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Mechanized maintenance of river banks

The tractor's multifunctionality, and of course, its related implements, involves urban and suburban landscaping manintenance. The bank management of ditches, canals and rivers occupies a prominent role within this activity. In this context, a delicate balance must be maintained between hydraulic safety and environmental protection

Technologies and system for the right management of public green

Urban green areas are increasingly considered as necessary infrastructure to improve the quality of life and enrich the biodiversity of built-up areas. In Italy the average availability of urban green areas is about 30-40 m2 per inhabitant, but with significant territorial differences

Use and maintenance of synthetic green

The use of synthetic turf began in some American sports facilities in the 1960s. Since then, it has been used not only in sports facilities but in many other applications. There are different types of coverage and for each of them, special maintenance is provided. In many cases, synthetic turfs offer economic and functional benefits, while the hybrid covering, which combines synthetic material and natural grass, is particularly interesting also for professional sport playing fields

Land maintenance, a challenge for agricultural mechanics

Among the issues put forward in the framework of Agrilevante, the strategies and technologies for preventing environmental risks are particularly important. The conference topics are disruption, fires, and drought, therefore they lead the focus on the more visible disasters, while the exposition premises, devoted to multifunctionality, host dissemination activities and an exhibition of specific machinery

Shredding of lawn grass

The maintenance of lawns presents different technical needs depending on the quality and intended use of the surfaces. The mechanical industry creates specialized machines, with various types of engines, able to carry out targeted operations, optimizing consumption and maintenances

Aerators keeping the lawns breathing

Aeration is vital for keeping air and water circulating in the root systems of lawns and other grassy surfaces, encouraging the activity of microbes in the soil. Vertical or rotary aerators are flanked by top dressers

Natural grass football pitches: maintenance and machinery

Grass cover is subjected to deterioration caused by compaction by the feet of the players and insufficient natural light shut out by the height of the stadium stands as well as by thermal stress and a shortage of nutrition. There is a wide range of machinery and equipment for the optimum management of football pitches, for mowing and irrigation, defelting, sand top dressing, re-turfing and fertilization and plant treatment

Gardening: machinery and equipment for all types of greenery

Taking care of green areas requires a wide range of machinery and equipment built for a public of professional groundskeepers as well as hobby enthusiasts. Choosing mechanical means must be made on the basis of the size and characteristics of the green area to maintain and in relation to the architectonic models on which to base the design and management of gardens

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