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Year 2022 Number 7-9

July - August - September


Superintensive olive growing: mechanized harvesting

Olive harvesting systems were developed since after World War II and are now highly efficient. Historical experiences in the field, different types of machines, and new technologies that match the plant structure and efficiently replace labor

Agro-photovoltaics, technologies for harmonic agricultural land management

Growing demand for electricity and increased attention to sustainable solutions have led to increased areas dedicated to photovoltaic installations. One of the main challenges for the coming years will be the coexistence between areas covered by photovoltaic panels and land used for agricultural production

Tree transplanters

The models available on the market today can significantly increase transplanting productivity and quality. Transplanters are technologies used for interventions on all types of plants. They can be supported with ISOBUS systems and also complemented with localized irrigation technologies

Mini plants for biogas production

On small to medium-sized livestock farms, anaerobic digestion holds interesting and largely unexplored opportunities. The technologies available today make the energy conversion plant economically viable, thus helping to reduce dependence on fossil fuels

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