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Full maneuverability between rows

In specialized crops, the need to work without operational limitations implies the availability of highly evolved tractors in terms of steering devices. An overview of the original and partly new solutions available on the market
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Tractors, a "specialised" market

The share of tractors specifically designed for orchards and vineyards in the total number of registered tractors is growing, accounting for almost 40% of the market and recording a 63% increase in the first quarter of the year. The RIVE international exhibition in Pordenone - organised in partnership with FederUnacoma - is a point of reference for the most advanced technologies for the viticulture and winemaking industry

The specialized tractors: a cutting-edge segment

The sector of tractors for specialized crops has always been "made in Italy". It is a segment that Italian manufacturers still lead, even if some foreign firms with technologically competitive products have come to the fore in the last few years. The particular uses for which these machines are intended impose different characteristics compared to traditional tractors in terms of design, of the engine aspects and of the driving position

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