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Year 2020 Number 1-2

January - February


Spain, technologies for a quality agriculture

Conditioned by complex political events and alternating economic phases, Spain has experienced significant progress in various sectors over the past decades. Agriculture remains a strong point for the country, thanks to quality productions intended largely for export. Agricultural mechanization plays a strategic role as the key tool to improve the quantity and quality of production. The trade relations with Italy in the agricultural mechanics sector is significant

FIMA, growing numbers for the 2020 edition

Countdown to the 41st edition of FIMA, the Spanish exhibition dedicated to agricultural technology machinery, which takes place in Zaragoza from 25 to 29 February and which this year presents record numbers. According to the organizers’ forecasts, the 2020 edition...

Agriculture in Argentina, a technological challenge

The primary sector has a fundamental role in the economy of the country, even if a large part of its immense territory does not have the soil and climatic conditions favourable to cultivation. Innovative technologies, such as those relating to precision agriculture, are gradually finding space, and the demand for agricultural machinery is potentially very high, also for specialized crops and fruit and vegetables

Expoagro, Italian component manufacturers in Argentina

The 2020 edition of Expoagro, an Argentine exhibition dedicated to agriculture and mechanization, includes the participation of six Italian companies specialized in the components segment. The collective organized by the Italian Trade Agency and by FederUnacoma

Hand-held brushcutters

The landscape of brushcutters hand-held by the operator is very diverse, and many companies offer apparently similar products, but in reality they differ substantially, not only based on the power of the accessories, but also on the level of ergonomics and comfort, as well as polluting emissions

Emak brushcutters, all the qualities of the new models

Efco DS 3000 S and Oleo-Mac BC 300 S are two models with single handle intended for intensive private use, but with the technical characteristics of professional machines. The two brushcutters marketed by Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia)...

MGF Brushcutters, powerful and resistant to wear

Fiaba, a Vicenza-based company based in Camisano specialized in gardening technologies, expands the range of MGF hand-held brushcutters with 3 Honda 4-stroke models that join the 25 cc and 35.8 cc models. The new Fiaba brushcutters are powered by the...

Hikoki launches the 82T16 electric brushcutter

 Cutting performance, reliability and working range. These are the main pluses of the 82T16 brushcutter produced by the German Cramer company and marketed by the Italian branch of Hikoki, a Japanese multinational company specialized in the production of electric tools...

UMK450 Honda, powerful and versatile

Honda completes its range of mounted brushcutters with an even more robust multifunctional model. We are talking about the UMK450, which is available with a vigorous 4-stroke 50 CC petrol engine designed to offer top level performance even in the...

Year 2019 Number 12



EIMA Agrimach, a driver for Indian agriculture

The sixth edition of the international exhibition of agricultural machinery takes place from December 5 to 7 in New Delhi. Organized by Ficci and Federunacoma, the event takes place at a particularly dynamic moment in terms of development of technologies and policies for the primary sector

Agriculture in India, a look at the future

The subcontinent’s primary economy is going through a phase of transformation, under the leadership of a government that has set, among its priorities, the growth of productivity and incomes for farmers. The country, which has the potential not only to guarantee the food safety of the population but also to become a strong exporter of agricultural commodities, must also look at the variables linked to meteorological factors and climate change. A strong investment is needed in technological innovations, that are able to optimize production factors and prevent risks for crops

Atmospheric pollution: the bio-economy for the Indian system

The atmospheric pollution and the consequent climate changes affect the environmental and social balances worldwide. The commitments of the governments are insufficient to achieve the goals set by the Paris Agreement. In Europe, a Green New Deal is being discussed and in India a National Program for clean air is at the center of attention. In addition to the main strategies, it will be useful to spread good practices of sustainable development. This is also one of the main goals set by the Enabling Project coordinated by FederUnacoma and Itabia

76 In dustrial Graphics Evolution, the expansion abroad starts from India

Mondo Macchina meets Fausto Mazzali of 76 Industrial Graphics Evolution, who presents to the readers of the magazine the activities of the Emilian company in India. The headquarters of Decal In is in Pune, one of the most dynamic and vital cities of the Indian economic system

