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Pioggia Carnevali, efficiency and productivity in the management of wastewater

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2018 | Back

The latest arrival at Pioggia Carnevali (the headquarters are in Porto Mantovano - Mantova) is called Aeternum, a motor pump unit for the management of animal wastewater. Designed to feed self-propelled vehicles, pivots, irrigation booms and umbilical systems for spreading sewage, the new Pioggia Carnevali motor pump is built on a self-supporting frame made of AISI 304 stainless steel (the same material used to build all the components’ details), it is equipped with rubber wheels (single or double axle), rudder with tow hitch, and a horizontal axis shredding pump with double shredding device. The first is composed of two blades fixed to the suction body which generate shaved smoothing on a conveyor with a new profile fixed on the rotating shaft; the second device, on the other hand, consists of an Inox toothed plate which produces shaved smoothing on the impeller with special profile blades. The Aeternum pump is also characterized by its high hydraulic and energy efficiency, which improves the shredding capacity and which proves very useful in preventing any occlusions. The combination between the engine and the pump is decidedly innovative, achieved through an industrial clutch with an ultra-rapid “Quick coupler 2.0” universal joint (to the benefit of maintenance operations, which are made easier). Among the other innovations proposed by the Mantuan company at EIMA International 2018, in the foreground we find the C3000 FERT self-propelled machine with built-in motor pump and hydraulic feed system. This is a machine that can work not only as a sprinkler, but also as a self-propelled machine for distributing animal wastewater. This model offers the option of customizing both the motor pump unit (with a wide choice of engines and pump bodies) and the structure and components with AISI 304 stainless steel solutions. The C3000 FERT configuration for the wastewater distribution provides for the electronic management of the spreading cycle (through a user-friendly interface) and the automatic adjustment of the motor pump unit, with an adjustment of the rotation speeds to the type of work selected.


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