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Year 2020 Number 7-9

July - August - September


Pesticide treatments, innovation is online

The INNOSETA project is the first European platform dedicated to crop protection. The aim of the project is to build a large network to facilitate the adoption of innovative and effective practices in the field of pesticide treatments

Year 2020 Number 6



Club of Bologna, history and innovation

The Club of Bologna returns to EIMA both for the November 2020 preview and the “physical” showcase of February 2021. The 30th meeting and the Pellizzi Prize are at the centre of these initiatives

Year 2019 Number 5-6

May - June


Mother Regulation: technical answers

The FederUnacoma Technical Service evaluates the critical aspects of the application of the Mother Regulation for trailed equipment and provides a list of FAQs

Export control, a focus on corporate requirements

Almost thirty years have passed since the adoption of the export legislation but many operators remain convinced that export control refers only to the export of military goods. It is, therefore, necessary to have a correct picture of the requirements that businesses are bound to follow not to incur heavy financial penalties

Tenders for the supply of agricultural machinery: the EU budget in 2018

For the agricultural and landscaping machinery and equipment sector, 773 tenders were published in 2018, a significant increase compared to 2017 (+18.3%) and compared to the average for the 2015-2017 three-year period (+22.3%). Tractors are the type of asset with the largest number of lots. In 2018, 282 lots for tractors were put out to tender, an increase of 24% compared to the average of the previous three-year period

Year 2019 Number 3-4

March - April


Africa hand project, a milk supply chain to nourish the Mozambique

In Mozambique, where almost half of the children suffer from hunger, the development of fodder crops, functional to the growth of the dairy sector, and nutritional education, are essential to guarantee a dignified life even for the poorest people

Year 2019 Number 1-2

January - February


European network of certified workshops

The European circuit of workshops with high quality requirements has been established, promoted by Unacma and other countries representing the agricultural machinery supply chain. Expertise and knowledge of regulations are the elements that characterize the member assistance structures

The Club of mechanics met in Bologna

There was a record number of participants in the 28th meeting of the club of Bologna which took place during EIMA 2018. The main theme was the new technologies and services for the mechanized agriculture sector. The Pellizzi Prizes were awarded. The next meeting will be held in next November in Germany

Year 2018 Number 6



Circular economy for the Mediterranean islands

During a second meeting, held in Capraia, an island of the National Park of the Tuscan Arcipelago, the focus was on the developments occurred over the last year, since the start of the project. From the enthusiasm of a consistent group of experts in environmental issues, arose the conditions for reducing the use of fossil fuels, exploiting local resources and promoting a responsible entrepreneurship. The model of development thought for the island captured the interest of big foreign companies, that have established the first agreements – profitable in an economic and environmental perspective – with local companies

Year 2017 Number 7-9

July - August - September


Capraia Smart Island, a circular economy model

Last May, Capraia hosted a summit of experts to let ideas and economics circulate freely. With this first meeting between distinguished technicians, administrators and residents, the island is becoming a model of circular economy through a virtuous participatory process. One of the most interesting and promising area in which to operate is the relaunch of a sustainable terrace farming to prevent degradation. In this respect, mechanization can provide a valuable contribution with appropriate technologies for the local context

Year 2017 Number 3-4

March - April


Club of Bologna: evolution and perspective of global agricultural mechanization

The international assembly of agricultural mechanization experts performed their work last November in the setting of EIMA International. The numerous scientific contributions provided a look back to the mechanization evolution in the sector and brought out an updated picture of the salient issues for various regions around the world

Year 2016 Number 10-11

October - November


Ecosystem services in the fight against overbuilding

Some catastrophic events occur relentlessly and with a minimum of fuss; this is the reason why in twenty years two million hectares of Italian farmland have disappeared under concrete. The recent report by ISPRA estimated – according to the effects of environmental and economic damages – the social cost of this alarming phenomenon. Agriculture needs to be protected due to its positive externalities and policy has a duty to perform this way quickly and well

Year 2016 Number 7-9

July - August - September


Hydrogeological instability, still an open question

The risks linked to floods and overflows are particularly high in Italy, partly due to its soil morphological properties and partly to a deficit in land maintenance activities, that should be carried out to reduce the impact of natural disasters. A crucial role is played by Land Reclamation Consortia, Basin Authorities and many other research institutions. In this context, the demand on a fleet of machinery to be used for maintenance and in case of emergency is still high

Year 2016 Number 1



COP21 Paris, for a global agreement

The first great result of the 21st Paris Conference of Parties on climate change was the large participation of countries from all continents. All attendees agreed on the path to follow in order to save the Planet, although it still takes time and much effort by polititians to define the necessary measures aimed at gradually abandoning fossil fuels usage in favour of renewable sources and green economy

Year 2015 Number 7-8-9

July - August - September


Agriculture and legality: the contribution of mechanics to the "Free Land Consortium"

For a number of years, in collaboration with a group of agricultural machinery manufacturers, the University of Pisa has been pursuing a program of experiments and consultation with the young farmers' cooperatives which manages farms seized from the Mafia. The experience has been interesting from a technical point of view, as regards a vocation for organic farming on the farms taken into custody and ethical and civil considerations.

Year 2015 Number 1-2



The role of contractors in Italian agriculture

The crisis in the sector of agriculture has resulted in a decline in investments and the outsourcing of some operations. An analysis completed by Nomisma with the support of Confai and Unima disclosed that recourse to agro-mechanical enterprises has benefited farmers not only financially but also as regards the quality of the work performed and the availability of qualified personnel.
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