ADR, the Pune plant covering the Indian market

The Lombard company ADR has been present in India, in Pune, since 2016 with a factory specialized in the production of axles and suspensions. The city of Maharashtra is a hub of the Indian automotive sector and is therefore an ideal location for ADR’s local activities

Ama India, guaranteed

The Indian plant of Ama produces spare parts for the agricultural and industrial sector. The quality standards are the same as those adopted in Europe

BCS, tailor-made solutions for Indian agriculture

The Abbiategrasso company has been present in India since 2004. After a difficult start, linked above all to the particular characteristics of local agriculture, BCS India has gradually seen its weight grow even outside the borders of Punjab, the Indian state where its branch is located

Carraro India, turnover takes off

The Italian Group has had a presence in India for over twenty years in deproduction of axles and The Italian Group has had a presence in India for over twenty years in deproduction of axles and transmissions. In 2018 the results were record-breaking and the Indian market now is the first for the Carraro activitiestransmissions. In 2018 the results were record-breaking and the Indian market now is the first for the Carraro activities

Mita, successful experience

With two factories located in the most strategic areas of the country, CBM Group continues its expansion in India. A system of checks and controls, even remotely, enables production to be monitored simultaneously in India and Italy. Gardentrac is the most popular product in the CBM range

CNH Industrial, a pioneer in the Indian market

The 1990s had not arrived yet and the Group already operated on the Indian market. Over the years, the group’s commitment in the great Asian country has grown considerably way, and today CNH Industrial produces a wide range of vehicles for the needs of local agriculture. The TC5.30 combine is the latest in a successful range

Maschio Gaspardo, a complete range for India

The Italian manufacturer has developed products in line with the needs of Indian agriculture, even if the production carried out locally is partly intended for foreign markets. The VIRAT rotary tiller, specific for horticulture and fruit growing but also for greenhouses, was awarded by the jury of ITOTY

Year 2019 Number 11



Myanmar, a promising market

The troubled political events have marked the history of the country and have long held back its development process. Today Myanmar stands out as a country with good prospects, in particular for the agricultural machinery sector, which must contribute to improving the productivity and quality of agriculture

Year 2018 Number 1



Snow plough blades for agricultural tractors

Usually, snowfall is abundant and sudden and requires the intervention of a specific vehicle fleet. Snow plough blades are not only an essential equipment to face the emergency but also from the technological point of view. Many Italian manufacturers have specialized in the production of these voluminous equipment, available with a wide range of models, working with advanced control systems

Heavy duty applications for the Argnani and Monti machines

  The flagship of Argnani and Monti di Bertinoro (Forlì) for winter maintenance is the spring hydraulic snowplough. This is an application with to two independent work sectors, equipped with double-acting jacks for angling the
blade (35° to the right and...

Anti-collision device for the Modula blade

Modula is the name of a snowplough blade in sectors, designed and built by Annovi Aldo, a company based in Corlo di Formigine (Modena), which can boast a well-established experience in this market segment. Available both with three-point hitch for...

Bellon Mit, a wide range for winter maintenance

The Bellon Mit company from Padua can boast a catalogue full of technologies for winter maintenance. It begins with the SSM50 or SSMX50 salt spreader. Designed for parking areas (including condominiums), sidewalks or hedges. These two applications exploit a fall...

Eurospand Cavallo, the salt spreaders that last over time

The SL CN and Sansone Ercole professional spreader range, produced by Eurospand Cavallo di Boves (Cuneo) is wide and differentiated, and includes machines in carried or towed versions, with a load capacity from 200 to 1200 litres. Available with a...

Winter machines, Faza technologies for road maintenance

In the winter road maintenance segment, the Umbrian company Faza, headquartered in Città di Castello (Perugia), is present with three ranges of salt spreader machines. It starts from the Felix model, which is handled through hydraulic motors controlled from the...

Year 2017 Number 3-4

March - April


Operations: the importance of hoeing machines

For achieving excellent cultivation, especially for widespread crops, the careful aeration of the soil surface is required. There are differing technological solutions for this operation for various soil types and the specific requirements for each crop. The Italian industry markets a wide range of models which combine efficiency and flexibility

Mechanical and ecological, the weeder according to Badalini

The manufacturer Badalini takes great pride their machines for soil working and especially for weeding as demonstrated by the innovative Biodiserbatrice (Bioweeder) created by the Mantua company for a market increasingly attentive to respect of the environment, the health of...

