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Agricultural machinery: a changing market

In a 2020 marked by the health emergency, tractor sales grew in all the main markets. India saw a new historical record (more than 800,000 units sold), while in China, medium and high-powered tractors are at the top. The USA is growing, Europe is struggling
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Digital technologies for sustainable agriculture

Investing in technology and innovation is the only possible way to produce enough quality food while respecting the environment. This goal requires political commitment and a strong CAP. These are the conclusions of the annual Cema summit dedicated to the near future of the EU primary sector
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Agricultural machinery, market soars in the first quarter

Registrations of tractors and other types of machinery recorded significant increases in the January-March period, which not only made up for the deficit of the first quarter of 2020, but also pushed sales to record levels. Public support was decisive, with tax incentives for 4.0 and the Sabatini Law. Sales of higher-powered tractors soared
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Raw materials: Agricultural mechanics in emergency

Demand for agricultural technology is growing, but supplies of raw materials are scarce. Ferrous materials and plastics are hard to come by and showed record increases in March, to the detriment of agricultural machinery, which uses large quantities of these materials. In the manufacture of a tractor, the ferrous component accounts for 75% of the total
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EIMA: dates and programmes for 21-22

The organisation of the 44th EIMA, scheduled to take place at BolognaFiere from 19 to 23 November, proceeds with the definition of a timetable for the participation of companies. Meanwhile the dates have already been set for the 2022 edition, which will resume its traditional place in even-numbered years: 9/13 November
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Brexit, duty-free with new preferential origin

The Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) signed between the EU and the UK last December provides for the elimination of duties and customs quotas in trade between the two blocs. But this only applies to goods with 'preferential origin' in the EU or the UK

Centrifugal fertilizer spreaders

To distribute chemical and mineral fertilizers, disk fertilizer spreaders are the most widely used machinery since they provide a high working capacity and great overall compactness. In the last 20 years, technological evolution has come a long way, and manufacturers are now offering equipment that can adapt the distribution to the most varied operating conditions

Agrimix smart fertilization

The Saving System, patented by Agrimix based in Fossano (Cuneo), is an innovative electronic control technology designed to distribute fertilizer in a selective and localized way. Saving System consists of an operating unit, which can be managed by the operator...

4.0 technology for the David/Compact Fruit spreader

A 4.0 spreader that can operate with a wide range of products. Mineral or organic-pelleted fertilizers for the organic sector, powder fertilizers, and seeds. It has been designed and manufactured by Eurospand-Cavallo, a company based in Boves, Cuneo. This is...

SPW: spreader for heavy-duty operations

A machine designed to optimize the fertilizer distribution and work with different types of products, from granular (small, medium, or large size) to pelleted.  This is the SPW double-disc fertilizer spreader line, manufactured by Gamberini from Funo from Argelato (Bologna)...

AXIS, independent weighing system from Kuhn

Its name is AXIS, and it's the cutting edge of the Kuhn range in the fertilizer spreader segment. The French manufacturer offers four models with a spreading width ranging from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 50 meters...

Primo EW Isotronic: electronic control of the distribution

The Primo EW Isotronic by Maschio Gaspardo is a double-disc fertilizer spreader with electronic control of the continuous distribution (DPAE) and loading cell. Equipped with a rotovibrating agitator mounted on bearings to prevent product breakage during spreading, which conveys the...

Poly-Hop, a spreader for high performance

In the spreader sector, the Veronese company Rotomec (headquartered in Nogara), which specializes in the design and manufacture of technologies for working the soil as well as garden solutions, launches a machine specifically designed for spreading corrosive products. We are...

Green machinery, growing market in 2020

After a sharp drop at the beginning of the year, sales of gardening machinery and equipment recovered steadily during the summer and autumn months, reaching a peak in the last quarter that brought the final balance to a profit of 3.3%. The figure for lawn mowers was negative, while sprayers, which are also used for sanitizing environments, showed a clear increase

Tree planting in urban areas

Planting trees in urban settings is now necessary both for the aesthetic improvement of cities and for greater environmental sustainability. The choice of species to be planted is fundamental and must take into account environmental factors and all possible criticalities in the rooting phase. Mechanical means such as clodding machines and mini-excavators are essential for the success of the site

Raserba IS 6200, Stage V engine makes its debut

A new engine is on the way for the Ferris IS 6200 zero turn mower. The American company's top-of-the-range model has an innovative high-performance Stage V fuel system (according to the manufacturer, it delivers 41% more power than previous engines)...

Sabart expands its range

A spring full of news for Sabart, the Reggio Emilia-based company of the Emak Group, including the launch of the new Extreme line under the Forestal brand and the expansion of the range dedicated to irrigation thanks to the partnership...

