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E400 and E500, "solar" sprinklers by Pioggia Carnevali

The E400 and E500 models are part of a new generation of self-propelled irrigation machines powered by an electric motor, which in turn is powered by solar energy. Both machines, manufactured by Pioggia Carnevali of Porto Mantovano (Mantua) are equipped...

Carmobil 3000 4.0, a sprinkler for precision agriculture

Carmobil 3000 4.0 with built-in motor pump and hydraulic feed system is a self-propelled sprinkler designed by Pioggia Carnevali of Porto Mantovano for the cultivation techniques of precision agriculture. It means that this machine is equipped with hardware and software...

Pioggia Carnevali, efficiency and productivity in the management of wastewater

The latest arrival at Pioggia Carnevali (the headquarters are in Porto Mantovano - Mantova) is called Aeternum, a motor pump unit for the management of animal wastewater. Designed to feed self-propelled vehicles, pivots, irrigation booms and umbilical systems for spreading...

Pioggia Carnevali: sophisticated solutions for the 2350 irrigation machine

The latest addition by Pioggia Carnevali, the company from Mantova specialized in the manufacture of machines for irrigation, is the 2350 irrigation machine, a self-propelled model with built-in motor pump and hydraulic feed system (which replaces the turbine). From a...

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