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Sports green areas: trends and technologies

The maintenance of sports fields, especially football fields, represents a considerable commitment, including in economic terms. The operations are complex and frequent, and it is essential to have appropriate mechanical technologies and cultivation techniques. Natural fields, artificial fields and hybrid composition fields have different needs. The latter offer the advantage of the natural turf while at the same time guaranteeing the improvement of the cover. The San Siro stadium is one of the most significant examples of this application

Football fields: technology 2.0

A technical meeting took place within EIMA International on maintenance of sporting facilities. Quality of turf has become a requirement for good performance, aesthetics and overall entertainment experience

Natural grass football pitches: maintenance and machinery

Grass cover is subjected to deterioration caused by compaction by the feet of the players and insufficient natural light shut out by the height of the stadium stands as well as by thermal stress and a shortage of nutrition. There is a wide range of machinery and equipment for the optimum management of football pitches, for mowing and irrigation, defelting, sand top dressing, re-turfing and fertilization and plant treatment

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