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Agricultural machinery, double-digit growth for Italian exports in 2022


Italian exports of tractors and agricultural machinery have increased in 2022. Istat data, processed by FederUnacoma, show an increase in value of 15% on 2021 for a total of around 6 and a half billion euros. Among the main importers, the United States stands out with almost 900 million euros, becoming the first destination market for Italian agricultural technologies (+44% compared to 2021), ahead of France and Germany. The two countries, which are in second and third place in the special ranking evaluating the first Italian trade partners in the sector, see their imports increase by 5% (for a total of 815 million) and 20% (666 million). Agricultural machines made in Italy are also growing strongly in Bulgaria (+64% for a total of 93 million), Hungary (+56% and 104 million) and Romania (41% and 107 million).

Foto by William William on Unsplash

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