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Year 2022 Number 5-6

May - June


Skat S1 and S2, subsoilers from Alpego

In the segment of hydropneumatic subsoilers, the Vicenza-based company Alpego (based in Lonigo) offers the Skat S1 and Skat S2 lines. Equipped with hydropneumatic "no-stop" technology - a nitrogen accumulator with a regulating valve on the anchors allows the machine...

Spirit 70, maximum agility for BCS specialty tractors

Spirit 70 is the new line of compact medium-power isodiameter tractors with reversible drive, designed and manufactured by BCS of Abbiategrasso (Milan). BCS specialty tractors are presented on the market with four different versions: AR with central articulation, narrow track...

Tritone Big Cingo, the new Ceccato Olindo biochipper

The Tritone Big Cingo tracked biochipper is one of the latest new products brought to market by Ceccato Olindo, a company based in San Giovanni delle Pertiche (PD) and active in the agricultural machinery sector since 1889. The machine is...

RCU-55, the compact crawler from FAE

FAE expands its offerings with the RCU-55, a new compact radio-controlled crawler for professional use. Born from the design experience on the tracked vehicles of the PT line and on the remote guidance systems of the Demining line, the RCU-55...

Deltacut Fischer, flexibility and strength

Deltacut Fischer is a versatile and sturdy mower, suitable for jobs such as mowing after harvesting wheat and maize, maintenance of airport green areas, and working between particularly wide rows. Offered in different sizes - starting from a minimum of...

Irrigamatic, irrigation by Matermacc

Making the most of water, through irrigation machines and systems. It is with this objective in mind that Matermacc offers to the market the electric control units of the Irrigamatic range, applicable on self-propelled sprinklers. In particular, the advanced systems...

The "digital life" of Walvoil spa

Avaiable online since last May for the general public, the virtual platform Walvoil Home allows you to travel inside the products and activities of Walvoil spa, a company of the Interpump Group, specialising in the design and production of hydraulic...

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