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High tech solutions by John Deere

John Deere unveiled a self-driving tractor at CES 2022, an event dedicated to the latest consumer technologies that took place from 5 to 8 January in Las Vegas. The innovative system was applied to the John Deere 8R and integrates...

New 6R Series, top technology for high performance

  Fourteen new high-tech models designed to deliver top performance. These are the new John Deere 6R Series tractors, which range in power from a minimum of 110 to a maximum of 250 horsepower, to include the top of the...

X Series, John Deere high capacity combines

John Deere expands its range of harvesting machines with two new X Series combines, the X9 1000 and X9 1100 models (soon available in Italy), designed to increase hourly productivity even in demanding wet conditions. According to the manufacturer, the...

Comfort and stability on the new John Deere Gators

For the new Gator XUV 865R by John Deere, the key word is "comfort". Equipped with a 23 Hp diesel engine, the new Gator combines high performance and an extremely well-finished cab environment. The quiet and fully equipped cab offers...

M Series loaders, versatile and lightweight

Range expansion for John Deere front loaders. After the launch of the R series, dating back five years, the US company launches four new models for tractors up to 155 horsepower. These are the M series loaders, versatile and lightweight,...

AutoSetup from John Deere: all in the cloud

A new system is now available that allows farmers to manage and store all the settings of their tractors and implements in the cloud. It is John Deere’s AutoSetup, with which operators can easily retrieve settings when they start working...

Ballasting, to increase grip and stability

It is a widespread practice in agriculture which, if applied correctly, allows the optimization of many processes. Ballasting, which involves the use of several materials, can also be performed on the wheel rims. In recent years, innovative technical solutions made by manufacturers have attracted attention, also winning awards in competitions rewarding technical innovations

John Deere, 8R range enhanced

The John Deere tractor range becomes broader with the launch of the new 8R series (the official debut was last November in Hanover) thanks to which the US company has raised the bar of performance and comfort even further. Low...

John Deere-Cicoria, the new line of compact presses

Starting from the 2020 season, the new small square balers will be marketed by John Deere, completing the haymaking range of the US manufacturer. The new line signed by the “home of the deer” was born thanks to a partnership...

John Deere precision sprayer

John Deere signs one of the novelties in the field of turf maintenance, in particular in the precision spraying sector. It is the PrecisionSprayer GPS technology applied to the Amenity Turf HD200 sprayer, available exclusively combined with ProGator vehicles.  Designed...

Full line, plenty of news from John Deere

Tractors, harvesters, combine harvesters: John Deere presents at EIMA International all the flagships of its catalogue. The 5G, 5E, 5R, 6R series enter the field in the tractor segment. The harvesters see the debut of the 9000 series, while the combines in the spotlight are the T560 and S770 models

One hundred candles for John Deere tractors

On 14 March 1918, the acquisition of the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company in Iowa marked John Deere’s entry into the tractor business. It was a debated and controversial investment because many critics did not believe in the future of self-propelled...

StalkBuster, mechanical treatments against corn parasites

John Deere won the Gold Medal at the Agritechnica Innovation Award thanks to the StalkBuster system, developed in synergy with Kemper, a German company specializing in the production of rotary heads. Integrated into a corn harvesting head, the StalkBuster technology...

John Deere performance and quality

The U.S. major's combines, round balers and tractors gave a taste of the technologies for precision farming. These solutions are designed to fit together top-flight performance and an equal level of quality

SESAM, the John Deere 100% electric

John Deere has unveiled the SESAM Tractor (Sustainable Energy Supply for Agricultural Machinery), the industry’s first all-electric tractor now widely expected in Paris at the Agrobusiness Show where the first fully battery-powered tractor has already been named for an Honorable...

The new John Deere 5R, comfortable, efficient and compact

The new utility tractors by the American major are coming out with a reinforced full frame for even greater strength and durability with a low center of gravity to make them more manageable in work with a front loader. These compacts are powered by John Deere 4-cylinder engines turning out 90 to 135 Hp

New John Deere, Series X700 and X900

John Deere is expanding the manufacturer’s range of professional riding mower with the introduction of the X700 and X900 Series. The models in these series feature the modern automotive-style digital hood to give the operator clear and direct access to...

