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Precision winegrowing, management costs

Precision viticulture is fundamental to improving Italian viticulture's economic and environmental viability, which is currently undergoing significant expansion. Investing in the latest generation of mechanical equipment is challenging for this type of cultivation, but it quickly pays for itself
EIMA Campus

5G network supporting precision farming

An experiment conducted by the University of Basilicata tested the new mobile phone systems on agricultural work and the maintenance of green areas, highlighting the advantages of the system's great speed and precision

Precision farming machinery: the current scenario

Agricultural mechanics have always gone hand in hand with agronomic techniques, providing technological solutions to make work more efficient and the use of productive means more rational. A combination that has made it possible to meet the historical needs of an ever-changing agriculture that will continue to do so in future, consolidating development models able of rationalizing the use of natural resources through innovation and research

Precision farming: EU guidelines

With the ministerial decree issued last December, the European guidelines on precision farming become operational. What follows is a survey on the range of technologies that contribute to this type of farming which can also be acquired by using RDP funding

EIMA Show, the miracles of Agriculture "4.0"

The two-day exhibition dedicated to precision farming, machines and systems for precision agriculture ended on 29 July in Casalina di Deruta (PG). Hundreds of machines were in action on the field and about 15,000 visitors took part in the event, which is already looking ahead in the future with a second edition

Precision farming, agriculture "close up"

Electronic and computer systems for the scientific management of agricultural work parameters represent the new technological frontier, which farmers in all the most developed countries are increasingly interested in. In addition to the advantages in strictly agronomic terms, precision farming systems allow businesses to produce at lower cost, with the ability to cope with those crises of profitability that nowadays regularly affect the global primary sector
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Quality agriculture, an appointment in Bastia Umbra

The agriculture of central Italy is the main character of Agriumbria, the exhibition that from 1968 puts on display the best of the primary sector in terms of production and technology. On display are machinery, cattle and food products of excellence. On schedule are the conference organized by the Osservatorio Agriumbria on quality meat consumption, the presentation of EIMA Show Umbria, and the proclamation of the winners of the Antonio Ricci Award

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