Biogas and biomethane, the new frontiers of innovation

In relation to the growing need for energy from renewable sources, the production of biogas from the anaerobic decay of new waste materials offers significant advantages. By extending interest to those organic matrices rich in cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin that today can’t be exploited. The several lines of research, we will be able to obtain sustainable biofuels from woody biomass recovered from our fields

New life for the Goldoni brand

A positive conclusion to the corporate crisis that in recent months has hit the Goldoni brand, one of the major players in the agro-mechanical sector. Last March, the historic Modena-based company was acquired by the Belgian group Keestrack, one of...

Rinieri, a success story

Last July, the Romagna-based company Rinieri (headquartered in Forlì), which manufactures soil working equipment and machinery for vineyards and orchards, completed the acquisition of Argnani & Monti, a company based in Bertinoro (Forlì Cesena) and specialised in the loader, backhoe,...

The evolution of chopper-mixer wagons

Since the 1960s, the spread of the unifeed ration in livestock farming has undoubtedly been favored by the availability of mixer (chopper) wagons. Ever since, this solution for feeding the herd has become an absolute reference, also due to wide range of models, combined with the possibility of providing increasingly "precise" rations

To enhance the soil structure: stone buriers

Stone buriers are similar to hoes but have some crucial features distinguishing them from hoes. They work the soil finely, stratifying stones and pebbles in-depth, which are the skeleton's grossest components. Combined with calibrated grids, levelling blades and compacting rollers, they are able to prepare a perfect seedbed

The harvesting of small fruits is more and more mechanized

The red fruit market is in significant expansion, offering a wide variety of products with different organoleptic features. To make the collection more efficient, mechanical tools have been studied to facilitate and accelerate the harvesting. For American blueberries, industrial currants, and cranberries, differentiated mechanical means are available, while for strawberries, robotic systems are already on the market

KA, the zero-maintenance suspension

The KA mechanical suspensions have been developed by the Lombardy-based company ADR (based in Uboldo, in the province of Varese) with the aim of offering a line of components for intensive use, characterised at the same time by top-level performance...

The Alliance 585 tire for Manitou

The Alliance 585 tire range joins the standard equipment of Manitou MLT NewAg telehandlers. Alliance Tire Group (Yokohama Off-Highway Tires from 2021), already awarded by Manitou as "supplier of the year in 2019", adds another tire to the equipment of...

BCS mountain tractors: compact, agile, safe

The wide and diversified range of BCS specialised tractors also includes versions specifically designed for working in vineyards and mountain orchards, and specific versions for mowing forage in hilly or mountainous areas. The Dualsteer® models feature a dual steering system...

EPA 2.0, the high tech of the CIMA range

EPA 2.0 technology makes its debut at CIMA, to be implemented in the range of sprayers of the Lombardy-based company (based in Montù Beccaria, near Pavia). EPA 2.0 - an acronym for Proportional Advancement Delivery - is a system developed...

MicronAir, high protection air filters

EN 15695 aims to ensure healthy air inside the cabs of self-propelled tractors and sprayers used in agriculture and forestry, limiting the operator's exposure to hazardous substances when applying plant protection products (PPP) or liquid fertilisers. The standard sets out...

Versatility and performance in the new Landini utility

From transport to seeding, from haymaking to tillage, Landini's new utility tractor model 5-085 is a versatile work tool that can adapt to a wide variety of uses. Landini's latest model is powered by an FTP F34 Turbo Intercooler Common...

Fontanafredda and CNH, a partnership for the sustainability

Last February, a partnership was signed between CNH Group and the historic Fontanafredda winery in Serralunga d'Alba (Cuneo), with the aim of creating a low environmental impact "grape harvest". Under the agreement, CNH will supply two New Holland TK Methane...

E-SPRAYER and E-MULCHER, the electrics by Nobili

EIMA Digital Preview hosted the debut of two electrical devices developed by the technical department of Nobili of Molinella (Bologna) together with CNH Industrial - Technology. We are talking about the E-SPRAYER and the E-MULCHER. As the manufacturer explains in...

IR range, new SAER pumps

Expansion of the range for SAER Elettropompe S.p.A., a company from Reggio Emilia (based in Guastalla) specialising in the design and manufacture of pumps. The latest innovations concern the IR monobloc range, one of the most popular lines of the...

L9 flex, the shredder that fears no obstacles

A powerful and stable mulcher with variable trim for large areas, these are the main features of the L9 flex branded Seppi M. The heart of the new machine is the PENTALINK system, a device with two additional stabilisers connected...

Valtra customised Trelleborg tyres

To celebrate the brand's 70th anniversary, Valtra has produced some limited edition T Series, T175e and T255 tractors in a dark red metallic colour. To honour this important milestone, Trelleborg Wheel Systems, which has a long-standing partnership with Valtra, has...
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