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AEF Plugfest, a world of technology

The 2019 AEF Plugfest was held in Antibes, France, an event for specialists in applied electronics for agriculture, created to allow companies to check the operation of their ISOBUS components with those of other manufacturers. Identifying and solving technical problems and providing customers with reliable and effective products is the aim of this event that has become strategic for the entire 4.0 world in agriculture

Smart seats, a support for machinery operators

From the archaic “U” springs to the most advanced automatic adjustment devices of the suspension, stiffness and dynamic response. This is the technological path of a component that has become increasingly important over time

Radiators, a multi-functional component

Radiators are needed not only to cool the engine but also to cool the oils and fluids for the lubrication of the engine, the main hydraulic system, the power steering, the gearbox, the turbo intercooler, the air conditioner, etc. On modern tractors, a massive “radiator package” is installed which must dispose of an important amount of heat

Spare parts, an important market

The turnover of spare parts amounts, only in Italy, to 700 million euros (the third in Europe), and is divided between the official sales network and multi-brand companies. Web circuits are taking on a growing role in the spare parts sales and management system

Green machinery components

As in the agricultural machinery sector, the components play a fundamental role also in gardening and garden care. In fact, many of the machinery’s technological innovations depend on the installation of components with innovative features. The industry offers a wide range of new-generation solutions ranging from mechanical components to hydraulic and motor components up to electronic ones

The Stylo line of 76 I.G.E.

The 76 Industrial Graphics Evolution is “an industry at the service of industry”, active in the productive fabric of Reggio Emi­lia (the headquarters are in Montecchio Emilia) for 40 years. That is, ever since two companies specializing in the graphic...

Hydrocompact ADR, devoted to stability

The use of hydraulic suspensions, instead of the traditional leaf springs, is becoming more and more widespread on towed agricultural machines. Hydraulic suspensions provide many advantages in terms of weight distribution, especially with dynamic loads (the hydraulic circuit keeps all...

From cardans to seats, the rich of production by AMA

Time for new products by AMA. The company of San Martino in Rio (Reggio Emilia) presents itself at the Agritechnica rendezvous with important additions to the range. In the cardan shaft sector, the Emilian company launches its models with steel...

Alliance 398 MPT, the multi-purpose tire

The Alliance 398 MPT tire has won the prestigious Innovation Medal Silver Award at Agritechnica.  According to the manufacturer - the Alliance Tire Group - the model awarded in Hannover will change the way agricultural trucks are used. In fact,...

Quality components signed Annovi Reverberi

At Agritechnica, spotlight on the new Annovi Reverberi modular low pressure pumps, suitable for weeding at high flow rates (up to 750 litres per minute). The components have anodized aluminium heads and circuits, 145 Blueflex membranes, and plastic valves (the...

V-FLEXA: low pressure, high performance

V-FLEXA is a radial tyre designed by the Indian multinational BKT for agricultural trailers. It is a new generation Flotation model featuring VF (Very High Flexion) technology, which makes it possible to transport heavy loads with a pressure 30% lower...

Ermax TM11 lights, designed to last over time

  In September, the company BPW-Hungária Kft - specialized in creating agricultural suspension systems and special axles and that together with the Ermax brand is part of the German group BPW Bergische Achsen KG - presented a new type of...

CBM tow hooks, intuitive and safe

At Agritechnica, the Modena-based CBM Group, specialized in the production of components for agricultural machinery, proposes an updated version of the Lower Automatic Hook. Renamed “T-Lock”, it has been revised to improve safety when connecting and disconnecting tools from the...

Emiliana Serbatoi: a full line for fuel storage

Emiliana Serbatoi returns to Agritechnica with an even richer stand where it presents a wide range of products for the storage and supply of fuels. The spotlight is on the Tank Fuel single-walled metal tanks, available with a 50%, 100%...

Kohlers hybrids K-HEM is in parallel

The new Kohler units are based on the concept of parallel hybrid, which is different from the series hybrid. As the manufacturer explains, while the hybrid in series involves the transformation of chemical energy into mechanical energy, which in turn...

Technologies for sowing by MC Elettronica

Previewed at Agritechnica 2019, MC Elettronica will present a new complete monitoring technology for seed drills, USC-PRO, able to manage a wide range of operations, such as the passage of seeds (thanks to the PRO-SEEDER photocell which allows setting the...

DMD2, a Roj engine for precision farming

At Agritechnica, the Piedmontese company ROJ Mechatronics (the headquarters are in Biella) launches the second generation DMD2 motor of the Agri-Motion family for precision farming. This is a “brushless” motor with integrated drive and planetary reduction gear, designed to manage...

Rovatti Pompe, a complete high tech line

Specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance centrifugal pumps, Rovatti Pompe, an Emi­-lian company based in Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia), deploys all the highlights of its collection in Hanover. The spotlight is on the versatile pumps with multiplier for...

Novel Jack, the intelligent support foot designed by Simol

  This equipment handles advanced communications with the tractor, data collection through innovative sensors, with new technologies to analyse and monitor crops, with the aim of optimizing times and consumption while ensuring sustainability. The new agriculture 4.0 applications are profoundly...

Walterscheid, 100 years of innovation

“Power. Passion. Innovation. The best solutions for 100 years”. This is the claim chosen by the German company Walterscheid - now part of the Walterscheid Powertrain Group - to celebrate the centenary of its founding, precisely during Agritechnica. The Cologne-based...

Walvoil, components for agriculture 4.0

  Walvoil, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of integrated offerings of hydraulic products, electronics and complete mechatronic systems based in Reggio Emilia, attends Agritechnica with product innovations that touch all production ranges, addressing the wide spectrum of agricultural applications....
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