The Progress hoeing machines, designed for heavy duty operations

Fissore in Marene is a manufacturer of reference in the Cuneo industrial district which exports nearly half its production to major markets in France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Canada. The company assigns its success to an intelligent entrepreneurial...

Versatile and innovative the new Lamola hoeing machine

The Puglia manufacturer Lamola Costruzioni Meccaniche in Torremaggiore in the Foggia Province, specializing in soil preparation machinery, has brought to market a weeder designed to adapt to any inter-row cultivation and guarantee the best precision operations possible. The new weeder...

Maschio-Gaspardo hoeing machines, reliable and efficient

Reliability and great work capacity on the one hand and, on the other, agility in maneuvers and versatility are the winning features of Maschio-Gaspardo hoeing machines with a range designed for inter-row operations with two fixed frame models, the HL...

Rotosark, the new hoeing machine by Oliver

The Rotosark is a hoeing machine designed and built by the Veneto Oliver manufacturer in Engazzà di Salizzole near Verona to incorporate in one machine operations performed by three, an aerator, a ridger and, of course a mechanical weeder, designed...

Year 2016 Number 7-9

July - August - September


Hose reel irrigation, in ongoing evolution

What is called the hose reel system is the type most widespread in Italy for full field watering. Manufacturers in the sector are marketing more efficient solutions built not only for achieving excellent irrigation but also for optimizing such features as the pumps, hose wrapping, hydraulic servo control systems and central processing unit control

Elite system by Irrimec, reliability and performance

Elite is the name of a line of hose reel irrigators made by Irrimec of Calendasco (Piacenza) for professionals in search of high-performance machines able to deliver the highest performance. These “top of the line” machines stand out for reliability...

RM irrigators, a highly automated range

News from RM. The Parma company (headquartered in Sissa Trecasali) has enhanced the technological profile of its hose reel irrigators by introducing polyethylene pipes with a diameter of up to 180 mm, which have the great advantage of reducing any...

Year 2016 Number 5 - 6

May - June


Fast and efficient, the new generation round balers

The best way to conserve forage and straw is to make sure the bale has been formed correctly. The category of balers in most widespread use are round balers, The two types of these balers are those with a fixed compression chamber and a variable chamber

High performance for the new "Abbriata®" balers

The Piedmont company “Abbriata®” strengthens its position on the market for fixed chamber chain round balers thanks to a new range: the “modular” series 100 and 120/150 Plus. The “M100 Super” and “M120 Compact Plus” models, also available in a...

Claas round balers: the great versatility of Variant

Even though they were developed by Claas for the silage market segment, Variant round balers offer exceptional performance even with hay, straw, or renewable raw materials thanks to the four pressing strips that run fast. Flexible and with high performance,...

Extreme 365, a versatile round baler from Feraboli

The Extreme 365 is a variable chamber and geometry round baler built by Feraboli at the top of the range of the manufacturer in Cremona. A communique released by the company affirmed that this  upper category model features all the...

John Deere: "900" Series for efficiency and reliability

John Deere has introduced an innovative full frame with an integral design to the American multinational’s new 900 Series round balers to greatly improve the durability and reliability of the machine and protect the bale forming chamber components against tensions...

Diavel 630 Cut, a Mascar round baler for large land areas

Mascar is a manufacturer specializing in designing and building haymaking machinery located in  Grumolo delle Abbadesse, near Vicenza, which has rounded out its range with the arrival of the Diavel 630 Cut unveiled last year at Agritechnica in Hanover (see...

Morra round balers, ergonomic and user-friendly

With over forty years of experience in the haymaking market, Morra Farm Machinery from Cuneo has in its catalogue two ranges of fixed chamber balers with bar pressing system. Four models in total - two basic models MR/i 1200 Special...

Ergonomic controls for the New Holland "Roll Belt"

Since their debut on the market, which took place in 2013, the Roll Belt variable chamber round balers by New Holland have stood out for their rich technological resources, characterized by the latest-generation systems such as the SuperFeed and CropCutter...

