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Innovative technologies to counter climate change

The development of innovative machines and cultivation techniques is the most effective weapon to combat the effects of global warming. From precision agriculture and biotechnology, a first response to drought and rising temperatures. The route is long but the road seems clear
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Agriculture 4.0, in 2023 the market marks +19%

The report of the Smart Agrifood Observatory on the digitalisation of the Italian agricultural economy was presented in Brescia. Last year, investments in software and digital platforms increased, but the reduction of state incentives curbed purchases of machinery

Italian agricultural mechanics for East African primary sector

Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda these were the three stages of the promotional event that between 15 and 22 March involved some of the best-known brands of Italian agricultural mechanics. The 46th edition of EIMA International was also presented during the road show

Agricultural mechanisation in India, the strategic role of EIMA Agrimach

The robust growth of the agricultural machinery market has not yet filled the technological deficit of Indian agriculture. Forecasts indicate that the incremental trend, favoured by state subsidy programs, will continue in the coming years with investments in the latest generation of machinery. Agromechanical exhibitions are a knowledge hub

Subcontinent: the market will triple in the next ten years

In the context of the EIMA Agrimach the Italian foreign agency ICE presents a forecast study on the Indian market whose value is destined to exceed 31 billion dollars by the year 2033 confirming thus its leadership position in the world

Agricultural innovation: digital technologies for Indian companies

The most advanced digital systems, which are already widespread in European countries, have great opportunities for development even in the Subcontinent where the need to increase the productivity of farms by reducing costs and optimising production factors emerges. The most advanced solutions, on the basis of which to develop Italian-Indian cooperation, were illustrated by the President of Agridigital Carlo Linetti during a conference at EIMA Agrimach

Agricultural mechanization, the strategic role of training

The Indian primary sector is undergoing a transition to high-tech cultivation techniques, which has increased the demand for innovative machinery. In order to make full use of its features, specific training courses are needed, also for family businesses and women farmers

Precision agriculture for rational water management

Technological innovation improves the sustainability of agricultural production. Important in this sense are the Decision Support Systems, IT tools that constantly monitor crops and indicate the correct amount of water to distribute

Mechanization in Australia, an expanding sector

The twelfth world economy continues to grow, and it also does so in the name of agriculture and avant-garde mechanisation. Forecasts indicate that over the next five years the sector is expected to grow by 7.3% per year to reach a value of 4.5 billion Australian dollars

Digestate, a precious resource for the production of green fertilisers

The eighth edition of the Biogas Italy event reiterated the importance of digestate for carbon neutral agriculture. Biogas plants contribute not only to energy generation but also to the production of fertilisers, derived from digestate

Emak garden tractors: comfort and versatility on the pitch

Emak expands the range of garden tractors under the Oleo-Mac and Efco brands by eight new models, divided into three categories: two side discharge tractors (cutting width 98-108 cm), five rear discharge tractors (cutting width 86-92-95-105-125 cm) and one professional...

300e Series, STIGA power tools

Last February, STIGA announced the production of a new line of battery-powered implements, the 300e Series, which consists of four different types of machines for hobby and professional landscaping. The first of the new products is the HT 300e hedge...

Autonomous agricultural robots, the novelties of manufacturers

Despite several regulatory gaps that risk creating uncertainty among manufacturers, the agricultural sector is increasingly opening up to the use of autonomous machines; they are fundamental to optimise the use of production factors and to improve the sustainability of the primary sector

Cattle, sheep and goat milking plants at various levels of automation

An efficient milking system is essential on all dairy farms, from the smallest and simplest to the largest and most automated. The most suitable technological solution is available for each

BFM offers the first electric multi-blade trimmer

BFM offers the market the first electric multi-blade trimmer. CM-SNE, this is the name of the equipment, is the evolution of the conventional CM-SN model, of which it retains all the construction and performance characteristics. The designers of the Piedmontese...

The high performance of Trion combine harvesters

The TRION self-levelling combine harvesters are renewed to offer even higher performance on sloping terrain. Available in the 5 and 6 straw walker configuration, and in the hybrid version with single or double rotor, the Claas self-levelling machines are compatible...

RCU55 and RCU75, the compact stump grinders from FAE

FAE strengthens the range of RCU55 and RCU75 radio-controlled tracked vehicles, with the introduction of the SCL/RCU55 and SCL/RCU75 stump grinders. Compact and easy to handle, the new equipment proposed by the Trentino company - the headquarters are in Fondo...

9RX John Deere crawler tractor: power and technology

At the Commodity Classic trade show, held on 10-12 March in Houston, Texas, USA, John Deere launched an expanded 9RX range with the 9RX 710, 770 and 830 models. The new high-performance tractors are equipped with the 18-litre JD18X engine,...

Weeding with fertilisation: the UNICA PVI system

Combined effect for the UNICA PVI mechanical weeder, which can be fitted with fertiliser distributors to combine the practice of inter-row weeding with that of fertilisation in order to optimise operations for weed control. Produced by MaterMacc of San Vito...

The versatility of Vitasem seed drills

Mechanical, practical and reliable. These are the seed drills of the Vitasem line, made by the Austrian manufacturer Pöttinger with two different working widths – 2.5 and 4 metres – to adapt to the work needs of small as well...

Florix, delicate and effective processes

Florix is a flower thinning machine developed by Rinieri of Forlì in collaboration with the Trentino startup Agroxx. This is an innovative mechanical vehicle which, as the manufacturer from Romagna region explains, eliminates excess flowers delicately and precisely, fully respecting...

Seppi M. the new generation of the MIDIPIERRE stone crusher

Seppi M. has redesigned the historic MIDIPIERRE stone crusher. The first prototype saw the light in 1987, and since then the machine has been constantly improved. The equipment was designed by technicians from South Tyrol and Trentino - the Seppi...

Customised lights for Valtra tractors

Valtra, a company of the Agco Group, has launched a new LED work light system on the market via the Valtra Unlimited customisation programme. The solution was presented for the first time in Hanover, at Agritechnica 2023, as equipment for...

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