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Animal husbandry and stables 4.0: meeting at Agrilevante

A large exhibition of prized breeding animals and a programme of competitions and conferences on the most advanced technologies for the management of livestock farms are featured at the seventh edition of the Bari event. The livestock section is organized in collaboration with AIA, ARA Puglia and Agriumbria

Umbria 'capital' of the agricultural supply chain

Agriumbria 2023 was held from 31 March to 3 April at the Umbria Fiere exhibition centre, attended by 430 exhibitors on a net area of 30 thousand square metres, with the participation of over 85 thousand visitors. At the heart of the event were products and services for the entire agricultural supply chain, including a wide range of mechanical means and equipment

Water and agriculture, a key theme at Agriumbria

Drought and climate change bring the issue of water management in agriculture back to the forefront. From satellite data analysis to precision farming technologies, now ripe for large-scale application, here are all the techniques for increasing water supply and limiting wastage

Success for the 2022 Agriumbria trade fair

Among the spring agricultural shows, Agriumbria makes a comeback, bringing to life the exhibition spaces of UmbriaFiere with all the latest innovations for primary activities and a large number of professional and amateur visitors

Agriumbria 2019, a technological and popular fair

Highly specialized but still addressing a wide audience, the Bastia Umbra fair, now in its 51st edition, keeps telling about agro-food, animal husbandry and mechanization in technical and commercial terms, maintaining the characteristics of a popular event that looks like a popular party

Agriumbria 2018, a historic milestone

The 50th anniversary of Agriumbria is coming up for the Perugia review dedicated to the agrifood sphere with a focus on livestock raising and mechanization. Milktec is a new specialized salon making a debut on machinery and equipment for milking dairy herds and returning are the Permanent Observatory on livestock raising and the consumption of quality meat and the Antonio Ricci award

EIMA Show: technology for agricultural work

The demonstration of machinery and technologies for precision farming to be held in Casalina di Deruta at the end of July is coming up for presentation at Agriumbria. The grand event is organized by FederUnacoma, UmbriaFiere, Coldiretti Umbria, the University of Perugia, the Agriculture Education and Ce.S.A.R. Foundation in Perugia with the sponsorship of the Umbria Region. The new methodologies call for the deployment of satellite, IT and sensor systems as the new frontier of agriculture to enable the timely and scientific use or production components to benefit productivity and the environment
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Quality agriculture, an appointment in Bastia Umbra

The agriculture of central Italy is the main character of Agriumbria, the exhibition that from 1968 puts on display the best of the primary sector in terms of production and technology. On display are machinery, cattle and food products of excellence. On schedule are the conference organized by the Osservatorio Agriumbria on quality meat consumption, the presentation of EIMA Show Umbria, and the proclamation of the winners of the Antonio Ricci Award

Agriumbria: winning agriculture in Bastia

"The winning card" is the slogan chosen for the 2017 edition of the Umbrian exhibition, dedicated to agriculture, and scheduled between end of March and first days of April. Wide spaces devoted to agricultural machines and equipment. As from this edition, the Umbrian Trade Fair Center will also promote the Journalist Prize dedicated to Antonio Ricci, the event's historical cooperator, who recently passed away

Agriumbria: technologies and products for the Holiday of Agriculture

Agriumbria will reach the 48th edition of the trade fair set for April 1st to 3rd for professional farmers and the general public arriving for a holiday of flavors, traditions and technologies for learning and experiencing the Italian food supply chain. As customary, livestock raising and agricultural mechanization will be in the foreground with a vast array of farm animals and agricultural machinery and equipment

Technologies and training: the success of Agriumbria

Back again the appointment with Agriumbria, the most important agricultural fair-market which annually hosts an increasing number of exhibitors in central Italy to illustrate, to an increasingly aware professional and generalist audience, the tradition and last trends of the Italian agriculture with a focus on agricultural machinery, animal husbandry and food products

Agriumbria for an economic recovery in the agricultural key

The exhibition activity in the agricultural sector continues to represent, in Italy and in the world, an important meeting point between demand and supply of products, services and technologies. The event Agriumbria continues to contribute to this comparison, through its market-exhibition dedicated to agriculture, food and livestock

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