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Agricultural machinery: new unknowns in a recovering market

Sales figures in the US, India, Germany and other countries indicate a sharp recovery after the crisis of last spring, but the new health emergency risks halting the sector. Registrations are recovering also in Italy, but production risks having a setback if the logistical and transport difficulties were to slow down exports

EIMA International, appointment in October

The agricultural machinery exhibition, organized by FederUnacoma at the Bologna exhibition centre, will be held from 19 to 23 October 2021. The choice was guided by the health emergency and the complex needs linked to the trade exhibition calendar and the seasonality of the work processes. From November 2022 the Exposition will return to its normal frequency

EIMA Digital Preview, a project "in progress"

The digital platform will be perfected quickly, to support the promotional activities of agricultural machinery companies. Over 59 thousand accesses were recorded in the five days of the EDP review, and about 10 thousand users participated in on-line seminars and conferences on salient issues of agricultural mechanization

EDP, spotlight on the new CAP

The issues of the Common Agricultural Policy at the centre of EDP with two high-profile meetings. During an interview, MEP Paolo De Castro presented the Next Generation EU plan on rural development". Speaking at a webinar on sustainable agriculture, Copa-Cogeca's Pekka Pesonen clarified the position of European direct farmers

City and peri-urban area, a "green project"

In order to have greener cities, we must learn to also take care of the territory that surrounds them and to involve farmers in multifunctional activities. Green cities and hydrogeological instability were discussed at the EIMA Digital Preview in a conference organized by the BioHabitat foundation

Sports gardeners: we talk about the new professionals

They are called groundsmen and are already sought after abroad because they are decisive for winning on the pitch. A recently established school is already training the new Italian groundsmen. The Italian in charge of the official pitch of Nizza football also participated in the seminar, broadcast on the EDP platform

Drones in agriculture: functions and regulations

Drones and targeted operations on crops were at the centre of a webinar promoted by the magazine Macchine Trattori and DronEzine, as part of the thematic events of EDP, the first virtual exhibition of agricultural machinery. During the meeting, space will also be given to the regulatory aspects related to the use of this technology

"The machine that I would like", young people speak

The competition between agricultural institutes to develop new agricultural machinery "concepts", promoted by Agia (CIA) and FederUnacoma, was presented as part of the EDP. The projects will have to refer to specific mechanical means for internal areas, useful for revitalizing the range of activities that are possible in a rural environment. The award ceremony will be held at EIMA in Bologna from 19 to 23 October

Tractor of the Year 2021 is won by the Massey Ferguson 8S.265

The Massey Ferguson 8S.265 wins the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2021 award, promoted by the Trattori magazine, which this year took place entirely online due to the Covid-19 emergency. The American company’s tractor succeeded in overcoming the fierce competition...

The quality of TVZ components

TVZ is a Brescia-based company that has been operating since 2006, specializing in the production of axles and suspensions for the agricultural machinery sector. In recent years, this young and dynamic company has become one of the points of reference among axle and suspension manufacturers for the agricultural world

The operator's protection in phytosanitary treatments with the "category 4" cabin

The "category 4" approved cabins are an excellent alternative to individual protection devices for phytosanitary treatments, as they ensure adequate protection from pollutants, saving the operator from wearing heavy and bulky

Diesel Fuel Filters and Operating Oils

Of the many filters used on the tractor, those of diesel fuel and operating oils certainly play an essential role in ensuring proper operation and little wear over time of the mechanical parts involved

National Energy Plan, a strategy for enhancing bio-energies

Over the next decade, in Italy, bioenergy will keep on developing, mainly targeting thermal energy and energy carriers (biomethane) for transport. Electricity generation from biomass will occur in smaller installations suitable for farms. This trend will demand further development of more efficient innovative technologies and lower investment costs

Air Tandem 2000 Noceto, a sprayer for nut orchards

Air Tandem 2000 Noceto is a sprayer developed expressly by the Friuli company Agricolmeccanica (the headquarters are in Torviscosa, in the province of Udine) for the cultivation of walnuts. "This type of cultivation - explains the company with a technical...

Landini, McCormick and Valpadana, a "remote diagnosis" technology

Thanks to a partnership with Actia, a French group specialized in the management of automotive fleets, Argo Tractors implements data transmission and remote diagnostics on board the Landini, McCormick and Valpadana tractors. The heart of the new system is the...

Hydrostatic transmission for the BCS StarGate range

There is news in the BCS single-axle segment, with the introduction of the hydrostatic transmission - developed by the R&D department of the company from Abbiategrasso (Milan) - to replace the mechanical one.  The new design of BCS walking tractors...

The easy handling of the new Campagnola pruners

News from the Campagnola brand. During EIMA Digital Preview, the Emilian company (the headquarters are in Zola Predosa, in the Bologna area), specialized in the production of pneumatic and electrical systems for pruning and harvesting, presented three products from the...

The new Emak versatile and ergonomic blowers

The new Emak blowers, the Efco SA 2500, and Oleo-Mac BV 250 models are versatile working tools that offer top-level performance in both hobby and professional fields. Light and comfortable (weighing just four kilos including the hose and shredding knife),...

Emiliana Serbatoi, load-proof storage systems

Emiliana Serbatoi, a company specializing in the production of tanks and services for fuel storage, took the opportunity of the EIMA Digital Preview to present a preview of the new Carrytank 900+100 tank. Capable of storing up to 900 litres...

The high technology of the new Fendt 200 VFP

  The new generation of Fendt 200 VFP specialty tractors, presented last October, will be available from January. This is a range consisting of five models (Fendt 207 Vario, Fendt 208 Vario, Fendt 209 Vario, Fendt 210 Vario, Fendt 211...

X Series, John Deere high capacity combines

John Deere expands its range of harvesting machines with two new X Series combines, the X9 1000 and X9 1100 models (soon available in Italy), designed to increase hourly productivity even in demanding wet conditions. According to the manufacturer, the...

KDI 3404TCR SCR: performing and green

A high torque density and compact size make up the new Kohler KDI 3404TCR SCR engine's main features. KDI 3404TCR SCR: high-performance and EU-Stage V, have respectively 500Nm and 650Nm of maximum torque that - as stated in a company...

Enduro from Kverneland, a versatile tiller

Enduro is the name of the new anchor tiller developed by Kverneland, a versatile work tool able to perform verious types of operations. Available in two versions, Enduro and Enduro PRO, the tiller is suitable for both reduced tillage and...

Dracula Hydro tillers for difficult soils

New Hydro version for the Dracula combined tiller by Maschio Gaspardo, now equipped with hydraulic pistons that replace the traditional double spring shock absorbers. This constructive solution has been studied above all for tilling tough soils, since the anchor remains...

MF 1700 M tractors, sturdy and compact

A line of compact double-drive tractors designed for horticultural, municipal and landscaping applications. This is Massey Ferguson's new MF 1700 M series with four-wheel drive which, powered by Stage V engines up to 65 horsepower, offers a wide range of...

T6.160 Dynamic Command, New Holland's multifunctional tractor

Range expansion for New Holland, which enriches its line of T6 multi-purpose tractors with a new 135 hp 6-cylinder model, the T6.160 Dynamic Command, already a finalist in the Tractor of the Year 2021.  "In the market segment covered by...

Remote fleet management with the IOTBOX control unit

Presented during the EIMA Digital Preview, IOTBOX is the new electronic control unit signed by YNNOVA, a mechatronic engineering company of the Arag Group from the Veneto region (based in Arzergande in the Padova area). Specialized in industrial applications of...
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