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Year 2022 Number 10-11

October - November


Gardening equipment: the Italian market holding up well

Sales figures for gardening and landscaping equipment indicate a decline in the first half of the year compared to the previous year, but still high volumes. After the boom in the first half of 2021 (+33.7%), the figures for 2022 indicate a drop of 13.6%, which suggests a total number of items sold at the end of the year of around 1,480,000. Variations in the sector's trend may occur - warns the manufacturers' president Renato Cifarelli - as a result of the uncontrolled increase in production costs and therefore in the final price of machinery released on the market

Chainsaws with internal combustion and battery-powered engines

Chainsaws have become an essential tool for a wide range of maintenance also in urban environments. Technological developments focus on lowering the machine's weight while keeping its power high. The highly versatile, environmentally friendly, quiet battery-powered chainsaw segment is rising

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