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Year 2018 Number 10-11

October - November

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Agriculture 4.0, ten years of AEF activity

The event promoted by the body representing companies and associations operating in the digital systems sector for agriculture was held in Bologna. The programme of technical meetings was very busy, as were the celebrations of the AEF ten-year anniversary, which offered an opportunity to draw some conclusions about the work done until now and for a look to the future, which is shaping up to be very stimulating and demanding
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The new edition of the Comacomp Directory

Following what has now become a tradition, the Comacomp Inventory is presented at EIMA International. This book is both a promotional and informative tool providing a comprehensive overview of the components sector

Precision farming machinery: the current scenario

Agricultural mechanics have always gone hand in hand with agronomic techniques, providing technological solutions to make work more efficient and the use of productive means more rational. A combination that has made it possible to meet the historical needs of an ever-changing agriculture that will continue to do so in future, consolidating development models able of rationalizing the use of natural resources through innovation and research

76 Industrial Graphics Evolution, the winning look

The presence of a production sector related to graphics and design applied to agricultural machinery at EIMA International is absolutely crucial. This is in fact one of the most lively and creative sectors, the dynamism of which can be explained...

Teknoax 2.0: smart trailers project

The flagship of the ADR stand in Bologna (the headquarters are in Uboldo, Varese) is the Teknoax 2.0 technology. The manufacturer explains in a note that “The goal of the project is to provide a complete range of “smart” parts...

AMA, avant garde solutions for crop

New important manufacturing solutions have been arriving in the sector of components. These products are provided by AMA in San Martino in Rio near Reggio Emilia preparing for the presentations of new ranges at the upcoming Bologna exposition. First up...

Annovi Reverberi, high technology pumping systems

This is not the first time Annovi Reverberi takes part in Eima International, but in reality it’s almost as if it were. In fact, the 2018 edition of the Bologna show marks the debut of the partnership with Ace Pump...

Arag, innovative components for agricultural machinery

At EIMA International 2018, Arag of Rubiera (Reggio Emilia) presents many innovations. First of all, the spotlight is on the Bravo 400S LT model. It is a computer on board a multi-row machine, which integrates the functions of navigation and...

All the qualities of Benzi range

The Benzi Group division in Inzago in the Province of Milan is bringing a number of new products to the market beginning with combined torque limiters, a device now available on the Evolution high performance range of shafts with a...

BKT: technological and sport challenges

Football is the key theme on which BKT’s promotional activity will be developed at the EIMA International Exhibition, after the participation of this Indian tyre company in sport promotional activities, which linked its trademark to the Italian second division championship....

AGRO Drive, addition traction for difficult terrain

On soft, loose soils or when operating on banks or hillsides, agricultural vehicles often reach their limits. In order to facilitate vehicle start-ups on such surfaces and to prevent getting stuck, BPW, a German manufacturer located in Wiehl, has created...

Tyres: richer the Bridgestone range

At the Bologna event, the Bridgestone range is expanded with the launch of the new VX-TRACTOR. “The Bridgestone range of premium VX-TRACTOR tyres is designed to achieve excellent performance both on soil and on the road, with high load capacity,...

OPTI-LIFT by CBM, guaranteed safety

  OPTI-LIFT is the new product that CBM presents at the five day event in Bologna, an electro-mechanical device for the safe adjustment of the Slider tow hooks. The device (awarded as Technical Mention at EIMA 2018) consists of an...

PIC, high-autonomy radiocontrol by Elca

Its name is PIC and it is a professional radiocontrol with three toggle switches and a mushroom-shaped stop button that allows you to perform up to five on/off commands (eight with a second function toggle), also available with analog-output potentiometer...

Performance and safety of the new cardan GKN Walterscheid

It is called Ultra Plus and it is the new cardan shaft developed by the German company GKN Walterscheid (the headquarters are based in Lohmar, a city in the Land of Rhineland-Westphalia) to raise the bar in the performance of...

Electronics and mechatronics, all the Hydac range

Technologies aimed at reducing the overall dimensions of diesel filtration systems, intelligent hydropneumatic suspensions, interconnected mechatronic systems for smart and precision farming: innovation is the star of the Hydac stand in Bologna

Kohler Flex, the integrated system of KDI engines

At Eima International, Kohler presents a further development of the KDIdiesel engine platform, with the addition of new models all conform to the Stage V. Already characterized by “green” combustion, KDI engines present the Kohler FlexTM technology, a range of...

Low noise pumps, new Marzocchi technology

Elika is a low noise pump designed and developed by Marzocchi Pompe of Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) in close collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bologna, which received a mention in the EIMA 2018 technical innovation...

MC Elettronica, evolution systems for agriculture

MC Elettronica, the company based in Rovigo (its headquarters are in Fiesso Umbertiano) goes to EIMA International providing a wide range of novelties. Here, in detail, the main ones.  Pro-Seeder. It is a system of photocells for row seed drills,...

DPS technology, safe driving on all surface

DPS stands for Digital Power Steering.  It is a technology developed by the Ognibene Power company, from Reggio Emilia, to integrate the traditional driving device of off-highway vehicles with the most advanced automatic and GPS driving devices, without having to...

SKD200 pumps, the efficiency of the new Rovatti

At EIMA International, Rovatti Pompe, an Emilian company based in Fabbrico, in the province of Reggio Emilia, offers all the bestsellers in its range as well as many new products. Among these, the new multistage centrifugal pumps with horizontal axle...

Simol range: parking jacks compliant with ISO 12140

At the Bologna event, Simol of Codisotto di Luzzara (Reggio Emilia) offers a complete range of parking jacks - the DGI series - compliant with the ISO 12140 standard. “The ISO 12140 standard for agricultural machinery, agricultural trailers and towed...

Slanzi Oleodinamica, the new brake valve

  At EIMA International 2018 the great news of Slanzi Oleodinamica, a company specialized in the manufacture of components based in Novellara (Reggio Emilia), is a universal trailer brake valve. The new component has been designed to offer the maximum...

Zappettificio Muzzi, quality and wealth range

Innovation, investments, training. These are the watchwords of Zappettificio Muzzi, a Bologna-based manufacturer (the headquarters are in Castel Guelfo) specializing in the design and manufacture of mechanical components for machines used for working the land. Hoe blades for cutters, rotary...

Parking jacks for agricultural equipment: the safety norms

This article describes the functional and structural characteristics of parking jacks for agricultural equipment and illustrates the static and dynamic test procedures to achieve the certification of compliance with safety and reliability requirements laid down by the relevant standard ISO 12140 "Agricultural machinery, agricultural trailers and trailed equipment, drawbar jacks
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