field

Forage drying is crucial to produce hay with good nutritional qualities and free from external contaminants. Specific machinery such as rakes and tedders are used for this type of work. On the market, different types are offering different performances as to speed and precision of work

LINER windrowers, agile and robust

The range of LINER windrowers made by Claas comprises four categories of machines. The compact single-rotor models have a working width of 3.2 to 4.8 metres and can be identified by the designations from 320 to 500. In the segment...

Faza rakes, designed for durability

The Faza RT7, RT9, RT13, CONDOR RTV and RTVS towed star-wheel rakes are designed to work on uneven terrain, where they are able to perform precise and fast work. The strength of these models is represented by the particular construction...

Fendt: the "Lotus" and "Former" haymaking models

The Fendt Lotus hay tedder range consists of a mounted model, the Fendt Lotus 770 with a working width of 7.7 metres and top link attachment, and two towed models, the Lotus 1020T and 1250T with working widths of 10.2...

The versatility of Kuhn belt rakes

In the belt rake segment, Kuhn offers two machines developed from the Merge Maxx 950 model. These are the Merge Maxx 760 and the Merge Maxx 1090, which have all the same features as their "big brother", starting with the...

High performance for Maschio Gaspardo haymaking machines

In its full-line dedicated to haymaking, Maschio Gaspardo offers a range of high performance tedders and windrowers. Elia Pro is a machine specialised in the spreading of forage, specifically designed at the Cremona headquarters to perform, in the most diverse...

Morra, versatile solutions for field operations

Morra tedders are ideal machines for spreading, turning and aerating forage on all surfaces. Reliable and versatile, in addition to ensuring the optimum preservation of the nutritional values of the crop, they speed up the drying process. Approved for road...

Tedders, Pöttinger's innovative solutions

The Austrian company Pöttinger has extended its range of tedders with a trailed model - HIT 16.18 T - with 16 rotors designed for large farms (working width up to 17 metres). The machine's great strength is Dynatech technology, which...

RA-Rake, always top forage quality

The RA-Rake star wheel rake made by Repossi of Casorate Primo (Pavia), thanks to its "double star" technology, combines the traditional strengths of star wheel rakes - operational speed, ease of use, easy maintenance - with a high quality of...

Gentle processing with ROC continuous mergers

The ROC company from Romagna (based in Camerano, near Rimini) has always been associated with the design and manufacture of continuous mergers, the RT models. Compared to other haymaking technologies, our machines do not drag the crop across the ground,...

Sitrex rakes: performance and durability

High operating speed and optimum work quality. These are the strengths of the MKS star wheel rakes developed by Sitrex of Trestina (Perugia). Sitrex MKS series towed star wheel rakes are the ultimate in hay raking. They are designed so...

Agricultural machinery, market potential in Ukraine

Thanks to very favourable climatic and soil conditions, Ukrainian agriculture has great potential for development, but is lacking in terms of production technology. In addition to being obsolete, the fleet of agricultural machinery is undersized compared to the sector’s needs. Potential demand is estimated at 40,000 tractors and 5,000 combine harvesters per year

Phytosanitary treatments, the INNOSETA review

In October, the three-year European project INNOSETA, which began in May 2018, will come to an end. With the participation of fifteen international partners from eight European countries, the initiative has enabled the implementation of a dedicated platform for technological innovation in the field of phytosanitary treatments

Bioenergy, endangered by the REDII Directive

In a joint letter, the main associations of the national solid biomass sector have addressed the competent Ministries (MiTe, Mipaaf and Mise) to ask for a prompt discussion on the transposition process of the "REDII" Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources. The aim is to avert the risk of a possible revision of the Directive, cur-rently being discussed in Brussels, which would introduce new sustainability criteria for biomass, even before an assessment in the field of the already very stringent ones provi-ded by REDII in the transposition phase

Urban areas: technologies for cleaning and waste collection

The means used for urban cleaning have evolved a great deal, both in terms of the machines used to clean the streets, pavements, squares and yards, and in the systems for sorting urban waste

Fumigation, sustainable technologies for soil pest control

The research in the sector is evolving towards the development of machines for the distribution of products characterized by the widest sustainability. Solarization, biofumigation and steam use are the solutions most frequently adopted

From the field to the table, harvesting bulbs, tubers, and roots

Roots, bulbs and tubers need sowing (or transplanting) beds without skeleton, well refined, ventilated, and drained. In order to harvest the product preserving its quality, it is necessary to have dedicated machines, which differ for the harvesting bar, which can be adjusted to the specific needs of different species

Pruning in the vineyard: the suckering machine

Suckering consists of the elimination of unfruitful shoots. Although there is a chemical pruning technique, the most common technique adopted in vineyards is the one that includes the use of mechanical suckering machines, crucial tools for improving and speeding up operations

Antonio Carraro, the specialists "in the field"

The Antonio Carraro range is at "Enovitis in campo", the event held on 1 and 2 July at Pico Maccario di Mombaruzzo (AT). For the occasion, the company from Campodarsego (Padua) will be displaying all the precious pieces of its...

Benzi production a 4.0 facility

A new production plant for Benzi, the Lombardy company that has been designing, manufacturing and marketing transmission systems for agricultural machinery since 1955. The new facility in Cassano d'Adda (MI), featuring domotics and oriented towards production efficiency and environmental sustainability...

FAE forestry mulchers: the BL system

New FAE applications for forestry forage harvesters with Bite Limiter (BL) technology.     This is the BL4/EX/VT model, suitable for shredding logs up to 30 cm in diameter, compatible with excavators from 18 to 25 t and available with working widths...

Kubota, the versatility of LX tractors

From snow removal and mowing to material handling and tillage, a single tractor line-up for a multitude of jobs. This is the Kubota LX range, which consists of four new versatile and compact models powered by Kubota's Stage V engine,...

Stage V engine for Landini MISTRAL 2 models

Series 2, the range produced by Landini, has been renewed with a new engine and a new design in line with the Landini Family Feeling. The new Series, called MISTRAL2, will be equipped with the Kohler Stage V engine, thus...

Unico M, the "next gen" ploughs from Maschio Gaspardo

Versatility and adaptability are the strong points of the UNICO range of reversible ploughs, Maschio Gaspardo's flagship product, now with a completely new design. The Padua-based company (headquartered in Campodarsego) offers several models with different header and frame sizes (XS,...

MAXIFORST, the new forestry mulcher made by SEPPI M.

Medium-and high-powered forestry mulchers are a valuable aid in forestry and environmental care. Lately, these machines have also been used for cleaning and felling pest-ridden plants that infest forests. For this work, performance is not the only important element. There...

Trimble TeamViewer: field service control

Trimble Agriculture - the primary sector division of the US-based data acquisition and processing group - has entered into a new partnership with TeamViewer, a leading global provider of state-of-the-art remote software solutions. Thanks to this agreement, Trimble devices -...

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