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New Oleo-Mac blowers, power and working autonomy

A new range of battery-powered blowers makes its debut on the Italian market. These are the Oleo-Mac BVi 60 BOOST models which, distributed in Italy by Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia), stand out for their characteristics of lightness...

H Series, the compact and sturdy Emak chainsaws

In the chainsaw market, Emak presents the new Oleo-Mac GSTH 240 and Efco MTTH 2400 models. Easy to handle, the new machines made by the company based in Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia) are compact and sturdy machines, ideal for...

Oleo-Mac, half a century as a leader

With a logo that recalls a rising sun and the payoff "Trust for the future" Oleo-Mac, a brand of the Emak group that manufactures machinery, components and accessories for gardening, forestry and agriculture, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year....

Emak: long autonomy for hedge trimmers and brushcutters

All the power of a combustion engine combined with the “green” soul of an electric power supply. The new hedge trimmers and the new cordless brushcutters, designed by Efco and Oleo-Mac, and distributed by Emak, represent an evolution of hobbyist...

Emak Oleo-Mac chainsaws for power and maneuverability

Emak in Bagnolo in Piano near Reggio Emilia is a manufacturer specializing in machinery and accessories for gardening, agriculture and forestry with technologies targeted on a public of professionals, hobbyists and gardening enthusiasts with an ample and diversified range of...

Perfect gardening with Sirius and Orion

Two new lawnmower robots are coming to the market in December from the Emak Group, the Sirius 700 under the Efco brand name and the Orion 700 by Oleo-Mac. Both robomowers feature attractive and innovative design, advanced software and great...

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