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H Series, the compact and sturdy Emak chainsaws

by the editorial staff
May - June 2023 | Back

In the chainsaw market, Emak presents the new Oleo-Mac GSTH 240 and Efco MTTH 2400 models. Easy to handle, the new machines made by the company based in Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia) are compact and sturdy machines, ideal for hobby work such as pruning and limbing garden plants. The solutions adopted by the Emilian company's technicians to increase operator comfort include the anti-vibration system made up of three rubber shock absorbers that provide good vibration isolation, the lateral chain tensioner that allows quick and practical adjustment of the chain tension in all working conditions, and finally the EasyOn starting system that facilitates starting without recoil, limiting operator fatigue. The H series is equipped with a Euro 5 engine that allows optimal working performance. The shaft and connecting rod are made of forged steel, which prolongs the life cycle of the chainsaw and provides constant performance over time, even in the most demanding working conditions. Lastly, the on/off switch with AlwaysOn device automatically returns to the on position after each shutdown, preventing the engine from flooding. 


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