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Farm tractor drivers' safety

For more than 50 years, Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) protect operators in case of tractor rollover. Their integration into closed, air-conditioned, soundproofed cabs also insulated from vibration and contamination by pesticide significantly increases driver’s comfort

Technologies for safety and ergonomics in the cab

Technological innovation has made it possible to develop numerous solutions to increase safety on tractors and improve the ergonomics of the controls in the driver's seat. Many of these innovations have been introduced thanks to the extraordinary progress made in the field of electronics

Global exposition of machinery, a guide for the issues

The 2018 edition of EIMA International has planned a heavy schedule of conferences and meetings trained on technologies, the economy and current policies in the primary sector. The safety of mechanical means, digitalization of agriculture, management of water resources and young farmers are the principal issues to be taken up during the exposition coming up as a great promotion and commercial event also featuring time for information and cultural considerations

Agricultural works: safety in the foreground

The risk of accidents for agricultural workers is particularly high, due to the many variables that characterize the workplace, such as weather conditions and surface irregularity, the presence of obstacles, not to mention the complexity of the machinery used. The need for a policy of prevention was highlighted during a conference promoted by the Ancors Association
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Revision and training, a strategy for safety

The correct use of agricultural machinery and equipment at the centre of a conference at the Foggia Fair. Safety policy involves manufacturers in designing intrinsically safe machines, and involves users and dealer networks with specific awareness-raising and training initiatives

Chippers: how to counter the risk of dragging

Research activities reported in this article were conducted in the framework of the PROMOSIC Project, Protection of Machinery Operators Against Crush, Entanglement, Shearing, completed by Inail the National Institute for Accidents at Work Insurance. The project covered a number of safety issues associated with principal agricultural machines and the article describes a prototype solution for forestry chippers with manual feeds

Platform for picking fruit, an "ad hoc" norm for safety

Fruit picking machines include an aerial platform used by operators at work. Special attention must be paid to safety in these conditions. The current norm of reference is the European Commission EN 280 which does not fully respond to the requirements typical of work in this agricultural environment. For this reason, the European Committee for Standardization, CEN, has approved a specific norm, the future EN 16952, arriving at the end of 2017

Wraps for forage baling: an eye on safety

Mechanical operations for wrapping bales involves risks for the worker. A new norm will provide a definition of the devices to be used for guaranteeing maximum safety in all the phases of this job as regards the risks of coming into contact with machinery parts in operation, the loss of stability and discharging bales to terrain
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Farm tractor safety devices and brake plants

The components sector is able to offer numerous devices, from ROPS to ergonomics and brake plants for the safety of drivers. Especially for brakes, technologies have been developed to keep step with the performance of machines as regards speed and work capabilities

Tractor implement couplings, a safety issue

The high number of accidents due to careless maneuvers around cardan shafts transmitting the power of the tractor to implements. Special attention must be given to maintenance, the mechanical parts and the protection devices produced specifically by the manufacturing industries. Careful attention must also be directed to towing

Revision and learners license for safety policy

Safety in the fields, just as there is in all other work environments, must be a priority. Up to the present the numbers of deaths on the job involving tractors and other agricultural machinery are too many. Inail, the Italian National On The Job Insurance Institute, provides and clear and precise picture. Mandatory revision of agricultural machinery and professional qualification for operators are fundamental steps for

Braking systems: work safely

The requirement for mobility in modern agriculture is more and more pressing with the involvement of loads and speed steadily increasing. What is important in these conditions is maintaining the best possible level of safety

2014 Safety competition, the Enama and UmbriaFiere award

Pruning implements manufactured by the French company convinced the jury commission because of their ability to drastically reduce accidental cuts. Coming away from Agriumbria with honorable mentions were Caffini, Dondi, Fratelli Marinelli e Sfoggia Agricoltural Division

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