John Deere: "900" Series for efficiency and reliability

John Deere has introduced an innovative full frame with an integral design to the American multinational’s new 900 Series round balers to greatly improve the durability and reliability of the machine and protect the bale forming chamber components against tensions...

Bonifiche Ferraresi and John Deere, a powerful partnership

The delivery of the first machines seals the partnership between the largest Italian farm and one of the largest global agricultural machinery manufacturers. The order is one of the most significant investments in Europe made by a farm for the renewal of its fleet

Bridgestone and John Deere, a consolidated partnership

Bridgestone has been awarded the John Deere & Company recognition as a Partner-level supplier for 2015, the highest supplier rating in the manufacturer’s Achieving Excellence Program. The staff of Bridgestone Americas, the U.S. subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, accepted the recognition...

John Deere: the tracked Gators make their debut in Europe

Already available for several years in the United States, the “Gator” models by John Deere will mount Camso rubber tracks in Europe too. Designed to further increase the versatility and mobility of these popular off-road vehicles, the Camso tracks reduce...

Agritechnica: John Deere's rich medal collection

Teaching aids for training operators, harvester sensors that adjust the space between the blade and counterblade of the rotor, smart devices for tractor turns at the headland, 3D cameras; Agritechnica awarded thirteen medals to John Deere technologies

John Deere the new X300 Series

  The John Deere Select Series X300 rider lawn tractors will be replaced in 2016 by the updated Select X350, X354, X370, X380 and X350R models maintaining design similar to their predecessors but introducing a number of important improvements. Among...

A new generation of John Deere loaders

The new John Deere R-Series utility loaders are coming to the market next November with the same advanced design of the new John Deere 6R and 6M Stage IV/FT4 tractors with curved booms providing excellent front and side visibility mounted...

John Deere tractors: all the new features of the 3R and 4R Series

John Deere’s new mid-chassis 3R Series and large-chassis 4R Series tractors are taking over from the previous 3020 and 4020 Series models. These new four-wheel drive tractors mount powerful three- or four-cylinder Yanmar diesel engines from 33 to 66 Hp...

New John Deere square balers

New John Deere arrivals in the giant baler category are the L1533 and L1534 square balers to replace the 1433 and 1435 with improved performance, longevity and economical operation. Thanks to the smaller number of components the transmission of power...

SIMA Innovation award 2015

Two gold medals, three silver medals and 18 honorable mentions: these are the numbers of the 2015 edition of the Sima Innovation Award. The award nominations were judged by an international jury, composed of specialists in the field of research,...

Productivity and safety with the John Deere 8000 Series forage harvesters

The American business launches the John Deere PowerTech PSX Stage IV engines, with longitudinal configuration, that provide better rear visibility, as well as increased security during the maneuvers. They are also appreciated for their low fuel consumption and the harvester's lower ride height

John Deere Combines? Made in Germany

By the end of 2014, John Deere will be producing its S Series of combined harvesters at the company’s factory at Zweibrücken, enabling these powerful  machines too to be labelled, Made in Germany. “Being able to say that our...

The new X310 lawn tractor from John Deere

The most recent arrival in the John Deere range of lawn tractors is the new X310 joining an already ample line-up from the American multinational in the X300 family redesigned to bring out modern restyled tractors featuring great maneuverability...

John Deere round baler for big, medium and small spreads

On the eve of Fieragricola John Deere reported the launch of two new fixed chamber balers F440E and F450E built to extend the U.S. manufacturer's 400 series, a wide baler range developed for meeting the requirements of small and...

John Deere: new features also in the small and medium-size segments

For 2014 John Deere updates its range of tractors with models for small and medium-sized farms and specialised concerns, without neglecting innovations in the higher power range. All the series are characterised by their high level of technology, fuel economy and safety

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