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Agricultural machinery: Indian market at an all-time high

In 2023 tractor sales will again exceed the 900,000 mark and set a new record. The Mahindra brand leads the market, however, Italian manufacturers have an established presence in both the tractor and equipment segments
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Tractors: the global market is slowing down, yet the trend remains positive

In 2023, growth in the agri-mechanical market slowed, with double-digit declines in some countries. Geopolitical tensions, inflation and rising interest rates are the factors that have affected the sector
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International market: a complex scenario

Tractor sales figures for August and September show different trends from country to country. While the United States shows a decline compared to last year, India is still growing, while Europe as a whole shows a downward trend that could become more pronounced in the last months of the year. Economic uncertainty and geopolitical tensions still linked to inflation and the war in Ukraine, is aggravated by the new conflict that erupted in the Middle East
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Tractors, India grows. Technical decline for other countries

In a 2022 characterised by the raw material crisis and the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, all major world markets are reporting a drop in tractor sales. The drop is caused by cyclical factors, against a demand that continues to be lively. India bucked the trend, touching new records
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Tractors: Markets hold up, but the economic situation is worrying

Tractor sales fall in the first six months of the year on all major world markets but nevertheless, confirm high volumes. Demand for mechanical equipment driven by the transition to Agriculture 4.0 and sustainable practices. The uncertainty of the geopolitical scenario
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Production up, but the cost variable weighs heavily

The value of Italian production of machinery for agriculture, green care and related components will grow to EUR 13.7 billion in 2021. The made-in-Italy production is driven largely by foreign demand, which leads to a growth in our exports of 20.5% in 2021, and 9.7% in the first quarter of this year. Soaring production costs, however, risk slowing down current production rates and also affecting the list prices of machinery on the market
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First half-year down, confirmed sales volumes

Between January and June, the italian agricultural machinery market recorded a downturn for all the main types of machinery, but confirmed sales volumes above the average of the last four years. FederUnacoma: lively demand, decline due to problems in the supply chain. Variables relating to raw materials and the geopolitical scenario are weighing on the rest of the year
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Tractors, European market down at the start of the year

After a strongly profitable 2021, the first quarter of the new year saw a slight contraction for the European tractor market, which lost 5.3%. Nevertheless, demand for agricultural machinery continues to remain at high levels. War in Ukraine, rising raw material prices, and logistics problems are the main unknowns for the coming months
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Agricultural machineries, Italian export goes up

Global growth in the agricultural machinery market is also driving Italian exports, which are up 20.8% in the tractor segment and 19.8% in the operating machinery and equipment segment. 2022 has many unknowns, mainly related to the consequences of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Battery-powered equipment and tractors

The full electric drive of agricultural machinery and equipment is increasing, although current energy density of the batteries has not yet reached a sufficient level to properly spread this solution, which is undoubtedly more respectful of the operator and the environment. A further problem is the lack of satisfactory battery life, which in the agricultural field often exceeds, sometimes by far, the classic 8 hours per day
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Agricultural machinery, global market recovers

Data provided by the manufacturers' associations indicate sales increases in all the main areas of the world. Tractors grew in Europe by an average of 16.6%, with peaks in Italy (+36%) and Poland (+43%). The market is still dynamic in the current year, but with the uncertainties linked to the strong increase in the costs of raw materials and fuels
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Market at its peaks in the first half of 2021

Europe ended the first half of the year with 25% growth compared to the same period in 2020. All European countries are in the black. The raw material crisis is weighing on the market, but demand remains high
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Tractors: global sales boom

Tractor sales figures indicate record increases in all major countries. The general economic recovery encourages investments," says FederUnacoma President Alessandro Malavolti, "but what is crucial is the good performance of agricultural production and, above all, the growth prospects of the primary sector, which within the next nine years is going to grow by 18% for plant production and 13% for livestock products
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Agricultural equipment, market at record pace

