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Year 2021 Number 7-8-9



High automation for bale wagons

Whether equipped with devices to catch and load or used only for transport, bale-loading wagons have become very popular especially among contractors as a valuable aid to minimize the time required to deliver loads of forage and straw to their customers

Sustainable rice cultivation: a protocol of submergence

Preliminary results of an experiment carried out in Lomellina indicate that an increase in dry periods leads to a reduction in methane emissions and decreased arsenic uptake by the rice grain

From the soil to the table, harvesting peanuts

Peanuts are geocarpic leguminous plants, widely cultivated and particularly appreciated for appetizers, especially during festivities. The vast surface dedicated to this crop in some countries implies the importance of proper harvesting mechanization usually carried out in two stages. The first stage is the extirpation of the plant (followed by a short withering), then the separation of the pods carrying the seeds from the rest of the vegetable mass

Combined stone crushers and cutters for excellent results in forestry

Designed explicitly for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in woodland and forestry environments, stone crushers and combined forestry cutters not only finely chop the soil but also crush stones and shred branches, stumps, and roots

Pruning machinery for vineyards and orchards

Whether you choose to mechanize pruning fully or carry out pre-pruning, many types of machinery are available on the market. Nevertheless, each of them shows advantages and disadvantages. Hence it is necessary to carefully evaluate in advance the agronomic purposes of cultivation according to the type of farming

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