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Year 2022 Number 5-6

May - June


Fruit harvesting platforms, a valuable aid

Within Italian agricultural production, fruit holds a vital place. Harvesting of product from tree crops intended for consumption must be timely and careful to maintain the best-keeping characteristics of the fruit. Modern fruit harvesting platforms, especially in self-propelled versions, fully meet the requirements

Machinery for forest fire prevention

Maintenance work on forest areas, such as fire tracks, among others, is increasingly important in light of climate changes. These increase temperatures and reduce rainfall, exposing forest canopies to fire risk. A wide range of specialized machinery and equipment is the necessary support for prevention efforts

Fixed tanks for agricultural diesel fuel storage

DM 22.11.2017 set out the rules for installing agricultural diesel fuel fixed tanks appropriately. From tank placement on the farm to maintenance, all regulations provisions to prevent fire or fuel spillage

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