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Turbo Hop, the versatile fertilizer spreader from Rotomec

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2016 | Back

The protagonist of the Rotomec stand at EIMA International will be the Turbo Hop pendular fertilizer spreader, an extremely versatile and well-finished machine, ideal not only for spreading granular or powder products, but also to spread products with a moisture content of up to 30%. Thanks to the standard spreading tube, the fertilizer spreader distributes powder material between 5 and 6 metres, and granular material between 12 and 14 metres.  Turning the spreading pipe 90 degrees to the left or right, the fertilizer is aimed solely in that direction, allowing the operator to distribute the product only in the desired area, minimizing waste. Removing the final part of the pipe, the product is distributed only on the two sides, and not in the centre. The hopper is polyethylene and the components that come into contact with the fertilizer, such as the drive for dosing the product, are in stainless steel. The box group is made from cast steel with oil-bath gears. Turbo Hop can be used with tractors between 20 and 60 Hp, with 540 revolution PTO and category 1 or 2 attachments. The fertilizer spreader from the Verona company is available in two models: Turbo Hop 301, with a 250 and 350 litre capacity, and Turbo Hop 303, with a 583, 760 and 927 litre capacity. There are numerous accessories available to optimize different types of work: the additional agitator, useful when powder fertilizer or high-humidity fertilizer is spread; the short launch tube used to halve the spreading width; the rubber insert which, with its high-viscosity surface, allows the wet material to slide better along the spreader pipe; the lateral deflector to adjust the spreading only on the right or only on the left; finally, the hydraulic opening accessory, which allows the operator to control the opening and closing of the distributor unit using the hydraulic system of the tractor.


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