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Year 2020 Number 6


New Members

Damilano Group, a full line for animal husbandry

The Cuneo-based company began operating in the 1980s with a mechanical and sheet metal processing business. In the following years, Damilano Group progressively diversified its production up to the creation of the Terra Implements division, specialized in haymaking machines. 2019 marked the debut in the livestock sector with the acquisition of the Riberi self-loading wagon

Year 2019 Number 5-6

May - June

New Members

Mechanical Workshop, a top of the range success

A part of the Umbrian productive network since 1990, the company from Città di Castello began to design and build agricultural machinery a decade ago, with the first models for mechanical pruning. It was thanks to the technologies for agriculture that the company achieved an important position on foreign markets

Year 2018 Number 6


New Members

ATG Group, a global player for off-highway tires

The Dutch group ATG, thanks to the acquisition of the Alliance, Galaxy and Primex companies, has become one of the world's leading manufacturers in the off-highway tire sector. The Amsterdam company works in 120 countries and can boast a turnover that in 2015 reached almost 600 million dollars

Year 2018 Number 4-5

April - May

New Members

Dante Macchine: innovation, quality, performance

The manufacturer in Bagnoli di Sopra in the Padua Province established in the Sixties designs and builds soil preparation machinery. The company's broad and diversified range extends from machinery powered beginning at 80 Hp on up to 600 Hp for their most robust models. The Dante Macchine strong points are quality materials in use, innovative technologies and centralized manufacturing processes

Year 2017 Number 12


New Members

Scaip, high specialization for agriculture and shipbuilding

Scaip's growth is largely tied to a partnership with Saipem, which has entrusted the company from Parma with the maintenance, revision and servicing of its fleet of machinery. Tractors, of course, but also special vehicles for the oil & gas industry. Thanks to this collaboration, the company from Emilia Romagna has developed a wide body of technical expertise necessary to develop a range of highly competitive products

Year 2017 Number 5-6

May - June

New Members

Bonino, the vocation for agricultural machinery

Born after the Second World War, the Piedmontese company distinguished itself since the beginnings for its production diversification, from landscaping machines to the latest self-loading wagons with mowers
New Members

Meritano, a reliable and durable range

Constant technical and design updating is the strong point of the Asti company, which has focused its production on the shredders and tillers
New Members

Thor, advanced timber processing technologies

Established in 1977 by Andrea Ricca, the Cuneo company has been able to gain momentum in the Piedmontese manufacturing field, focusing on the centralization of factory processes and the investments in a production sector that has experienced a real boom in the last few years

Year 2017 Number 3-4

March - April

New Members

Fontana srl, laser technology for ground levelling

The Piedmont company was set up in the mid-1970s for the production of machinery for the levelling of ground. This specialized manufacture of ground levelling machines expanded more recently to meet new demands for the geolocation of agricultural sites. All Fontana machines feature resistance, stability and modular construction
New Members

Gonella Fratelli, great specialization in livestock raising sector

Gonella Fratelli is a company in Carmagnola, near Turin, which can vaunt over forty years at work in the agricultural mechanization sector. Since the Gonella founding in 1976 the enterprise has specialized in the design and manufacture of self-propelled desilaging...

Year 2016 Number 12


New Members

Agrimec, highly specialized in the trailer industry

Active for eighty years in the Italian farming equipment sector, the Cuneo company is specialized in the trailer segment, where it can boast a wide and diversified range of machines, with models characterized by great possibilities of customization, thanks to an extensive catalogue of accessories

Year 2016 Number 7-9

July - August - September

New Members

Olimac, top-flight specialization in corn harvesting

Technological innovations, planning of manufacturing method, new generation plant. These are the factors which have enabled Olimac near Cuneo to rise on the global market with high tech machinery for corn harvesting with exports accounting for 98% of the enterprise's sales
New Members

Greenhouses and horticulture: the multi-purpose machine by Oliver

Oliver in Engazzà di Salizzole near Verona has been at work in the field of agricultural machinery since 1971 specializing in the development of flexible and strongly customized technologies. The Rotosark® mechanical weeder stands at the top of a wide and differentiated range of machinery and equipment

Year 2016 Number 5 - 6

May - June

New Members

Frandent Group: avant-garde technologies for soil preparation

A manufacturer which went to work at the end of the 1970s building power harrows to then expand the Frandent range with the introduction of haymaking machines. In 2006 a new manufacturing facility was inaugurated designed around lean production system criteria with the application of avant-garde eco-sustainable technologies
New Members

Pierre, a history marked by innovation

Thanks to a solid tradition in the farming equipment sector, with its origins dating back to 1880, the Piedmontese firm Pierre has always managed to stand out for its ability to design and implement highly innovative technology solutions. Among these, the APT tractor for clearing mine fields
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