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Year 2021 Number 12


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Market at its peaks in the first half of 2021

Europe ended the first half of the year with 25% growth compared to the same period in 2020. All European countries are in the black. The raw material crisis is weighing on the market, but demand remains high

Engines ready for the "green revolution"

Vehicles powered by environmentally friendly fuels are already a reality for tractor engine manufacturers. The central role of innovation in view of the likely breakthroughs to be made by Brussels to reduce C02 emissions

Mech@griJOBS, training in the spotlight

Despite the restrictions imposed by the health emergency, the vocational orientation meetings held at EIMA International as part of the Mech@griJOBS project were successfully concluded. More than 160 students took part in the training initiatives held from 19 to 23 October at the Bologna Exhibition Centre

Sports fields, new maintenance techniques

A meeting organized during the last editon of EIMA International, held in Bologna last October, addressed the issue concerning the maintenance of turfs. Appropriate techniques are essential to sports activities and to reduce the risk of injuries

The Groundsman, the professional of the sports fields

During of EIMA International, a training project was presented for those who have to take care of green areas in sports facilities. Set up by the Grassmed association, the training project aims to achieve recognition of this professional role, on a par with what has been happening abroad for years

Fidenza, the "green dream"

The vast gardening and forestry project of the Emilian municipality was presented at EIMA. In just a few years 175,000 square metres of new urban greenery were created, of which over 46,000 covered by woodland. New projects are in the pipeline for a city that aims at full sustainability also in the energy and mobility fields

Green design: the Petra Gardens

The culture of greenery and gardens conquers spaces at the Modena Antiques Fair, where from 5 to 13 February 2022 the works of 15 European designers called to share experiences and skills with their installations will be on display. In November the call for entries for the competition - announced during EIMA in Bologna - is open to architects, agronomists and landscape architects, and promoted by Fondazione Biohabitat and Aiapp, together with Fiera di Modena
EIMA Campus

Tree pruning and felling in the city

Tree pruning and felling in urban contexts are necessary practices to fix planting errors and diseases also due to stress and climate change. The Agroener project analyzes work times, costs, and technologies of 33 work sites in urban green areas
EIMA Campus

5G network supporting precision farming

An experiment conducted by the University of Basilicata tested the new mobile phone systems on agricultural work and the maintenance of green areas, highlighting the advantages of the system's great speed and precision

The Agritechnica prize for technological innovations

The last edition of Agritechnica, scheduled for next February, has been postponed due to the health emergency to November 2023, from 12 to 18. The competition for technological innovations promoted by the event has nevertheless seen the announcement of the...

Supplier's declaration, an export tool

The trade benefits with free trade countries are substantial. To date, the European Union has concluded 46 such treaties involving 78 countries. The 'declaration' is a key step in the customs procedure
Digital World

Farming Simulator, released version 22

On November 22, Farming Simulator version 22 was released. This is the popular virtual farming simulation platform for PC and consoles, released in 2008 by the Swiss company Giants Software, developer and publisher of the game. As compared to the...

An EU strategy for soil protection

Soil is not an easily renewable resource and it takes more than two thousand years to form just 10 cm of fertile soil. In a strategy document, the European Commission intends to give soil the same level of protection as the atmosphere, water and marine environment. This Strategy, which will be an integral part of the implementation of the European Green Deal, recognises that healthy soils contribute to a number of EU climate, biodiversity and economic goals. This major challenge requires inclusive and broad governance arrangements at the national, EU and global level

The front loader evolution

The front loader is probably the most important tractor accessory, significantly improving its multifunctionality. Technical progress has focused in particular on the automation of certain functions and safety in the management of suspended loads, among which the self-levelling of the lifting and lowering routines seems to be particularly useful

Weeding: all the benefits, all the applications

Weeding was often neglected in the past, but it is a simple yet highly effective mechanical weeding method. It has many agronomic and environmental advantages recently brought back into fashion for both open field and greenhouse cultivation, mainly if conducted organically

Kverneland acquires a majority stake in ROC

Kverneland Group and Kubota Corporation have recently signed an agreement for the acquisition of 80% of Roc, a company based in the province of Rimini that has been in business since 1996, producing mainly belt rakes that are sold in...

Maschio Gaspardo, production expansion in Romania

Maschio Gaspardo, a company based in Campodarsego, Padua, which has been manufacturing tillage, seeding, fertilizing, crop protection, haymaking and green maintenance equipment since 1964, is expanding its production capacity in Romania, where the group is the largest manufacturer of agricultural...

Mazzotti by John Deere

The Mazzotti company of Ravenna, specialised since 1987 in the production of self-propelled sprayers and acquired in 2017 by John Deere, is officially an approved brand of the US company. The sprayers produced by the Romagna-based group, which are already...

SAER Elettropompe: a success story

This year marks the seventieth anniversary of the founding of SAER Elettropompe. To celebrate this important anniversary, the Emilian company - based in Guastalla in the province of Reggio Emilia - has produced and published on the YouTube platform an...

A winter full of news at Apollo Tyres

At EIMA International 2021, Apollo Tyres unveiled the new Vredestein Traxion Versa Green tyre, developed by the Indian company's engineers specifically for transporters intended for use on rough terrain like that of Alpine regions. The Versa Green is a top-of-the-range...

BKT launches the "digital" experience

BKT brought an entirely new experience to EIMA 2021. The Indian tyre manufacturer's exhibition space offered a journey into the digital world. A hybrid world - called BKT Virtual Experience - halfway between the virtual and the real where, through...

New 6R Series, top technology for high performance

  Fourteen new high-tech models designed to deliver top performance. These are the new John Deere 6R Series tractors, which range in power from a minimum of 110 to a maximum of 250 horsepower, to include the top of the...

Massey Ferguson's flagship 7S Series

Massey Ferguson completes the 7S range with a top-level model. This is the flagship MF 7S.210, a 210hp tractor powered by a robust 6.6 litre, 210hp AGCO Power engine which - according to the manufacturer - stands out for its...

Staddle Tractor Concept, the NH super-specialised

  The innovative Staddle Tractor Concept, designed by New Holland in collaboration with Pininfarina, is a specialised tractor designed to meet the demands of wineries with narrow vineyards, typical of premium crops such as those found in the Champagne, Médoc...

The versatility of the new Emak scarifiers

Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia) is launching four new scarifier models on the market, the Oleo-Mac SCA 38 R and Efco SCA 38 R designed for the hobbyist segment, and the Oleo-Mac SCA 50 H and Efco SCA...

G-261 RD, traction and grip for the new Kubota ride-on

Kubota's G series is expanded with a new ride-on mower, the G-261 RD. An evolution of the G-261 model, the new G-261 RD version is available with a rear unloading deck of 1.22 m, and with a 25 hp Kubota...

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