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Year 2022 Number 7-9

July - August - September


Claas, 25th anniversary of the Xerion series

Il was a milestone for the Claas brand, which launched in that year the first tractor in the Xerion series. The Xerion 2500 was equipped with a six-cylinder Caterpillar engine with 250 horsepower and a continuously variable transmission HM08, also...

Kverneland: an international press event

Back in attendance at last, Kverneland Group wanted to show the progress of its operations and the latest Kverneland and Vicon innovations to the international press, choosing Italy as the location. A large group of journalists from all over the...

MultiOne: young and innovation company

MultiOne is a young Vicenza-based company - it was founded in the second half of the 1990s in Grumolo delle Abbadesse - that in the space of just a few years, thanks to heavy investment in research and development, has...

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