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Instability in Sardinia, a complex issue

The region is among those most exposed to geological risk and has potentially good economic resources to carry out the works. However, the distribution of responsibilities between the different bodies and the mechanisms for allocating funds and launching construction sites are holding back the projects’ implementation. This also affects the mechanization front, since the failure to start up the construction sites is holding back the development of demand for specific agricultural machinery and equipment

EIMA M.i.A. at the center of defending the land

The EIMA M.i.A. Salon features four theme areas, for an interactivities monitors, video displays, conferences and impressive furnishings. The salon is running from November 7 to 11 in Pavilion 18 II in the Bologna trade fair, an initiative organized by Bio Habitat and Biodiversity.Bio in the setting of EIMA International

Hydrogeological instability, still an open question

The risks linked to floods and overflows are particularly high in Italy, partly due to its soil morphological properties and partly to a deficit in land maintenance activities, that should be carried out to reduce the impact of natural disasters. A crucial role is played by Land Reclamation Consortia, Basin Authorities and many other research institutions. In this context, the demand on a fleet of machinery to be used for maintenance and in case of emergency is still high

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