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The high performance of Trion combine harvesters

The TRION self-levelling combine harvesters are renewed to offer even higher performance on sloping terrain. Available in the 5 and 6 straw walker configuration, and in the hybrid version with single or double rotor, the Claas self-levelling machines are compatible...

IDEAL combine harvesters: Massey Ferguson implements the range

2024 marks a major technological upgrade for Massey Ferguson’s IDEAL range of combine harvesters. The most significant innovation concerns the IDEAL 7 for high-capacity harvesting, equipped with an even more robust engine than the previous model. This is the 9.8-litre...

Forest maintenance with harvesters and forwarders

The progressive worsening of climatic conditions requires that Italy's forest heritage be managed with ever greater care and diligence. From the point of view of mechanisation, the adoption of state-of-the-art machinery can facilitate better forest management, while ensuring the highest respect for the environment and a secure income for forestry companies

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