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Year 2015 Number 11


Components Special

Agricultural tractor anti-vibration systems, a technological challenge

A lot of time has gone by since the only device for attenuating tractor vibrations was, aside from the tires, a spartan seat built as a sheet steel shell supported by a simple U spring. Today the seats, cabs, axles, suspensions and new generation tires are combined to improve comfort and safety to levels not previously imaginable
Components Special

Darkness without secrets: technologies and norms for lighting systems

Lighting and signal devices are of great importance also for agricultural machinery. From incandescent headlights to the recent LED systems, the technology has been developed to ensure increasingly greater illumination power and a longer life for headlights. Standards for the type-approval of lighting systems are coming in as of January 2016 with the application of the European Union Mother Regulation
Components Special

Teknoax, the high technology of the new ADR axis

Teknoax is the name of the latest addition to the ADR brand. It is a latest-generation axis designed to offer farm machines the greatest possible strength in different conditions of use. Teknoax marks the debut of highly innovative technological solutions...
Components Special

Super materials for Annovi Reverberi pumps

Annovi Reverberi will train the spotlights in their stand at Agritechnica on their premiere LFP Series of high performance pumps. A communique issued by the manufacturer reported that the components for their new line were especially designed for open field...
Components Special

HDPlus by CBM, new generation three-point linkages

Active for nearly fifty years in the design and production of components for agricultural tractors (including three-point linkages, drive units and automatic lateral stabilizers), the CBM group from Modena attends the important Agritechnica event with a new range of products....
Components Special

"Zero maintenance" with the K-795T manufactured by Comer Industries

Comer Industries is previewing at Agritechnica the new K-795T group for rotary rakes, a component that does not require planning for periodic maintenance. The K-795T group is equipped with a bevel gear assembled in a closed chamber, grease-lubricated with high-performance,...
Components Special

Emiliana Serbatoi: specific solutions for AdBlue® systems

Emiliana Serbatoi specializes in the manufacture of tanks for the transport and storage of fuel and can now claim an advantageous solution for a range of tanks for AdBlue®, a registered trademark for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) standardized as ISO...
Components Special

All the quality of the Hand Pump built by Piusi

Self-priming, high capacity at 38 liters per 100 revolutions and ease of installation are only are only three of the leading features of the new Piusi Hand Pump, a manual rotary pump for the transfer of oil or diesel for...
Components Special

Farm tractor safety devices and brake plants

The components sector is able to offer numerous devices, from ROPS to ergonomics and brake plants for the safety of drivers. Especially for brakes, technologies have been developed to keep step with the performance of machines as regards speed and work capabilities

Year 2014 Number 10-11

October - November

Components Special

Components the great show of Bologna

The EIMA Components Salon is one of the strong points of the international agricultural mechanization exposition. The salon represents the sector with the largest number of exhibiting industries, some 800 out of a total of 1,800 participating in the event,...
Components Special

Components: excellence for EIMA and the Italian industry

The components salon staged within the agricultural mechanization exposition is a great international attraction and a resounding success for FederUnacoma and Comacomp, the association in the federation of the manufacturing industries which represents the sector. The types of products, Made...
Components Special

Comacomp Directory: "ambassador" of the Made in Italy

The prestigious EIMA Componenti, the Components Exhibition that takes place November 12 to 16 in the International Exhibition of Agricultural Mechanization, is the setting for the presentation of the Directory "The best elements", namely the compendium of the "Made in...
Components Special

Versatile e customized, components signed by AB Trasmissioni

AB Trasmissioni went to work in the mid-1970s to specialize in designing and manufacturing flexible couplings for motor pumps, generator sets and industrial engine pumps to gain over the years know-how and technical competence so advanced that the company has...
Components Special

ADR ahead of the times with "overrun brakes"

Final countdown to the entry into force of EU legislation on road traffic of agricultural machinery, which, awaited for 2016, provides, among other things, the green light to the use of overrun brakes in the EU. Used in the automotive...
Components Special

VT-Tractor, Bridgestone's first "agricultural" tyre

Baptised with the name VT-TRACTOR, this newly designed tyre - sold in 28 to 42 inch sizes - marks the debut of the Bridgestone brand in the agricultural machinery sector, where the Japanese multinational has up to now been present...
Components Special

BKT new tyres at EIMA

Improved highway speed and comfort combined with advanced performance in each machine’s range of specialised activity are the hallmarks of the new tyres unveiled by India’s BKT tyre company at the EIMA industrial fair in Bologna. The Ridemax FL 693...
Components Special

Cobo: eco-friendly technology

Active for over 65 years in the design and manufacture of components such as lights, electrical and electronic command and control devices, displays, steering columns and steering wheels, with a particular interest in the agricultural sector, at EIMA International the...
Components Special

Comer Industries: integrated components for mixer trucks

In the Comer Industries areas at Eima International the focus is on advanced solutions for towed mixer trucks, that is to say component "packages" comprising the A-613 parallel axle unit with electric actuator and means of integration with the ISOBUS...
Components Special

Technology with high added value from MC Electronics

MC Electronics of Fiesso Umbertiano (Rovigo) is extending its range of High Tech components with the Virtual Terminals in the SLIM series, available in external and fitted versions, with a modern, compact, light-weight and ergonomic case that is just 25...
Components Special

Rima drawbar: a "shockproof" device

Specialized in designing and manufacturing components for agricultural and industrial machinery, the business Rima from Montichiari (Brescia) is going to display at Eima International an innovative drawbar for tractors suitable for sprayers and hauling of heavy equipment. “Usually, drawbars for...
Components Special

ROJ meccatronic systems for agriculture of the future

  With developments in IT and electronic systems steadily advancing in capabilities for boosting crop yields in quantity and quality and, on the other hand, lowering costs and work time, precision farming is certain to become more central in the...
Components Special

Reduced consumption and easy maintenance: new Rovatti pump series

Among the leading new products Rovatti Pompe in Fabbrico, near Reggio Emilia, is presenting at EIMA International is the manufacturer’s FNSF series of flanged SAE high yield pumps with technical features and dimensions exceeding the EN733 norm. Designed for the...
Components Special

Tires: technicality and innovation at the service of agriculture

Suitable criteria for choice and optimum management of inflation pressure not only ensure a better performance of tires from the point of view of techniques, mechanics and economy but also substantially reduce their impact from the agricultural point of view. The industry puts on the market an extremely wide range of tires for all work requirements
Components Special

AEF ISOBUS, a step towards the future

The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation AEF staged a Test Matrix of ISOBUS protocol covering the three of the Plugfest held October 21-24 in Senlis, France for a concrete verification of the progress of these applications. Manufacturers of devices based on ISO 11783 and the guidelines laid down by AEF can connect their various devices to verify their correction functioning. Numerous activities with the participation of Italian companies and the REI, Reggio Emilia Innovation, which represents the official test institute for Italy
Components Special

Air-conditioned cabs: warm feet, cool head

As far as air conditioning is concerned, the most advanced tractor cabs are on par with the most modern cars. And you can stay warm (or cool) even with the engine off, thanks to the installation of additional passenger compartment autonomous heating/cooling units, with considerable economic and energy advantages. New devices provide operator protection at all stages of work
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