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Year 2021 Number 5-6

May - June


Urban areas: technologies for cleaning and waste collection

The means used for urban cleaning have evolved a great deal, both in terms of the machines used to clean the streets, pavements, squares and yards, and in the systems for sorting urban waste

Fumigation, sustainable technologies for soil pest control

The research in the sector is evolving towards the development of machines for the distribution of products characterized by the widest sustainability. Solarization, biofumigation and steam use are the solutions most frequently adopted

From the field to the table, harvesting bulbs, tubers, and roots

Roots, bulbs and tubers need sowing (or transplanting) beds without skeleton, well refined, ventilated, and drained. In order to harvest the product preserving its quality, it is necessary to have dedicated machines, which differ for the harvesting bar, which can be adjusted to the specific needs of different species

Pruning in the vineyard: the suckering machine

Suckering consists of the elimination of unfruitful shoots. Although there is a chemical pruning technique, the most common technique adopted in vineyards is the one that includes the use of mechanical suckering machines, crucial tools for improving and speeding up operations

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