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Full maneuverability between rows

In specialized crops, the need to work without operational limitations implies the availability of highly evolved tractors in terms of steering devices. An overview of the original and partly new solutions available on the market

Pile-drivers, an essential support

The planting of the vineyard, and more generally, of those crops that require permanent support, cannot be implemented without a precise and rigorous placement of the posts. Modern pile-drivers ensure excellent performance thanks to high-tech solutions

Effective and agile, the "organic" manure spreaders by Fratelli Annovi

With the development of organic vineyards, in which the addition of organic material of animal origin is essential to preserve and increase the fertility and biological activity of the soil, the demand has increased for manure spreaders of limited size...

Distance between vineyard rows: when quality is a question of space

The density of vineyard planting is one of the most important factors for achieving high quality production. The emissions norm applied to narrowtrack tractors carries the risk of required changes of vineyard training systems which would harm the quality of wine production

Vineyard mechanization, many new features for farmers

Investments in machinery built specifically for operations in vineyards can turn out to be very advantageous for speeding up the timeliness of work and lowering manpower costs. A wide range of mechanized equipment is now marketed by manufacturers, some of which came away from EIMA International in November with New Techniques and Special Mention awards

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