Supertino round balers: versatile and innovative

An input system with dual packer, one alternative (lower) and one rotary comb (upper), whose combined action prevents any flooding of the machine, allowing it to work with any type of product. This is the flagship of the Master Plus...

RF 4000 Vicon, a high yield round balers

The new RF 4000 series of fixed chamber round balers was created by Vicon technicians for bringing to the market productivity, simplicity and reliability in harvesting. To achieve their aims, designers introduced to the RF 4000 balers a number of...

Year 2016 Number 4



Precise and efficient, new technologies for transplanting

Thanks to ingenious construction solutions, modern transplanters for vegetable crops are capable of efficient planting of seedlings with or without clod, as well as bulbs, cuttings and seeds. Automation is progressively driving down the need for manpower

Trium, the versatile high performance transplanter

The Trium transplanter is one of the premium products from Checchi & Magli in Budrio, near Bologna, specializing in the manufacture of machinery for transplanting. This top of the range semi-automatic model ensures total control ideal for conical and pyramidal...

Fast and delicate work with the Fast Block transplanter

Ploughshare opening of only 7.5 cm, latest generation pincers that separate the plants effectively and quickly, electronic management system with touchscreen for all the machine’s operating functions and monitoring the transplantation parameters, as well as the possibility of planting out...

Hortech, a broad range for transplanting

Specialized for over thirty years in the production of technologies for the horticulture sector, the Paduan company Hortech can boast several successful transplanters in its catalogue. Below you will find a quick overview of the main applications from the Venetian...

Series F and C, the fast transplanters by Sfoggia

In the range of Sfoggia transplanters - core business for the Treviso brand together with soil preparation machines - the models of the F and C series are worth mentioning. They are multi-purpose semi-automatic applications designed to process seedlings from...

Year 2016 Number 1



The rotary harrow: the Joker for soil preparation

Rotary harrows are a type of equipment very widely used for refining the soil but in some settings they can be used to great benefit as the only machine for preparing a seedbed or transplanting. The most recent models feature speed and the option of combined operations

Zeus and Sirio from Badalini, for difficult terrain

The Zeus and Sirio multitillers from Mantua’s Badalini are machines designed to deliver high performance even on hard or uneven surfaces (the components are reinforced) and to preserve ideal soil moisture. But quality, reliability and durability are not the only...

Magnum and Gamma, new equipment from Falc

The Magnum by Falc, a folding power harrow suitable for operations on hard and stony terrain, was developed to offer subcontractors and large farms a reliable and safe tool, able to provide the highest standards of quality, starting from the...

Kverneland, H Series arriving

In the sector of mowers Kverneland is coming out with a new H Series, with widths of 3, 3.5 and 4 meters, updated versions of the highly evolved Series NGH 101 built for professional operations. Compared to the NGH 101...

Performance and versatility from Maschio tillers

Wide range, diversification, and high product specialization distinguish the Maschio range for soil cultivation. There are several cutting-edge models in the harrow and rototiller segment. Aquila Rapido Plus (from 4 to 6 m) is a folding harrow with 4 rotors...

Z6/VI series, new Nardi tillers

The Z6/VI is a line of lateral movement tillers made by Nardi, characterized by the ability to work not only in the middle but also on the right side of the tractor. It is thus a range of extremely versatile...

Rugged and versatile new Sicma rototiller

Compactness and structural solidity are the main strengths of the RD rototiller, a best seller from Sicma, an Abruzzo company with a strong commitment in the field of machinery for tilling. The model developed by the company from Miglianico (Chieti)...

Tecnoagri, innovative solutions for soil preparation

Tecnoagri in Conselice, near Ravenna, at work for more than 25 years in the agricultural mechanization sector, can vaunt a wide and differentiated range which includes an outstanding machine for working the soil, an innovative hydraulic in-and-out tree cultivator. The...

VPX Vigolo, a power harrow for difficult soil

Vigolo is a manufacturer in the Veneto Region headquartered in Alonte, on the Vicenza plain between Verona and Padua, at work for more than fifty years, since 1963, on designing and building agricultural machinery with a strong specialization in the...

