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Year 2019 Number 12



Indian cooperation, a successful reality

The drivers that push the country’s growth are solid, and the number of tractors sold in 2018 is unparalleled. However, the formula for the development of industrial relations in the agricultural mechanics sector is not so much the export of finished products as the joint venture and the creation of local production facilities, in close contact with the realities of the various territories

Year 2019 Number 10



Agricultural mechanization in Puglia, a sector expanding its activities abroad

Puglia has an extraordinary agricultural tradition and is expressing a demand for mechanization that local companies can only partly meet. Problems linked to infrastructures and funding capacity of farms are affecting manufacturing companies' growth in size but the collaboration with university-based research facilities and a focus on foreign markets may give impetus to the sector

Puglia district company

BonsegnaFounded in 1970, this company originally manufactured trailers for motor hoes. Today, the range is widened to include the production of three-axle trailers. The real change took place in 2004, with the building of a new shed for the brand...

Year 2019 Number 7-9

July - September


Rovigo, strengths and prospects

The provincial territory is characterized by productive excellence in the field of fish farming and logistics, but the mechanical industry as well can claim some important centers. Agricultural mechanics is represented by important companies working in different product segments, from tractors to components. Services and the transport system are competitive and a strategic connection with the University and the training centers has been developed. However, the problem of finding labor and professional figures persists

Rovigo district company

Carraro AgritaliaAgritalia was born in 1977 as a division of Carraro, historic Venetian company, and immediately became a well-known brand for orchard tractors and special models. Being part of an international group, which also manufactures in China and Latin America,...

Year 2016 Number 5 - 6

May - June


Reggio Emilia, components up front

The ability to rethink the world as increasingly globalized has enabled the industries in the Reggio Emilia district to remain competitive in Italy and on international markets. The weight of suppliers and subsuppliers has grown thanks to designing hi-tech systems and devices

Year 2013 Number 12



Forlì-Cesena, a district in evolution

Despite the economic crisis, wellness, Ict, tourism and culture are the new successful sectors in the district's productive fabric. Among the manufacturing businesses the focus is on mechanics, footwear and food sectors, strongly linked to the excellence of agricultural production

Argnani & Monti betting on foreign markets

Efficient and flexible production processes enabling the manufacturer at work in the agro-mechanization sector to adapt their range to new market demand has allowed the Bertinoro company to consolidate the presence abroad to weather the difficulties caused by crisis conditions experienced in Italy

Celli, sixty years under the hallmark of innovation

Alfredo Celli gave up his original job as a technical designer to dedicate himself to agricultural mechanization by establishing a company headquartered in Forlì in 1955 which now turns out 6,000 units annually ranging from mulchers, harrows and tillers to spading machines, harrow and accessories

Concept Perugini: technologies for working the land

The Romagnola manufacturer has become a point of reference in the district thanks to their specialized machinery for soil preparation. Quality, reliability and performance are the strong points of the machines turned out by the company located in Meldola

Tenagri, integrated solutions for horse breeders

The Romagnola company can vaunt a wide range of products to meet the needs of livestock raisers but Tenagri's leading items are in the range of cereal crackers to be expanded with the arrival in the near future of the Q10 model capable of working 1.2 tons of grain with the power requirement of only 4kW

A complete range of sprayes from Idroget

The Cesena manufacturer can vaunt a catalogue containing sprayers groups, fan groups and sprayer booms and especially a full lineup of high performance sprayers designed for ensuring precision plant treatment, flexibility in operations and safety

OMA, passion and close attention to details

The manufacturer in Bertinoro, located in the Province of Forlì-Cesena, originally went to work producing implements for agriculture and then in 1984 moved into building a wide range of models with great success for earthmoving machinery along with tractors
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