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Year 2019 Number 10



In depth analyses at the exhibition of innovation

From October 10 to 13, Agrilevante offers sector operators a busy schedule of in-depth conferences on a wide range of salient themes for agriculture in Southern Italy and the entire Mediterranean area. The economic and political themes will feature prominently, together with those of a more technical nature, on Mediterranean area crops, plant engineering, animal welfare and the employment prospects of the agro-mechanical sector

Gardening, multi-functionality and amateur agriculture: the green spaces of Agrilevante

The international review of machines and technologies for Mediterranean agriculture includes a large area inside Pavilion 20 and other facilities for gardening and landscaping. In addition to the machinery exhibition, in the foreground there are also the technical and informative meetings promoted by FederUnacoma, Promoverde-BioHabitat and Informatore Agrario

Challenge the market with technological innovations

Innovation is the strong theme of Agrilevante, the exhibition of machines and technologies for Mediterranean agriculture. Held in Bari, it is attended by all the major manufacturers, as well as many medium and small businesses that are highly specialized and...

Year 2019 Number 7-9

July - September


Agrilevante by EIMA, a brand for Mediterranean agriculture

The international exhibition of machinery and technologies for agricultural supply chains takes place at the Bari exhibition centre from 10 to 13 October. Organized by FederUnacoma, the exhibition presents a wide range of technological solutions and is aimed at an audience of farmers, mechanization technicians and foreign operators attending with delegations from 45 countries organized in collaboration with the ICE Agency

Bari 2019: the news of the livestock exhibition

A large section dedicated to native livestock breeds and technologies for the management of stables and fodder characterizes the 2019 edition of the international exhibition that takes place in Bari from October 10 to 13. More than 500 heads of cattle, horses and sheep and goats are on display at the exhibition, as an example of the rich livestock biodiversity of Southern Italy

Biomass and circular economy, a challenge for South of Italy

Decarbonizing the economy is a crucial step to combat climate change. Agriculture is the optimal context for putting into practice the principles of the circular economy, activating innovative crops and supply chains and minimizing the impact on the agro-ecosystems. Mechanization also plays an important role in this, and Agrilevante will be an opportunity to deal with the issue thoroughly

Year 2019 Number 5-6

May - June

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Agrilevante, the livestock section is coming

The review of machines and technologies for Mediterranean agriculture, which is held in Bari from October 10 to 13, is expanded by a pavilion dedicated to animal husbandry, with an exhibition of animals and breeding technologies. The part relating to the plants for the management of agricultural and forestry biomass for energy use has been confirmed, together with all the traditional sectors of specialization

Year 2019 Number 3-4

March - April

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Agrilevante, a resource for Mediterranean agriculture

The 2019 edition of the showcase of technologies and machines for agriculture, to be held in the Bari exhibition centre from 10 to 13 October next, was presented in Bari. Growing numbers and a new section dedicated to animal husbandry, with the exhibition of fine breeds of cattle, horses, sheep and goats, characterize the review, organized by FederUnacoma and Nuova Fiera del Levante with the support of the Puglia Region Agriculture Department. Agrilevante confirms itself as a point of point reference for operators in the entire Mediterranean area, but also in Sub-Saharan Africa and some Asian regions
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Puglia: growing the demand for mechanization

The registration numbers for 2018, if compared with those of 2014, 2015 and 2016, show a recovery in the Region in terms of investments for the purchase of tractors. Sales remain high for used machines, which do not improve the efficiency of the agricultural system and which contribute to expanding an already very old equipment fleet

Year 2019 Number 1-2

January - February


Agrilevante, a very promising edition

The Bari event, organized by FederUnacoma from October 10 to 13, confirms the steady growth of the last few years. The credit goes to the technical contents, the wide range of products, the schedule of meetings and the international character of the event, which is specifically aimed at the countries of the Mediterranean basin

Year 2017 Number 11



Agrilevante, a winning project

The fifth edition of the Agrilevante biennial exposition came to a close today with the registration of an ongoing increase shown the exhibiting manufacturers, in the internationalization of the event and the number of initiatives on cultural points and the dissemination of knowledge on technical issues. Up to today, a record number of visitors for this year's trade fair was reported up by 70.700, 3.200 arriving from abroad, for a gain of 21%, over the most recent edition

Technologies and models for Sub-saharan Africa development

Development of the agricultural economy in Sub-saharan Africa could stabilize the African continent and meet food requirements as well as maintain agricultural communities on their lands of origin to help stop the flows of migration to Europe. An international conference held at Agrilevante shed light on the problems and potential

Care and prevention for land illnesses

A conference on analyses of the phenomena threatening the land and the environment was held in Bari in the Agrilevante setting. Fires, disintegration and drought afflict enormous areas of the Italian territory where it is up to multi-functional farming to care for the land. A fundamental role is played by agricultural machinery capable of providing suitable technologies or purpose-built machinery for these maintenance tasks