Registration figures released by FederUnacoma show, for the first six months of the year, increases of 52% for tractors and significant growth for all other types of vehicles. A positive phase also on foreign markets, with strong increases in the United States, India and Turkey. World trade is expected to grow by 7.3% over the next four years

Kubota, the versatility of LX tractors

From snow removal and mowing to material handling and tillage, a single tractor line-up for a multitude of jobs. This is the Kubota LX range, which consists of four new versatile and compact models powered by Kubota's Stage V engine,...
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Agricultural machinery: a changing market

In a 2020 marked by the health emergency, tractor sales grew in all the main markets. India saw a new historical record (more than 800,000 units sold), while in China, medium and high-powered tractors are at the top. The USA is growing, Europe is struggling
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Agricultural machinery: new unknowns in a recovering market

Sales figures in the US, India, Germany and other countries indicate a sharp recovery after the crisis of last spring, but the new health emergency risks halting the sector. Registrations are recovering also in Italy, but production risks having a setback if the logistical and transport difficulties were to slow down exports

The operator's protection in phytosanitary treatments with the "category 4" cabin

The "category 4" approved cabins are an excellent alternative to individual protection devices for phytosanitary treatments, as they ensure adequate protection from pollutants, saving the operator from wearing heavy and bulky

Tractor market: recovery expected in the second half of the year

The European agricultural machinery market closes the first six months of 2020 in the red. The contributing factors are the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, which made themselves felt especially between the months of March and May. According to CEMA, a trend reversal is possible in the second half of the year
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Tractors, the pandemic is holding back the market

All major European countries are reporting a significant decrease in tractor sales in April as a result of the coronavirus. Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom are heavily down; Germany holds. The prespectives of the coming months in a context marked by uncertainty
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Tractors, European market growing in 2019

Positive closing balance for the tractor market, which concludes 2019 with an increase of 5% over 2018. The medium-low power ranges, which account for 52% of the more than 191 thousand vehicles sold last year, are growing. The coming months are overshadowed by a great uncertainty: the unknowns linked to the developments of the Covid-19 pandemic
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Mechanization, farms fall back on used machinery

The national tractor market in 2019 stalled at 18,579 units, while sales of used machines soared to 39,800. Brand new vehicles grew by 0.7% in the year compared to a 5.3% increase for second-hand ones. The drop in agricultural incomes (which fell by 2.6% in 2019) reduces the investment capacity of businesses, fuelling a fallback market that worsens the quality and environmental impact of agricultural processes
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The tractor market in the global scenario

For 2018, the International Monetary Fund estimates a decline in the economy at the global level, with an index that should stop at 3.6% compared to 3.8% in the previous year. It is holding back the world market for tractors, which is affected by the tensions on the international markets and by China's negative growth
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Tractor market: Europe is down, the United States is growing

Sales of tractors on the European continent decreased by 10%, with particularly marked declines in France, Germany and Italy. In the global landscape, the positive trend of the US is confirmed, with sales in Brazil and Russia recovering. The market in Turkey is in crisis due to the unfavourable economic situation and the currency's devaluation
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Italian market downsized in 2018

After the effect of the Mother Regulation, which triggered a race for registrations in 2017, pushing the market beyond its actual capacity, tractors sales in Italy are back to 2016 levels. Registrations have also declined, as far as other types of machines are concerned, and for the new year, the effects of the general negative economic trend are feared. In order to support the sector, the provision of the EU RDP funds continues, together with the € 35 million re-allocated by INAIL for the purchase of agricultural machinery with high safety standards

Tractors, the market resumes in South Africa

The South African agricultural machinery market comes back to life, after the standstill caused by the drought of 2016, the worst of the last thirty years. In 2018, tractor sales increased by 3.9%, while those for combine harvesters remained stable. 80% of the machines absorbed by the internal market are imported
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Tractor market: an uneven scenario

The trend of sales in the first nine months of the year shows substantial gains in India, the United States and Canada whereas downturns are reported for Japan, Brazil and Turkey. The European market is down in France, Germany and Spain

