Information on the mechanization of agriculture, gardening, components and multifunctionality.

Gardening, multi-functionality and amateur agriculture: the green spaces of Agrilevante

The international review of machines and technologies for Mediterranean agriculture includes a large area inside Pavilion 20 and other facilities for gardening and landscaping. In addition to the machinery exhibition, in the foreground there are also the technical and informative meetings promoted by FederUnacoma, Promoverde-BioHabitat and Informatore Agrario

by the editorial staff
October 2019 | Back

The product categories present at Agrilevante include the vehicles and equipment for gardening and garden care, with a space that occupies most of Pavilion 20. More than 40 exhibiting companies - with all the major brands represented - offer a wide range of the most innovative tools for creating and maintaining green spaces, with the newest lawnmowers, chainsaws, pneumatic shears and small motorized and hand tools. The green sector - explains FederUnacoma - has a growing public and a significant business, but first of all it is closely related with agricultural activities, justifying its place in an event like Agrilevante. It includes a set of activities that pertain to multifunctional farms, such as land maintenance, management of public and private green areas, sports facilities, and the care of tourist and recreational areas. In addition to the exhibition of mechanical vehicles, the green area of Agrilevante hosts conferences and meetings on topics of interest to business operators, landscaping workers, public administration officials who are responsible for parks and gardens, and the audience of private individuals who have a passion for gardening. The scheduled meetings include the one promoted by Comagarden which analyses the new trends in the design and maintenance of tourist greenery. The conference promoted by Bio-Habitat and Promoverde, scheduled at the MiA area dedicated to multi-functionality, is also involved in green spaces. A programme of technical and information meetings, as well as practical demonstrations, characterizes the “Vita in Campagna” space, created by the publisher L’Informatore Agrario and dedicated to the wide range of activities that enthusiasts can carry out in a rural environment, such as part-time agriculture, urban gardens, and decorative greenery in outdoor spaces.


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