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Smart cities: maintenance and management of public green spaces

Urban green spaces in contemporary culture are no longer seen only as an aesthetic element, but also a factor in combating pollution, industrialization and anthropization. Maintaining green areas is a delicate balance between environmental and economic sustainability, which is why machines with electric motors are increasingly used

Irrigation for parks and gardens: systems and components

Saving water and optimizing the management of plant and manpower are the factors behind the evolution of irrigation technologies. Improving the quality and precision of irrigation machines, sprinklers, solenoid valves and other components, along with the automation of systems, acquiring and elaborating data on water, meteorological and physiological governing irrigation are the strong points of the systems built by the manufacturers in the sector.

Robotic mowers, a growing market

Lawn mower manufacturers have an ongoing commitment to research and development to bring to the market mowers with increasingly improved performance as regards power, precision and accuracy in cutting. The number of them producing robotic mowers has increased in recent years and the market is continuing to grow. An example is France where the sales of these mowers virtually doubled in 2014

Aerators keeping the lawns breathing

Aeration is vital for keeping air and water circulating in the root systems of lawns and other grassy surfaces, encouraging the activity of microbes in the soil. Vertical or rotary aerators are flanked by top dressers

Greenery in the city: technologies and management models

A recent survey found Angers, Nantes and Limoges the three French cities with the most greenery as well as those dedicating the greatest resources for this purpose. In Italy, in the wake of positive results achieved abroad and shrinking financing due to the financial and economic crisis, differentiated maintenance is spreading in a number of municipalities. This means the adoption of a level of maintenance performed according to the type and function of the green area, the intensity of the use of the area and its location. A wide range of technologies are deployed, from mowers to leaf blowers

Natural grass football pitches: maintenance and machinery

Grass cover is subjected to deterioration caused by compaction by the feet of the players and insufficient natural light shut out by the height of the stadium stands as well as by thermal stress and a shortage of nutrition. There is a wide range of machinery and equipment for the optimum management of football pitches, for mowing and irrigation, defelting, sand top dressing, re-turfing and fertilization and plant treatment

Gardening: machinery and equipment for all types of greenery

Taking care of green areas requires a wide range of machinery and equipment built for a public of professional groundskeepers as well as hobby enthusiasts. Choosing mechanical means must be made on the basis of the size and characteristics of the green area to maintain and in relation to the architectonic models on which to base the design and management of gardens

Nurseries: technologies for a sector in growth

Plant nurseries are in a production sector which includes sales of ornamental and horticultural plants as well as trees and shrubs. The leading global producer is China. In Europe, the commercial facilities and organiztion in the Netherlands put the country at the top in the globalized market. The regions most active in this sector in Italy are Liguria, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Puglia. The sector is of great economic and occupational importance and requires substantial investments and a skilled labor force

Ride ons: mowers with rear engine and driver aboard

This type of groundkeeping machine is built for professionals as well as hobbyists and gardening enthusiasts. The technologies now in production have evolved greatly and are differentiated according to the use intended for these mowers. The cutting apparatus can be a blade revolving on a horizontal axis, helical blades welded in a horizontally rotating cylinder or reel creating a scissor-like cutting action or flails rotating around a horizontal rotor

Greening highways: reasonable maintenance

The biodiversity of highway greenery must be preserved through sound crop practices and this means reasonable maintenance. Mowing, brushcutting and pruning are the main operations involved for which ranges of specific and efficient machinery and equipment are available

Bioshredders and chippers: economic management of biomass residues

The need to manage agricultural and forestry biomass and the maintenance of green areas lead to increasing greater attention focused on such machinery as bioshredders and chippers. In this field, manufacturers offer a wide range of technologies suitable for all requirements but those who operate these machines must gain a better understanding of the technical features involved for making the correct purchase and using them in the best way possible

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