The specialized tractors: a cutting-edge segment

The sector of tractors for specialized crops has always been "made in Italy". It is a segment that Italian manufacturers still lead, even if some foreign firms with technologically competitive products have come to the fore in the last few years. The particular uses for which these machines are intended impose different characteristics compared to traditional tractors in terms of design, of the engine aspects and of the driving position

The many variants of the "utility" range

Most of the power band of the tractors known as "wildcard" or "utility", is around 75 kW. They are means designed to offer maximum operating versatility, and to be able to adapt to the most different working situations. These tractors offer a broad range of variability in terms of possible configurations, both for the driving position, as for the engines, the transmissions, and the hydraulic systems, as well as for the axles and the braking systems
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Agricultural machinery: sudden braking in first quarter

Data on registrations in the first quarter of the year display wide swings of sharp gains in the month of January and steep drops in February and March. FederUnacoma President Alessandro Malavolti noted that in the wake of the increase in registrations at the end of 2017 the technical time required for registration extended into January this year to still show high percentages then followed in the two successive months by a sudden backlash due to the continuation of winter weather which put off crop operations. Registrations will settle down over the year so it will be possible to reach an effective evaluation of sales only in the months to come
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Growth for European tractor and machinery market

Registrations and sales on the increase in Europe in 2017 with good prospects for current year. The Mother Regulation leading to strong gains of tractors in power category of less that 50 Hp
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Decline of 2016 tractor market in Europe

Figures published by CEMA, the European association representing the producers of farms machines, show a 6.7% decrease in tractors sales. Downward trend in almost all European countries, with the exception of Spain showing an upward trend. The analysis per engine power categories shows a market segmentation with a good performance of both low-and high-powered machines, and a slight decrease in sales of mid-range machines
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Italy: tractors balance 2016 at a minimum

Data on the registration of tractors, combine harvesters and trailers disclosed a marginal decline compared to 2016 to further confirm the lengthy slide of the domestic market. Sales increases were reported only for transporters and agricultural telescopic handlers. Tractor sales running counter to the national data trend came in the major northern regions. Tractor sales running counter to the national data trend came in the major northern regions

Landini: new-generation engines and transmissions

  At the Argo Tractors stand, the spotlight is on the new series of REX 4 specialized tractors, completely renewed in their look and their technical content (already presented at EIMA International 2016, see MW 10-11 2016). The new features...

McCormick boosts the X7.6 range

McCormick arrives at  Sima 2017 with interesting innovations for the X7.6 range.  Positioned in the high power range, it is equipped with new 6-cylinder BetaPower Fuel Efficiency Tier 4 Final engines, mounted on the X7.650, X7.660, X7.670, X7.680 and the...

T4 FNV: new specialists from New Holland

A new range of innovative and high-performance tractors. From the Blue Cab 4 to 3.4 liter four-cylinder engines and on to the dual-pump hydraulic system, the T4 FNV displays latest generation technologies
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Global markets declining, emerging markets in ferment

Agrievolution data on tractor sales signal declines in almost all the major countries' markets due to the downturn in income in the primary sector leading to reduced investments in the acquisition of machinery. According the findings of a FederUnacoma/Nomisma survey, some countries, especially in the Asian area, are showing a positive trend of growing mechanization demand in spite of unfavorable economic conditions
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Tractors: uncertainty for the world market

The figures published by Agrievolution on the first half year partly confirm the negative trend of the sector in the years 2014-2015. Tractor sales decreased in several European countries but also in China, Japan and Russia. Negative effects on Italian exports, that in May 2016 decreased by 4%. EIMA International could mark the divide between market's negative trends and the first signs of economic recovery
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Tractors in decrease, waiting for incentives

The data on the registration of tractors in the first quarter of 2016 indicate a decrease by 6.7%. Strong is also the decrease for combine-harvesters, while general purpose tractors, trailers and telescopic handlers are increasing. Still under way the procedures for the RDP and the incentives from the government – commented the president of manufacturers Massimo Goldoni – resulting in the paralysis of the market

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