Agricultural works: safety in the foreground

The risk of accidents for agricultural workers is particularly high, due to the many variables that characterize the workplace, such as weather conditions and surface irregularity, the presence of obstacles, not to mention the complexity of the machinery used. The need for a policy of prevention was highlighted during a conference promoted by the Ancors Association

Year 2017 Number 10



Agrilevante, Mediterranean prospect

Manufacturers, visitors and business people will meet up at Agrilevante to learn of the most modern technologies for agriculture and the management of greenery. The program of these business-to-business encounters is planned according to geographic areas as organized by FederUnacoma and ICE for a run of three days dedicated respectively to African countries, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Balkans

Mechanical trade fair: guide to themes

More than fifty public events will enliven the schedule of the international exposition of agricultural mechanization held in the capital city from October 12 to 15. The issues taken up in these assemblies will range from policies, finances and techniques with the promotion of FederUnacoma, the Puglia Region, the University of Bari, Unacma and ITABIA among others

Greenery and the land in the foreground

The international exposition in Bari is dedicating an entire pavilion to technologies for gardening, the management of greenery and multi-functional activities. A complete range of products, from lawn tractors to gardening equipment and on to machinery for land management will be on view for hobbyists, professional groundskeepers and the general public

Agrilevante, a focus on Africa

The international trade fair exposition dedicated to machinery and technology for agricultural supply chains will host the convention on "Agricultural Economics and Political Stability: a challenge for Agriculture in Africa and in the Mediterranean area". The meeting will focus on policy strategies, financial mechanisms and technologies promoting the development of the agricultural economy in the African area

Land maintenance, a challenge for agricultural mechanics

Among the issues put forward in the framework of Agrilevante, the strategies and technologies for preventing environmental risks are particularly important. The conference topics are disruption, fires, and drought, therefore they lead the focus on the more visible disasters, while the exposition premises, devoted to multifunctionality, host dissemination activities and an exhibition of specific machinery

Sustainability and bioenergy, highlighted in Bari

Italy's National Energy Strategy (NES) recognizes that renewable energy sources and bioenergy are the most important elements for meeting energy demand, while respecting climate and the environment. The NES was defined through a wide consultation which involved the relevant institutional bodies, businesses, experts and citizens. The Agrilevante exhibition will give an opportunity for a debate on topics concerning the environment and the energy sphere, so as to involve the primary sector in a process of gradual decarbonization

Year 2017 Number 7-9

July - August - September


Agrilevante, the Mediterranean agricultural holiday

This is the appointment for the Bari trade fair international exposition of machinery and innovative technologies for agriculture, next October 12 to 15. Three hundred specialized manufacturers will present their ranges for a public made up of farmers and business people arriving mostly from South Europe, the Balkans and North Africa. Among the high profile events planned is the New Techniques exhibition and conferences on current issues, from the development of African agriculture to hydro-geographic deterioration and the crisis conditions of water resources and fire emergencies

Year 2017 Number 1-2

January - February

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Agrilevante, technologies and policies for the Mediterranean agriculture

The 2017 edition of the international exhibition of machinery and equipment for agricultural supply chains scheduled from 12 to 15 October was presented in Bari. The cornerstones of the event will be a larger presence of foreign delegations organized by FederUnacoma in collaboration with the ICE Agency, a focus on the issue of agricultural development in the Mediterranean basin and Africa and an international forum to be held during the exhibition
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"Targeted" innovation: the strategy of Agrilevante

The International Exhibition of Machinery and Technology for Agriculture is characterized by a particular focus on specific needs of agricultural firms in the Mediterranean region, Africa and the Middle East. Many initiatives target professional farmers and operators, but also a broader audience, from central and southern Italy

Year 2015 Number 11



Agrilevante, the great Mediterranean event

The 2015 edition of the Agrilevante exposition of machinery and technologies for agriculture was held in Bari at the Fiera del Levante from October 15th to 17th. An all-time record for number of visitors, up to 58,400. FederUnacoma President Massimo Goldoni affirmed that the Bari review has become an event which drives on its own, certain to attract an ever increasing number of business people around the Mediterranean region

Bioenergy primary issue at Agrilevante

Among the conferences special interest was focused on projects for the recovery of crop varieties native to the Puglia Region whereas seminars set up by Itabia updated technologies for biomass and especially biomethane

Year 2015 Number 10



Bari, the center of Mediterranean

The exposition dedicated to machinery and equipment, systems and services for agriculture and the agro-industry is opening at the Fiera del Levante trade fair center. The strong international features of the event are ensured by the arrival of exhibitors and business people from the countries around the Mediterranean and other regions. Consultation services for business under the governance of SACE, Italy's credit and investment protection group, and Banco Popolare bank, and also an area set aside for business to business meetings of exhibitors and business people from abroad

