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Year 2021 Number 10



The technical progress of pruning shears

Manual, hydraulic, pneumatic and recently also electronic battery. The professional models of pruning shears used in orchards and vineyards are more and more often equipped with performing lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to dedicated control electronics, they optimize the current consumption to reach the ideal autonomy, of an entire working day

Saffron, towards mechanized harvesting

Saffron, with a price which can reach 35 euro per gram, is one of the most expensive spices on the market. Hence, over the years, its cultivation has attracted an increasing number of operators. And the research for its progressive mechanization is growing up

From the field to the table, harvest of the pumpkin seeds

Still little known in Italy for consumption as such, in other countries pumpkin seed are widely used for salads or added to sweets and/or bakery products. They are offered both natural or roasted and salted in a shell or shelled, and they are excellent ingredients of a modern diet because of their high content of amino acids and unsaturated fats

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