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Farming Simulator, released version 22

On November 22, Farming Simulator version 22 was released. This is the popular virtual farming simulation platform for PC and consoles, released in 2008 by the Swiss company Giants Software, developer and publisher of the game. As compared to the...

A winter full of news at Apollo Tyres

At EIMA International 2021, Apollo Tyres unveiled the new Vredestein Traxion Versa Green tyre, developed by the Indian company's engineers specifically for transporters intended for use on rough terrain like that of Alpine regions. The Versa Green is a top-of-the-range...

BKT launches the "digital" experience

BKT brought an entirely new experience to EIMA 2021. The Indian tyre manufacturer's exhibition space offered a journey into the digital world. A hybrid world - called BKT Virtual Experience - halfway between the virtual and the real where, through...

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