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Ze lawnmowers, operational autonomy in the foreground

Kubota offers the market a new generation of zero-turn electric lawnmowers. These are the Ze-421 and Ze-481 models, which are appreciated not only for their comfort and low noise and vibration levels, but also for their working autonomy. The Ze...

Flaily, the versatile lawnmower from Hermes

Flayly is a lawn mower developed by Hermes of Gargazzone (Bolzano) for cutting grass and shredding pruning residues, up to 2 cm in diameter, in vineyards and orchards. The electronically balanced rotor is equipped with twin free-running articulated blades that...

Emak cordless lawnmower, up to 1000 m2 of range

The end of the lockdown marks the launch on the market of four new battery-powered lawnmowers by Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia): the Oleo-Mac Gi 48 P and Gi 48 T models (with a cutting surface of 600...

Cyclone C28 lawn mower, precise and functional

In the field of green area maintenance, the Veronese company Rotomec (the headquarters are in Nogara) offers the Cyclone C28 model, among others. As the Veneto company explains in a technical note, this is a lawn mower for tractors between...

From garden to components, the whole AMA range

Among Ama’s from San Martino in Rio (Reggio Emilia) bestsellers for the gardening sector, there is a robot lawnmower for lawn carpets maintenance with an extension of up to 600 square meters. It is the Kress KR100 model, a machine...

Emak lawnmowers, the evolution of battery models

Attractive design, functionality, dual battery and ease of use are some of the features of the new Emak Group battery-powered lawnmowers under the Efco and Oleo-Mac brands. Lri 44 P Efco and Gi 44 P Oleo-Mac, these are the names of...

Cyclone C70 Rotomec, a lawnmower for difficult terrain

Cyclone C70 is a three-rotor lawnmower designed by the Verona-based company Rotomec (headquartered in No­ga­ra) for tractors with a minimum power of 30 and a maximum of 70 HP. The Verona company has included two models on this product line,...

IS2100Z, Fiaba lawn mowers focus on performance

Productivity and comfort, but also precision in manoeuvring and durability over time. These are the strengths of the IS2100Z lawn mower made by Fiaba of Ca­mi­sano Vicentino, a Venetian company specialized in the sector of landscaping machines. Offered both in...

IS3200Z lawnmowers, landscaping made easier

Performance, quality and comfort are the winning features of the IS3200Z, a zero turn lawnmower produced by the Dutch maker Ferris and marketed in Italy by Fiaba, based in Camisano Vicentino. Equipped with suspensions fitted with adjustable coilover dampers on...

Zero Turn lawnmower IS 3200Z, powerful yet fuel efficient

  Productivity and performance above the average; these are the distinguishing features of the zero turn lawnmower IS 3200Z, designed by the Vicenza company Fiaba Srl (headquartered in Camisano Vicentino) and designed to handle with great ease even the most...

Emak: Aluminium Pro lawnmowers

The new range of lawnmowers Aluminium Pro Efco and Oleo-Mac with 51 cm cut, ideal for large surfaces (over 2,000 square metres), is available since last June. Suitable for professional use, the lawnmower models AR 53 TK Aluminium Pro and...

Effective and environmentally friendly, the new generation of lawnmower tractors

The choice of equipment for landscaping depends on the characteristics and dimensions of the turf. Manufacturers now offer models with mechanical and hydrostatic drive systems, and pay special attention to the introduction of systems to reduce noise and emissions

Tractors for landscaping: the new AMAs in action

 The brand from San Martino in Rio (Reggio Emilia) has expanded its range of machines and equipment for lanscaping maintenance with a line of lawn tractors. Three models with rear discharge system are available, all equipped with a six-position cutting...

John Deere the new X300 Series

  The John Deere Select Series X300 rider lawn tractors will be replaced in 2016 by the updated Select X350, X354, X370, X380 and X350R models maintaining design similar to their predecessors but introducing a number of important improvements. Among...

Rasion, a professional lawnmower by Pellenc

Rasion is the name of the new lawnmower by Pellenc, designed for landscaping professionals. Lightweight, agile and easy to transport, it is the latest addition in the Pellenc range, presented at the Garden Show in Monza. It gains favour for...

Aerators keeping the lawns breathing

Aeration is vital for keeping air and water circulating in the root systems of lawns and other grassy surfaces, encouraging the activity of microbes in the soil. Vertical or rotary aerators are flanked by top dressers

The new X310 lawn tractor from John Deere

The most recent arrival in the John Deere range of lawn tractors is the new X310 joining an already ample line-up from the American multinational in the X300 family redesigned to bring out modern restyled tractors featuring great maneuverability...

Stiga: new range to celebrate 80th anniversary

Stiga is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the company's founding on 6 March 1934 in Tranås, Sweden as well as success over the decades based on a combination of good entrepreneurial insights, breakthrough product innovations, a well-structured and solid...

Perfect gardening with Sirius and Orion

Two new lawnmower robots are coming to the market in December from the Emak Group, the Sirius 700 under the Efco brand name and the Orion 700 by Oleo-Mac. Both robomowers feature attractive and innovative design, advanced software and great...

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