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Hydraulic pumps, the mechanical heart of irrigation systems

From livestock wastewater treatment to biomass processing to phytosanitary applications and irrigation, hydraulic pumps are critical to a large number of agricultural operations. The different types of models and the jobs for which they are intended

Horn of Africa, irrigation technologies against the climate crisis

The consequences of global warming are hitting Central and East African countries particularly hard and are aggravating an already difficult economic situation. In order to tackle the emergency, it is essential to secure and upgrade irrigation systems, focusing on technologies adapted to local realities

Euway, a project to protect water resources

Agia/Cia presented in Bologna a training course to transfer good irrigation practices to farmers. The issue of wastewater use

Irrigation, global warming drives innovation

The reduction in rainfall caused by climate change has significantly reduced water availability in many areas. Irrigation systems play a key role in making the best use of water resource

High-tech drought-fighting systems

EIMA Idrotech is the exhibition specialising in technologies for water management in agriculture located within the great exhibition of agricultural mechanics, and already with 210 exhibiting industries, the show offers answers to the water emergency that is now affecting all Italian regions. In the first four months of this year - according to CNR data - the amount of rain has halved compared to the average of the last thirty years

EIMA Idrotech, the sustainable use of water resources

About 250 exhibiting industries have confirmed their presence at the Idrotech Show, one of the specialised areas of EIMA International (Bologna 19-23 October). The most advanced technologies for the use of water in agriculture will be on display at the exhibition. Conferences and seminars on water emergencies also in relation to climate change are also scheduled

Drought: global warming towards new records

The increase in global average temperatures has been ongoing since 1976, with increasing anomalies.The trend also affects Italy, which is located in a particularly fragile region, the Mediterranean, from a climatic point of view. In the Peninsula, the increase in temperatures is accompanied by a rainfall deficit

Hose-reel sprinklers, advanced technology for the water resource

The extensive use of the most advanced electronic and information technologies enables optimized irrigation operations to be carried out, both based on the actual needs of the crop and to achieve rational exploitation of water, a resource that is more and more valuable. Today the market offers a wide choice of reel machines for irrigation, whose features are tailored to the needs of different companies. The sprinkler’s flow rate is an essential variable as the more extensive the covered area, the more significant the overall saving of the operation

Ocmis E-volution: cuts irrigation costs

The last edition of Fieragricola saw the official debut of the E-volution system designed and built by Ocmis, an Emilian company (the headquarters are in Castelvetro di Modena) specialized in the production of self-propelled irrigation machines. E-volution - as the...

Carmobil 3000 4.0, a sprinkler for precision agriculture

Carmobil 3000 4.0 with built-in motor pump and hydraulic feed system is a self-propelled sprinkler designed by Pioggia Carnevali of Porto Mantovano for the cultivation techniques of precision agriculture. It means that this machine is equipped with hardware and software...

CAN bus for new Ocmis irrigators

The I Can Irrigation Controller is the name of a new range of linear machines for irrigation pivots coming up for presentation at the  Sima in Paris by Ocmis, a manufacturer headquartered in Modena which specializes in the design and...

Hose reel irrigation, in ongoing evolution

What is called the hose reel system is the type most widespread in Italy for full field watering. Manufacturers in the sector are marketing more efficient solutions built not only for achieving excellent irrigation but also for optimizing such features as the pumps, hose wrapping, hydraulic servo control systems and central processing unit control

Elite system by Irrimec, reliability and performance

Elite is the name of a line of hose reel irrigators made by Irrimec of Calendasco (Piacenza) for professionals in search of high-performance machines able to deliver the highest performance. These “top of the line” machines stand out for reliability...

RM irrigators, a highly automated range

News from RM. The Parma company (headquartered in Sissa Trecasali) has enhanced the technological profile of its hose reel irrigators by introducing polyethylene pipes with a diameter of up to 180 mm, which have the great advantage of reducing any...

Water resources, a territorial challenge

A meeting on the issue of water and structuring technologies for the correct management of the resource was held in Foggia in the setting of the International Agricultural and Zootechny Trade Fair. Attending the session were representatives from the Capitanata Reclamation Consortium, the University of Foggia, the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute in Bari and FederUnacoma, the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation. The participants agreed on the need for tightening the collaboration of activities on the territory. The Puglia Region Commissioner for Agri-Food Resources, Leonardo Di Gioia, discussed ways and means for strengthening structures and policy for water resources

Pioggia Carnevali: sophisticated solutions for the 2350 irrigation machine

The latest addition by Pioggia Carnevali, the company from Mantova specialized in the manufacture of machines for irrigation, is the 2350 irrigation machine, a self-propelled model with built-in motor pump and hydraulic feed system (which replaces the turbine). From a...

Irrigation for parks and gardens: systems and components

Saving water and optimizing the management of plant and manpower are the factors behind the evolution of irrigation technologies. Improving the quality and precision of irrigation machines, sprinklers, solenoid valves and other components, along with the automation of systems, acquiring and elaborating data on water, meteorological and physiological governing irrigation are the strong points of the systems built by the manufacturers in the sector.

Water for agricolture, a technological challenge

Water is not an unlimited resource so its use must be rationalized even in settings in which its availability has never been a problem. Daily consumption, measured with a "water footprint" method, can be reduced by using increasingly more sophisticated and specific systems for various types of crops

Irrimec, new generation technologies for irrigation

Pivots and linear irrigators, new generation self-propelled hosereels and pump units are among the prized production items of irrigation machines and equipment Irrimec, located in Calendasco, near Piacenza, are taking to Paris for the upcoming SIMA International Agricultural Business show...

Irrigation with Irrimec: the MDT8/2

The countdown is on for Irrimec's new self-propelled irrigation unit to be unveiled at Hanover's Agritechnica 2013 fair: a larger version of the MDT8 called the MDT8/2, for use on large surface areas with a high-resistance double rack and pinion...

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