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Implements from A to Z

First edition for the Assomao Directory, the association of implements manufacturers set up in 2012 as part of the product category structure of the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (FederUnacoma). There are over 150 associated companies that express an...
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Soil processing, a market that grew by 5%

Positive trend in 2018 of the market for the "implements". Soil processing machines, fertilizer spreaders, and seeders recorded a strong growth compared to the previous year, while the sales of precision seeders and equipment for crop protection had a slight decrease. 2019 should also remain at these levels

Tractor implement couplings, a safety issue

The high number of accidents due to careless maneuvers around cardan shafts transmitting the power of the tractor to implements. Special attention must be given to maintenance, the mechanical parts and the protection devices produced specifically by the manufacturing industries. Careful attention must also be directed to towing

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