Year 2015 Number 12



Agricultural machinery for feeding the world

Innovations in the field of agricultural mechanical engineering have played a fundamental role in the economic histories of all countries. Today more than ever it is necessary to develop technologies to satisfy the growing demand for food goods for the populations of the planet. An important conference organized by the Club of Bologna in the setting of the EXPO 2015 Universal Exposition produced the Mechanization Charter to become an integral part of the Charter of Milan, the cultural legacy of EXPO 2015 Milan

Year 2015 Number 7-8-9

July - August - September


Revision and learners license for safety policy

Safety in the fields, just as there is in all other work environments, must be a priority. Up to the present the numbers of deaths on the job involving tractors and other agricultural machinery are too many. Inail, the Italian National On The Job Insurance Institute, provides and clear and precise picture. Mandatory revision of agricultural machinery and professional qualification for operators are fundamental steps for

Year 2015 Number 5-6

May - June


Norms for tractors, an illogical turn of the screw

The Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers presents in Milan its information and promotion initiatives. The presence inside three exhibitions on agri-food chains and a demonstration event in the field serve as a reminder that agricultural engineering is fundamental for every production chain

Narrow-track tractors: farmers say NO to enacting current regulation

The association of farmers and agricultural cooperative enterprises, COPA-COGECA, has intervened with the European Commission to affirm the impossibility of implementing the Phases IV and V emission norms for machinery for operations in vineyards and fruit orchards. In the foreground is the difficulty posed for work in narrow rows by tractors enlarged by engines on which exhaust after-treatment technologies have been installed

Distance between vineyard rows: when quality is a question of space

The density of vineyard planting is one of the most important factors for achieving high quality production. The emissions norm applied to narrowtrack tractors carries the risk of required changes of vineyard training systems which would harm the quality of wine production

Year 2014 Number 2



Telehandlers: Rivals to the Tractor?

Telescopic lifts once simply moved packaged and loose material around the farm, but now they have evolved in response to new needs and, according to some, could become a future rival for the tractor

Green power plants for the Massey Ferguson MF 9000 Series

The four telehandlers by the U.S. manufacturer are arriving to the Italian market in their updated versions which include power provided by new Deutz Stage 3B/Tier 4 Interim engines

Performance and maneuverability for the new Scorpion range by Claas

The restyled line of telescopic handlers by the German manufacturer now brings together three compacts and three high performance models. Debuting across the entire Scorpion range are a redesigned heavy-duty chassis, a protection system which checks overloading and new low emissions engines

Faresin Telescopic Handlers: technological innovation for a full range

Mondo Macchina/Machinery World met Roberto Zanetti, the head of marketing for the Vicenza manufacturer, for an update on the market for materials movement machinery to gain an understanding of how product innovations are created by Faresin Industries

Innovative solutions for the Magni telescopic handlers

Cabs without a control panel, an intelligent stabilizing system and the quick and safe fit of accessories to the boom head are only a few of the technologies Magni Telescopic Handlers is bringing out with the debut of the RTH handlers range

The TF 40.7 Hybrid and the TF 42.7, great winners marking Merlo's 50th

Two prizewinning machines at Agritechnica underscoring the level reached by the technological department of Merlo which this year celebrates its fifties anniversary

High performance and technology for New Holland LM telehandlers

The Modena manufacturer has updated its telehandler range and has flanked the three basic models with two more in a higher category, the Elite, ensuring greater performance and higher lifting capacity and boom extension

More high performance engines for the GTH-2506 from Genie

Genie has come up with a restyled GTH-2506 telescopic handler to bring out an even more productive version thanks to the new three-liter Deutz Turbo Diesel engine and an improved turning radius

Year 2013 Number 10-11



Italian agricultural machinery market: reasons behind the crisis

Over the past five years the Italian agricultural machinery market has been subjected to a decline of 30% and is still a cause for worry when compared to sales trends in such countries as Germany and France where gains are reported. A survey conducted by Nomisma for FederUnacoma based on past data and interviews carried out on a sample of 800 agricultural enterprises has drawn a focus on the reasons behind this trend. Uncertainty on the future of farms, increasing recourse to contractors and the retrofitting of machinery already in farm inventories are among the factors putting the brake on the acquisition of new machinery.
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