Agrilevante, a formula for success

An appointment with 2015 additions to the international exposition of technologies for agriculture and the agro-industry. Presenting the event, the presidents of the organizing entities and the Puglia Region commissioner for agriculture stressed the importance of the specialized review and the positive balance sheet for a trade fair which looks to the entire Mediterranean region and this year achieves a new record for area allocated and number of exhibitors

From RDPs to bioenergy, on the Agrilevante agenda

A heavy schedule of conferences, seminars and workshops set up by universities, other entities, institutions and publishing houses will accompany the duration of Agrilevante for analyses, thorough study and times for comparisons on the major issues of interest and the current state of affairs in the production sectors taken up at the exposition.

The innovation awards

On the occasion of the 2015 edition of Agrilevante, FederUnacoma has promoted the 4th edition of a contest for the recognition of Technical Innovation applied by the exhibitors. The purpose of the contest is to highlight the attention of the...

M.i.A. Salon: multifunctionality and innovation

Technological innovation, network synergies and sharing good practices are the issues taken up in the M.i.A. Salon returning to Agrilevante for the purpose of enhancing the capabilities of farming enterprises to diversify their activities in sectors outside agriculture. For the...

Vivere in Campagna, a training project

A focus at the Agrilevante international exposition of agricultural machinery and equipment for Mediterranean farming will be turned on training with nineteen workshops offering free entry and two conferences sponsored by the periodical Vita in Campagna, Life in the Country...

Bioenergy and the challenge of the "circular economy"

From global warming to the flow of migrants, today's the most important topics require a more and more global approach. Finding the strategies and policies to restore environmental and social balances is the challenge of the future. The decisive contribution can only come from a deep review of the economy, and the promotion of models that identify the efficient management of resources and the drastic reduction of waste and emissions of greenhouse gases as the priorities to be pursued

Mech@griJOBS: agro-mechanical

Training is in the front rank at Agrilevante, the international exposition of machinery and equipment and technologies for Mediterranean agriculture running from October 15th to 18th at the Fiera del Levante trade fair center in Bari. The training area has...

Year 2015 Number 7-8-9

July - August - September

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Agrilevante. heading towards a record edition

Less than two months ahead of the opening, the international review of mechanization and technologies for Mediterranean agriculture is reporting gains over the previous edition for the area committed and exhibitors arriving. Also evident is the international calibration of the event, organized by FederUnacoma and the Levante Trade Fair Agency, with delegations of business people and political figures coming from a number of countries around Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and North and Sub-Saharan Africa

Year 2015 Number 1-2



FederUnacoma Agenda: trade fairs at the centre of "promotion"

In an international context which experiences a constant growth of the "factor of mechanization" and an increasingly integration between agriculture production and food industry, the promotion of trade fairs – such as Agrilevante and Eima Agrimach – and the participation in the most relevant supply chains initiatives – above all Expo 2015 – is the key element of the institutional and promotional activities by FederUnacoma

Year 2013 Number 10-11



Agrilevante: a return to land

The 2013 edition of Agrilevante, the International Exhibition of Machinery and Technology for Agriculture, hosted at the Bari Trade Fair and organized by FederUnacoma and Ente Fiera del Levante, finished with record numbers: almost 50,000 visitors, 2,300 of whom from abroad. For four days the Bari Trade Fair hosted discussions on agriculture's perspectives in the Mediterrenean area. During the exhibition a new partnership agreement has been signed by the organizers for three further biannual editions until 2019

Agrilevante's agenda was made up of technology, publishing and political strategies

Bari's exhibition hosted a large number of meetings on important issues for southern Italy's agriculture and the whole Mediterrenean area. The attention was on agronomic topics such as viticulture, olive cultivation and arable land. The main political topics were work safety and young enterprises

Foreign markets and cooperation projects are Agrilevante's strong points

A large number of meetings devoted to diplomats, foreign delegations and international business people allowed the exhibitors to know the specific demands of agriculture in each country and to develop cooperation projects and business relationships. Mediterrenean and Sub-Saharan countries were widely represented

Agroenergies in the spotlight, with a new dedicated Salon

During this edition of Agrilevante, the Salon AgriforenergyMed devoted to bioenergies attracted attention
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WORLD OF ASPHALT SHOW & CONFERENCE 09 - 11 marzo 2020 Houston, TX (USA)
CONEXPO CON/AGG 10 - 14 marzo 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
EXPOAGRO 10 - 13 marzo 2020 RN9, Km 225 - San Nicolas Buenos Aires (Argentina)
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