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Year 2022 Number 10-11

October - November


Flexibility and quality to cope with the emergency

On the eve of EIMA International, Mondo Macchina meets the president of Comacomp, Pier Giorgio Salvarani, to take stock of the performance of the components sector in the first ten months of the year. In 2022 the sector is expected to record a drop in turnover, penalised by high production costs and aggressive competition from China, India and Turkey

Agricultural digital, the role of Made in Italy

In the field of digital technologies applied to agriculture, Italian industry can boast true excellences, but the political system needs to help manufacturers promote the spread of these innovations, which are often pioneering

Hooks and tow eyes: some possible combinations of comfort and safety

One of the new features introduced by Mother Regulation includes the possibility of using coupling systems between tractors and equipment, i.e., hooks and tow eyes. Previously not allowed in Italy, these systems can instead make operators' work even safer and more comfortable

Tractor safety systems and components

and components Accident data for agriculture indicate a significant downward trend in the last few years, but the number of accidents is still high. The reduction is especially noticeable in the professional agriculture sector, where state-of-the-art machinery with advanced safety systems is used

Technologies for safety and ergonomics in the cab

Technological innovation has made it possible to develop numerous solutions to increase safety on tractors and improve the ergonomics of the controls in the driver's seat. Many of these innovations have been introduced thanks to the extraordinary progress made in the field of electronics

4.0 Applications in seeding and fertilization machinery

Agriculture 4.0 techniques have a very fruitful field of application in the seeding and fertilization sector. This is due to the marketing of machines capable of working on demand and timely monitoring the progress of different operations

Connectivity and remote control in agricultural machinery

The use of telemetry in agriculture, i.e. systems for the remote control of agricultural machinery, dates back to 2002. Initially designed to know the position of a machine, these technologies have evolved to become the mainstay of data interchange between the machine, the user and the after-sales service

Harvesting machinery, innovations 4.0

Implementing digital technologies and automation to harvesting machinery is crucial in increasing production yields and improving the final product quality. And yet it is also a response to the agricultural labor shortage that came with the pandemic

ADR renews its range

The ADR group has invested heavily in research and development in recent years; in particular, the company has concentrated its efforts on reorganising its work, with the aim of revising the offerings from scratch, expanding it and improving it. EIMA...

AMA innovations under the banner of comfort

To the general public at EIMA 2022, AMA offers many new products specifically designed to ensure operator comfort in the cab. It starts with the new modular steering column that offers a wide range of settings. The steering modules -...

Arag, innovative components for precision agriculture

Arag components for precision agriculture are on stage at EIMA International. The spotlight is first of all on the Flowtron solenoid valve, designed for applications in the spraying and weed control sector, and for the distribution of liquid fertilisers also...

MULTIMAX MP 538, tyre heavy duty

BKT, one of the world's leading tyre manufacturers, has recently unveiled the new MULTIMAX MP 538, a multi-purpose radial tyre from the MULTIMAX range specially designed by BKT engineers to equip various types of mechanical equipment - from motor graders...

ELCA state-of-the-art radio controls

ELCA's compact radio controls meet application needs that require a compact, safe and high-performance control interface. The Vicenza-based company brings various offerings at EIMA International. Among these, the MINI+ (Plus), a compact (200 g) pushbutton handset with mushroom button for...

Range expansion for Emiliana Serbatoi

Range expansion for Emiliana Serbatoi. During EIMA International, the Modenese manufacturer is launching three new transportable plastic tanks of the Carrytank® series on the market. The Campogalliano-based company announces that it has enhanced this product line with three models of...

The strength of Gardini gearboxes

At EIMA International, the Bologna-based company Gardini Technik is presenting the WG500 gearbox for forestry mulchers, stone crushers and asphalt breakers. It is therefore a component subject to particularly heavy stresses that will equip machines with input power of up...

Hydac, innovative solutions for e-mobility and sustainability

Highlighted on Hydac Italia's stand at EIMA International you will find innovative technologies for electrification, sustainability and energy efficiency in the field of agricultural machinery. Hydac, specialised in the production and development of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic components and complete systems,...

MAB, new entry in the PRAI GROUP

The Apulian Prai Group (headquartered in Gravina di Puglia) presents itself at EIMA International with the Zanetti Motori, MAB and Praiparts brands. Several new products are offered by the company both by the entry of "MAB" in its portfolio and...

Simol jacks, efficiency and safety

Simol has been producing and manufacturing jacks for the agricultural sector for more than 60 years and is showcasing two innovations at EIMA 2022. The Reggio Emilia-based company is launching SIMOL-Q, a range of jacks intended for manufacturers of towed...

Latest LED technology for Evolux beacons

Sirena is a Piedmontese company - its headquarters are in Rosta, in the province of Turin - that for over 45 years has been designing and manufacturing light signalling devices conceived to increase safety in working environments, providing highly professional...

Walvoil, solutions to optimise energy consumption

There is a growing demand in the self-propelled machinery market for vehicles designed to raise the performance bar while reducing both operating costs and emissions. In this respect - explains Walvoil, a historic group engaged in the production of components...

Apollo Tyres, open day at the Enschede plant

It has been 25 years since the first Vredestein Traxion+ tractor tyre was produced. The tyre's success was made possible by its design features - the curved tread blocks ensure optimum grip on the road and reduced wear - its...

Alliance, new tyres for row crop work

Traction, high load-carrying capacity with low inflation pressure for less soil compaction, flotation thanks to a wider footprint, self-cleaning properties especially on wet ground: these are the main features of the new Alliance Agriflex 363 VF (Very Improved Flexion) tyre...

XC13, a 'multi-fuel' engine from FPT

A red 'X' stamped on the cylinder head marks the new XC13 single-base multi-fuel engine from FPT Industrial, unveiled as a world premiere at the IAA 2022 in Hanover. As the manufacturer explains in a technical note, it is an...

Claas/Trimble: new GPS guidance systems

Collaboration between the German company Claas and the American Trimble on satellite guidance, precision agriculture and ISOBUS with the development of a new generation of GNSS (global navigation satellite system) based devices. This is the Claas GPS Pilot, for which...

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