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Year 2022 Number 7-9

July - August - September


Stores, rooftops and parking lots: urban spaces to be "greened"

Current trends in urban design include green roofs on buildings and highly visited places, such as shopping centers. One of the experiences had a supermarket in Florence that replaced the ventilation system with a sort of greenhouse for air exchange

Reliability and performance for the new Emak brushcutters

aunches the new 50.9 cm3 H series brushcutters. These are the Oleo-Mac BCH 500 and Efco DSH 5000 models, featuring top level engine performance and linear torque even at low revs. According to the ReggioEmilia-based company, these features make these...

Pellenc, a 2022 full of novelties

2022 sees Pellenc launch new products in the cordless equipment segment, starting with the Helion 3 hedge trimmer with ULiB 750 battery, which offers ample working autonomy. The sturdy and versatile machine is equipped with three interchangeable blades that -...

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