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Precision farming, agriculture "close up"

Electronic and computer systems for the scientific management of agricultural work parameters represent the new technological frontier, which farmers in all the most developed countries are increasingly interested in. In addition to the advantages in strictly agronomic terms, precision farming systems allow businesses to produce at lower cost, with the ability to cope with those crises of profitability that nowadays regularly affect the global primary sector

Revision and learners license for safety policy

Safety in the fields, just as there is in all other work environments, must be a priority. Up to the present the numbers of deaths on the job involving tractors and other agricultural machinery are too many. Inail, the Italian National On The Job Insurance Institute, provides and clear and precise picture. Mandatory revision of agricultural machinery and professional qualification for operators are fundamental steps for

Distance between vineyard rows: when quality is a question of space

The density of vineyard planting is one of the most important factors for achieving high quality production. The emissions norm applied to narrowtrack tractors carries the risk of required changes of vineyard training systems which would harm the quality of wine production

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